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    by willienue

    I am thinking about getting this game and use it only together with the road to legend app and play fully co-op. Two questions comes to mind:

    1. From what I can gather there seems to be little to none impact to the campaigns of how much content you own for 2nd edition. Is there anything "must have" I should buy besides the start box to get a rich experience playing the two campaigns?

    2. I own the first edition of this game. If I get the conversion kit will I be able to use anything from first edition when playing with the app?

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    by Noahboa

    When I set out to build a custom insert for Descent I had three criteria.

    It had to be inexpensive.

    It had to be simple to build.

    Most importantly, it had to organize the tiles in numerical sequence. Most storage solutions I have seen are very handy when it comes to organizing cards and tokens but the map tiles are typically just tossed into a compartment, so you still have to rummage around through them for the ones you want.

    Using materials from the scrap booking department of my local craft store, I made a binder for the tiles, which can now be sorted in numerical order. The binder sits on top a very simple 4-compartment insert that stores all the other bits.

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    by Ravepig

    I've owned Descent for a number of years. And in that time, I've tried playing 5 or 6 times. And in every instance, we get 4 or 5 adventures into it and everyone just sort of fizzles out. I want to like this game, I really do. I love dungeon crawlers. I love miniatures. I love fantasy. The mechanics are good. But every time I've sat down to play it, I find myself silently wishing we were playing something else.

    I honestly don't understand the appeal. Of all the dungeon crawlers out there and of all the miniature games out there, what is the appeal of descent to those of you who love it?

    I'm sincerely asking as I personally find the game boring and lacking any real consequence from adventure to adventure that makes other games so much better in my opinion.


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    by Sargeras777

    This is for the first edition, right?

    So it's of no use to get it for the new one?

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    by zaltyre

    After many questions and discussions about these concepts, I'm happy to announce that I've put together a tutorial document for range and line of sight in Descent. I hope this will be helpful for new players as well as for journeying veterans with questions.

    All of the information in the guide represents the RAW as best I understand them. While LOS in particular has many house rules floating around, I think knowing the RAW is an important step to deciding whether or not to implement house rules, and for determining how abilities are intended to work.

    You'll notice that this is version 1. If you've got questions, comments, or feedback, please let me know. Thanks!

    BGG Filepage link:

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    by Batesmates

    Hi all,

    I started playing Imperial assault with a friend recently and we're thinking about getting into Descent also.

    I was just wondering if the core set contains all the miniatures required for that campaign or if some of the characters are actually just tokens? And then the miniatures are sold as separate units, like the Han Solo mini in Imperial Assault.

    I've seen Lieutenant and monster packs for sale and wondered if these were token replacement models.

    Thank you

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    by Mlai00

    My friends' boardgame experience ends at Monopoly, Risk, and 1 game of Catan. But they're receptive to try "geeky games".

    I am more experienced at geeky games (I had LotR TMG), but I dislike fiddly pen-and-paper RPGs (I dislike AD&D). I recently splurged on a lot of Descent 2nd Ed stuff, with the assumptions that it's not fiddly.

    I will probably have *all* of Descent 2nd Ed (I'm OCD), before we manage to gather to play our 1st-ever game (total 3 people). Should we play standard D2E with me as OL, or should we jump straight into RtL?

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    by foxreinard

    The Verminous Agent cards include one and two green dice on his attacks.

    While I own box expansions that include green dice, one can easily buy the Verminous LT pack without having such expansions.

    In that event, would one replace green dice with yellow? How would you approach this if you had no green dice?

    The reason I ask is because I want to be able to play the game with just the core rules plus a plot deck.

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    by chaplin717


    Long ago I really enjoyed Descent 1e, but the length of the games and my preference for co-op rather than 1vs. Many games caused me to skip 2e. However the Road to Legend app now brings in full co-op so I am very interested and quite on the fence about picking up the base game and maybe an expansion.

    Currently the game group favorite is Brimstone with its choose your own adventure sort of random elements. One thing that is nice is each kill grants experience towards new skills and each fight grants possible loot or gold for new goodies.

    It has been forever since I played Descent. How does progression work in 2e with the application? In the YouTube videos I have watch it seems to just be a battle slog tile to tile with no exp, gold, and few story beats. Can anyone expand on this? Is the experience, skills, etc. all done at the end of quests or something? Is it a big chunk equally spread to the group?

    Also, if I was to get the main box for co-op play, what would be your first two suggested expansions to add to the experience? Why those over others?

    Thanks all.

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    by JohnnyBurbank

    So, I recently started Kindred Fire with some friends. We did the first mission and won (barely), and then played the second mission(1st side mission) and lost and got 0xp. We lost so I assumed that's the way it goes. But the next week I didn't bring my iPhone and loaded up a previous game on my iPad where we had also already played the first mission, and this time we won on the side mission but this time although we won, it again gave us 0xp!! Is that normal or a bug? If it's not a bug, then what's the point of a side quest if you can't level up your character outside of gold/fame? If we skip side-missions and only play the story missions that actually give XP wouldn't that only be like 3-4 missions/XP for the whole campaign? If so, that doesn't sound like you'd ever get to see much of your class deck and kind of defeats the purpose for me to enjoy it. Our group has played a ton of Imperial Assault where every side and story mission gives you 1xp even if you lose, but sometimes you can get 2xp on story missions if you win (not to mention the gold to upgrade your gear), so maybe that's affecting my expectations here. Thoughts?

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    by ksiazekrzysztof

    Hello brave Heroes and vile Overlords.

    In this thread I'll try to share with you what comes out when i spend time on my Descent 2ed stuff. The purpose of it is to show off a little with my craftiness as well as share few ideas or solutions that some of you may hopefully find useful or helpful in your gameplay.


    First off, let me tell you about the way I store Descent 2ed. I own most of the stuff that came out up to date (sans Mists of Bilehall, because it's not out yet in polish, two h&m collections and two lieutenants) and that being said, I can forget about packing it all into one or two game boxes in any sensible way. Knowing that and the fact that I'm cheap and like diy, I accepted that my storage won't be anything pretty. So I decided to make it all about accesibility.

    This is what all the stuff looks like. Splig added for scale.

    The wooden box contains all cards. Heroes lay on top. They are all sleeved. I bought some great quality postcard sleeves in China. They are 106x105 mm, need a cut on the shorter side and then fit perfectly. They cost $1.30/25 pcs HERE, shipping was free to Poland.

    Below hero sheets are all the hero/overlord cards, all labeled and separated. Also cards for co-op expansions and familiar tokens, which are successively replaced by minis. I'll show them some day.

    Sturdy black file for all the booklets.

    5. & 6.
    The ring binder contains all the map tiles. Later in this post I'll show how to make pages.

    Black boxes are for monsters (bigger ones; cardboard diy for life)

    Plastic boxes contain monsters (more cardboard madness)

    ...and other game components. Note, that the plastic inserts are removable, so we can keep them on the table to easy access tokens, doors, map end caps etc.

    While playing we give a binder with map tiles to one player, put boxes with monsters on the floor next to another player (monsters are of course grouped in the boxes), overlord (if there is one) manages the cards and the last player (if there is one) manages tokens, doors, end caps and connectors. It worked great so far, especially with RtL, when you don't finish the setup just once but have to be able to access and add game material almost everytime.

    Now to the map tiles storage.

    The purpose is to make a map tiles storage that is as accessible as possible. Making it a binder with tiles held in numbered sleeves put in order made the setup time for our games a fraction of what it was when everything was held in the box or bags. Also I took an effort to make it as compact as possible, so I tried to fit as many tiles as possible on as little sheets as possible.

    You will need:
    - soldering tool
    - sharp knife
    - metal ruler
    - standard document binder sleeves
    - few paper sheets
    - thin permanent marker
    - a surface that you can work on using sharp and very hot tools.
    - clear adhesive tape (optional)

    Insert 2 or 3 paper sheets into the sleeve and put the map tiles you wish to fit into the sleeve on top of it. Make sure that every tile has at least 5-6 milimeters of space from every side. Put a mark between the tiles (every tile should have about 10 mm of safe space from it). This is where we will use the soldering tool to make a socket.

    Take away the tiles. Measure the same space from the top of the sleeve and make another mark. Put a metal ruler about 5-7 milimeters below the marks. This is where you cut the opening for the lower socket.
    Cut using exacto knife or any other sharp tool. Use little force, so you cut only through one layer of plastic.

    Remove the paper from the sleeve. Move the ruler on your marks.
    This is where somehow tricky part starts, but the good side is, that even when you screw something, you won't waste any materials unless you do some random stuff.
    Following the ruler set on the marks you've made, weld both layers of the sleeve. Don't go from edge to edge of the sleeve, because you may cut the sleeve in half (the line between the marks I made works good). Don't push too hard. Do it at a steady pace. If you'll go too fast, you probably won't weld the foils. If you'll go too slow, you may burn through them. If this happens, just reinforce the back of the sleeve with clear adhesive tape.

    The effect should look like this. All you have to do is put big numbers on it.

    You can put more tiles in every sleeve. Just remember to leave the margins from the vertical lines as well so each of the tiles will fit and don't go with the soldering tool up to the edges.


    This method can be used to make custom sleeves for almost any non-standard game material you may have. All you need to do is use crystal clear binder sleeves, make very precise measurments (using erasable marker, so your sleeved cards or whatever won't be marked) and use soldering tool the way that you will actually burn through both foil layers (better to do it in few passes than in one held too long).

    That's it for today, hope you find it useful.

    Next time I'll try to focus on proxies for familiars, or who knows what.

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    by jekface

    My kids and I will be playing descent for the first time in the next week or two. I haven't yet, but I'm considering getting one of the big box expansions to go along with it. Eventually, I'd like for us to play RTL, but I want us to learn the game first playing the traditional way. My question is this:

    Should we play the core box set, and then play the expansion after, or should we play the expansion combined with the core set. In terms of replayability, do I need to combine the expansion right away? (Suggestions on which expansion is best to buy first?)

    I have a secondary question with regards to RTL:
    The two campaigns are completely separate from the core set and expansion campaigns, correct?

    Thanks a lot and I apologize if this has already been asked.

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    by nheather

    Playing Kindred Fire at the moment and having played Rise of Goblins first we were caught out rather unexpected.

    Rise of Goblins was quite short, if I recall it was

    Introduction - which gave a big lump of money and 3 or 4 XP
    Two side quests - which just gave money
    Final campaign - that just brought the game to the end

    We were expecting the same with Kindred Fire, which caused us to spend our XP rather early as we weren't expecting any more. But if memory serves me well this is where we are at the moment

    Two side quests

    Expecting that to be the end, suprised to see the map showing, two more side quests and another Campaign

    We have just completed one of the Side Quests, so have one more, a shopping trip in town and then the Campaign.

    But will that be the end or will there be more after that.

    Trying to decide whether to keep the XP for better stuff or spend it now because there won't be any more.



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    by Mlai00

    There are a total of 60 D2e heroes currently about. These 3 aren't any of them. Are they unused D1e heroes, or are they unused ideas?

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    by Morphie

    How come FFG does not release cardboxes suitable for the different kind of cards they got in their games?
    They got a bunch of those for various cardgames.. So how come they havent dipped their toes in this goldmine?!
    What am I missing?

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    by chub18028

    I have the base game and am ordering the expansion Shadow of Nerekhall. I am playing using RtL. Do I mix the cards and figures together by category or should I keep everything separate?

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    by Grahamers2002

    Playing the full RtL campaign and one of the side quests is telling me to place the "dragon hybrids." I have never heard of a D2E monster like that and I can't find one listed in any online resources. The token image they use looks like hybrid sentinels and there are three of them...1 red and 2 white - just like the hybrid sentinels. This leads me to believe they meant hybrid sentinels.

    Can anyone confirm I am not crazy and there are no such monsters as "dragon hybrids?" If so, I iwll open a bug report with FFG.


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    by Linio

    Well... that's kind of a lame post, but I found somewhere deep in those dungeonny forums a topic where there was all the monsters and/or heroes from H&M sets on one page, with pictures of the cards of each one of them. I found other places with the information, but It's hard to have a visual of all the information on one page, easily readable.

    I managed to not mark the page, and now I've been searching and searching again with no luck. Do someone know where I can find this post?


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    by ares71

    Other than Chains that Rust being available?

    I was hoping for more info on another Hero & Monster Collection since their are 12 heroes not yet converted?

    I realize they are in the conversion kit, but Return to Legend specifically doesn't use the conversion kit.

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    by stumpersthecorgi

    Hi there,

    When RtL tells me to put i.e 1 Ettin on the map, does it mean 1 Ettin group or just 1 Ettin? I noticed that the app will prompt me to activate both the minion and the master monster after.


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    by NinjaGigolo

    1. Does the app itself teach you how to play?

    2. Are the campaigns replayable? Will they be different each time?

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    by whizzo

    We are going to play Julidens keep tomorrow. But I dont understand if Shadowkeeper Juliden always Move 5 or if she can move-move for a total of 10?

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    by bigGameGeek

    Sure it's a fantastic app, but i never get to be the OL in my group.

    Would it be cool to play an adventure where you are trying to stop those pesky heroes from accomplishing your nefarious schemes?

    I may be the only one.

    by JohnnyBurbank

    So my group just played RtL again last night and our next story mission (the 3rd story mission) said "Start in 1 week". So we decide to do a side mission because we were low on gold. In that side mission we took one(1) KO and ultimately won the mission. We were lucky to only have one KO against our morale, since we're usually almost to zero morale at the end of most missions, but we'd played this side mission before. When we were ready to go back to Tamalir and buy some new gear and refresh our Morale from our 1KO, Tamalir was greyed out and the *only* option appears to be to start the next story mission.

    Does this seriously mean that we have to go in to the next story mission with 1 KO already against our morale and no chance to buy new gear before we start it? Will the morale reset when we start the next story mission or is that something that only resets in Tamalir? Is this a bug or did I miss some instruction explaining how this "weeks" system is supposed to work, because it seems pretty messed up to go into a story mission with anything less than full morale.

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    by Akroatis

    I'm planing to get the base game and two expansions and play them with the app...
    I want to play solo, I don't have many friends that like boardgames as I and I really want to try this game and crawl through dungeons... but I don't know if this game is "soloable" or not.

    Should I get this?

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    by ralterma

    Is there a list that has all the monsters and their expansion? I am new to Descent so I am not qood yet at quickly identifying them. I have them all sorted by expansion. A list would make it easy to find them when RTL drops a new monster on me because I can ID where to look based on their card icon.I was searching through the files section but did not have any luck. Thanks!

    by jekface

    So I just played my first game with the base only. I was the Overlord, my sons and niece (12,10,10) were the heroes. We played the recommended beginning mission from Heirs (the one where you escort the acolyte).

    I forgot to draw and use cards as the Overlord a couple of times, but I'm glad I did not. After a couple rounds in, it was clear that I could have stomped them, so it brings me to the subject of this thread. Was I playing wrong?

    They each got two actions on their turns, but with the base skills/weapons, they were largely uneffective against me. The Berghast (sp?) have the ability to add a brown die against ranged attacks. Plus, they got a +2 to their health from the setup. 2 white, 1 red.

    The goblins are basically endless waves, but come out up to 2 at a time. So against 3 players, I used 3 white and 1 red.

    I got them close enough to ping the players with 2 actions each turn. Maybe I was lucky with the dice, but with surges, I was hitting the heroes with 3 damage or so each shot. It got to the point where I just made the archers wait instead of pressing on. And I brought the berghast out of cover to get in close to the action. I used one overlord card.

    Are the rest of the quests going to be this way?

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    by InfinityBlack14

    With Unholy Ritual's errata (1.6), you draw equal to the number of figures in a group and keep 2, discard the rest. Does this mean with a few cards in your hand before playing this, that your hand now becomes 2?

    by anticolghost

    Turned this

    into this

    four characters from the starter set we used in Rise of the goblins (digital)

    I'm a stationery nerd even more than a BG nerd, but have no experience with graphic design, so I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I feel much more attached to the characters having picked out art for them and PUTTING ON STICKERS when they get XP.

    I used inkscape, and have uploaded both the .pngs and .svgs into the files section in case anyone wants to tweak or use.

    custom characters (+ class combos) we currently use for Kindred Fire (printed on card! with stickers!)
    left too much white around the edge

    by Anarchosyn

    I'll keep this short as my work day is coming to an end and I lost my original draft of this to a browser crash:

    Descent arrives for me tomorrow. In the bevy of options I'll have:

    1) Heris of Blood + all three small box side quest options.
    2) Road to Legend.
    3) Forgotten Souls analogue co-op.

    My core group is composed of two (myself included), and though my girlfriend isn't apposed to the 1v1 styled play of traditional Descent, it was the cooperative potential that prompted the purchase.

    My thinking:

    Naturally, Road to Legend is the prize, but I have a "best for last" mentality at times. Heirs of Blood, though not optimal at this player count, would help reinforce the core rules, but maybe best approached when we not only both appreciate Descent, and have another player. Forgotten Souls is.. well.. honestly I'm not sure. Can't say I'm excited for those POD adventures, but I figured having them wouldn't hurt. Playing them before Road to Legend seems smart (who wants to move backwards in quality?), but I'm unsure how good those PODs are for learning the game (i.e. would it leave a bad impression?).

    Thoughts? Thanks.

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    by Anarchosyn

    My copy of Descent arrives today with a wide assortment of expansion content (plus cooperative options). I'm reading the rules now, but wanted to ask two questions that aren't clear from the rules alone:

    1) The campaign rules stipulate 1 xp is given to every participant in the quest, win or lose. No spoilers necessary, but is it unheard of for xp to be acquired in other manners (i.e. as additional reward for winning, or other scenario specific events)? I am not constraining this inquiry to just the base set quests, but the whole of the line (i.e. if Nerekhall introduced xp quest rewards, I'd like to hear that they were rare until that expansion, etc).

    Just curious if, in practice, xp is a slow drip, or whether things exist to accelerate that.

    2) Familiars. It says, unless otherwise noted, they only have a move action. Naturally attack actions, if applicable, would be spelled out, but how about pick-up/carry actions? Can they be assumed to be able to do that, or can I trust FFG to clearly delineate that if applicable?


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    by Mordliss

    So this was up for pre-sale st Gen Con which means it's ready to be sold... Why are they not releasing it now? We are entering another weekend that Chains hasn't hit store shelves now and I'd really like to dive into an undead themed campaign, but refuse to start mists until I have the complete campaign!!

    Anyone have any ideaa on release date?

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    by Aekold

    Always thought everybody hates to be a Healer. Let's see if that's true!

    by Anarchosyn

    I recently adopted a large Descent collection, and my copy of MoM 2e just arrived. I will definitely be formulating my own opinion shortly, but I wanted to hear opinions from more experienced players about the differences between these two system. In short, as I introduce new players to these two systems, I want a better understanding on how to sell their differences.

    Conventional Descent and 1e MoM are things I can already contrast -- I know that MoM is more story based, and has hidden information, where Descent 2e is more of a team tactical skirmish game with everything laid out from the start. Descent might not be 100% combat focused, but it certainly is tactically focused, akin to team coordination in a capture the flag match. MoM seems more about exploring a narrative, with mystery and the unknown around ever corner (objective included).

    That said, I know Descent Road to Legend changes a lot of the core feel: it adds hidden information, a sense of exploration, and the app appears to offer a great deal of evocative text to read, all in a manner more akin to MoM.

    So, again I ask: Does Road to Legend cross the divide to make it feel more like MoM? In what ways are these systems distinct in feel? I've read the rules, so I know the mechanical differences, but does Road to Legend evoke a sense of mystery as you progress, or is my impression of the divide between these titles being diminished mistaken?

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    by BruceLGL

    I have been thinking about whether it is a good idea to develop an unofficial app that will allow the community to provide it's own support/features and develop custom quests.

    I envisage this supporting:

    - D2E
    - MoM2E
    - IA

    With the possibility of future Doom/other support.

    My questions are:

    1: Who here has skills/experience and is willing to contribute to such a project?

    2: Does anyone here have experience/contact with FFG and can gauge the likelyhood of a cease and desist notice? I am particularly worried about the Star Wars IP, if this was left off would that change the answer?


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    by yodaccm

    So a friend of mine was able to snag me a copy of "Chains That Rust" at GenCon and I've been looking through the new hybrid class decks.

    The Monk/Scout/Healer-Hybrid Class seems like the weirdest to me only because two of its skills involve attacking with your bare hands, which as I recall means only rolling the blue attack die. Makes sense thematically, but it seems really underpowered damage-wise, especially going in to Act II.

    Here are the skills in question:

    Openhanded (2 xp)

    Cost: 1 fatigue

    Use this card when you defeat a monster with your bare hands to immediately perform 1 additional attack.

    Each time you perform an attack with your bare hands, this attack gains: Pierce x, where X is equal to the Range result. Surge: Stun

    Vow of Freedom (3xp)

    Each time you perform an attack with your bare hands or an Exotic weapon, after dice are rolled, you may change each X result to another result of your choice.

    If you do not have Light Armor or Heavy Armor equipped, you may change each of your blank defense results to another result of your choice.

    Granted, Vow of Freedom allows for Exotic weapons (and a great armor ability, though not sure if you'll be rolling more than your starting defense die), and being able to pierce 6 is really good. But if you are only doing 1 damage, what's the point?

    What does everyone think? Think there are some good synergies to be had?

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    by GTRock

    I just purchased Descent Base set today because my group is a coop game group. We have avoided this game because of the overlord aspect. I am really excited to play now that it is fully coop. My questions are the following: Are there more then the two campaigns for the app? Do you purchase new campaigns on the app? Do they automatically download once you purchase a physical expansion set and add it to your collection on the app? Just curious how this works. Thanks!

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    by Anarchosyn

    I'm new to Descent, and not overly familiar with all the possible heroes. That said, I get the general impression this isn't a hero in the pantheon of heroes currently available, but figured I'd ask.

    I'd have written this off as nothing more than an artistic flourish (like the three heroes on the cover of the base game's box), but something caught my eye: the long queue, the zōri on his feat, the tekkō on his arms, the zukin (?) around his mouth -- all of these elements are quintessentially Asian, whereas one would expect a throw away no-name generic character to carry Descent's more dominant Euro-medieval theme.

    ... which got me thinking, if this isn't a known hero, I wonder if Descent is soon to receive a Asian themed expansion? Likely? Unlikely?

    I know Runebound explored the heroes of the world in second edition, but I'm unsure whether any of that bled into Descent.

    Thoughts? I'm crazy, right?

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    by Affevh

    Can valyndras Jealous Rage be used when Thaiden Mistpeak use his hero ability?

    Hero ability : Each time you perform an attack, after dice are rolled, you may cancel the attack and immediately search an adjacent search token.

    Jealous Rage : exhaust this card when a hero declares a search action to choose a monster within 5 spaces of that hero.
    Remove that monster from the map and place it in an empty space adjacent to that hero. Then,that monster immediately
    Performs an attack targeting that hero.After resolving this attack,if the hero was not defeated, he may continue his turn.

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    by McCrank

    Question. RTL is asking me to grab an "extender" piece. I can't seem to find anything in my collection that matches it? Does anyone know if they came in the base game?

    by plolock

    Like ruleswise?
    I'm gonna re-read the questrules later, but the thing where only one door can be opened at a time is fine - I get it.

    Anything else?

    Any tips I can pass on to the heroes?
    Any tips for myself as OL?


    Really excited about running a campaign (finally) again!
    Last time was the Shadow Rune before I owned anything but the base box (because nothing else had been released yet..) and now I have Everything (capital E) - really hope we'll have a blast with all the questing and what not

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    by Ultros64

    Hey guys. About to start up an Heirs of Blood Campaign and had a few questions.

    1. Does anyone know where to get a flat image of the campaign map for Heirs? I'd like to get something printed out for the group.

    2. What's your favorite Healer/Class combination to play? Probably gonna wind up being Blue, so was just curious what everyone else is running with.


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    by any2cards

    I am a long time player of many FFG games. This includes Descent and all of its iterations. I am older than virtually everyone on this forum. I also suffer from some severe medical conditions, one of which is robbing me of my short term memory.

    All of this, of course, makes it very difficult for me to remember specific cards, text on the cards, etc., which makes it hard to participate within some discussions without first getting my game out, reading the cards in question, and then getting back to the forum.

    This obviously does not make it very conducive to participating in the forum. Figuring that there are probably others out there that even if they do have good memories really don't want to have to drag the game out, find a particular card, etc. just to participate in a thread, I have decided to develop a technology solution to the issue.

    Hence, I created a Google Chrome Extension called D2e Companion Card Viewer.

    Essentially, what it will do is underline in red key names of D2e cards. When you move your mouse over those names that are underlined, an image of the card will automatically appear.

    Below, as a test, you will see the names of five different Search cards. If you hover over them, you should see an image of the actual card. For the Secret Passage card, since there are actually two of them from two different expansions, you will see the card twice, side by side.

    Stamina Potion Power Potion Treasure Chest Nothing Secret Passage

    Here is a link to the extension for Chrome:

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    by Crossr1980

    Hello all

    I have just played the first quest of Heirs of Blood. First off what a great introduction to the world of descent.

    Whenever the X was rolled I felt like it foiled the plans for a turn. Sometimes it was the difference between a knocked out hero or not.

    I also love Imperial assault and I think the X on the defence is a better mechanic.

    Anyway cutting to the chase I was thinking if a house rule could be introduced.

    The X still applies to any ranged attacks.

    However any melee combat simply uses the 2 side of the blue dice but subtracting a surge instead of adding one.

    Of course this is only one suggestion but it adds a little further strategy into the game.

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    by stumpersthecorgi

    A couple months back, I purchased Descent and a couple of expansions with the main purpose of playing RTL.

    Recently, my friends and I decided to venture on to the Shadow Rune campaign. However, 3 quests in (Fat Goblin, Castle Daerion and Masquerade Ball), we noticed that the gameplay is rather boring i.e. the heroes win by turn 3).

    Does this campaign get better?

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    by Loosk

    Hello guys,

    So, me and my dad are currently in the process of playing the shadow rune campaign with all of our expansions. We are not including rumor cards. I am the overlord and he is the heroes. We just finished the interlude and our next session we will start act 2.

    Now, He won the intro, and the castle darion, but I have won the other quests. But, the thing is, is that HE HAS NOT SEARCHED A SINGLE TOKEN! Ok, maybe one or two, and he has gotten the treasure chest card once. But, he has no items! And I have a bunch of cards that I have purchased. Here are his heroes:

    Augur as Disciple
    Steelhorns as Champion
    Leoric as Necromancer

    All he has is a couple leather armors and the jeweled mace. LEORIC STILL HAS HIS STARTING WEAPON!!!

    My question is, is there ANY chance that he wins the campaign?? Should we even continue the campaign? We were thinking the next campaign I would play the heroes.


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    by tombrun

    Started playing this game yesterday with overlord and two heroes. I have played the first edition countless times, so I know this kind of game. After reading the rules a couple of times, I felt I knew this game enough to try it. I own the first print of the game, so the included campaign is the Shadow Rune.

    The first quest went okay. The heroes won, so they chose "A Fat Goblin" as their second quest. When we got to Encounter 2, the problems started.

    As my open group, I chose Sorcerers. The first round, one of the heroes searched the token in the first room, but drew the "Nothing" card. The other hero healed himself with a potion found in the first encounter and rested to heal some fatigue. My turn. I rushed in with the spiders, opened the door from the Cave to the Spider Den and rushed in with the sorcerers. The heroes didn't manage to kill the spiders the first round. My turn. I attacked again with the spiders and the now the sorcerers were close enough so I attacked with them too. All the while, I was dragging prisoners from the Prison to the Torture Chamber. The heroes died. The heroes resurrected. My turn! I attacked with my spiders and my sorcerers and dragged a couple prisoners. The heroes died. The heroes resurrected. My turn! I attacked again and now rushed forward with my goblin archers. The heroes died.

    Do you start to see a pattern? One of the heroes didn't even get to move during the whole quest! After a while we house ruled in that the heroes get an extra action when they resurrect. In that way, they managed to get in a shot here and there, but not enough to kill anything. They still died every single turn. I realized later that the official errata say that in a 2-hero game, each hero get an extra action. But that was exactly what we house ruled! It didn't exactly help.

    What did we do wrong? Is there some obscure rule that is SO different from first edition that it would break second edition completely?

    I really want to like this game and to start buying the expansions, but if this is how it works, I would never play this again.

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    by Loosk

    Hey guys!

    So currently me and my dad are in the middle (like we just finished the interlude) of the shadow rune campaign. He is playing the heroes and I am playing the overlord. We were going to switch roles next time so that we both get a chance at each side. So, Ive been thinking about which heroes to select and I've come down to some ideas:

    Fighter: Nanok as knight

    Mage: High Mage Quellen OR Leoric OR Jaes as runemaster

    Scout: Lindel as treasure hunter OR Wildlander but probably TH

    Healer: Aurim as Disciple

    What do you guys think? I have access to all of the expansions except mists of bilehall. Any suggestions?


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    by spozun

    Is there any way for me to say in the RtL app that I own certain 2.0 expansions when in fact I own a number of 1.0 expansions and the conversion kit?

    I'm assuming there's some way to map certain 1.0 expansions to 2.0 modules as far as the app cares.. the monsters / heros contained.

    My goal of course to reuse all the 1.0 stuff I have in the app some way somehow.

    If anyone can help me make use of my 1.0 stuff in the app, I will lavish you with Geek Gold

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    by LCS213

    Maybe this is more of an Apple question, but thought folks here would be more knowledgeable about this particular situation.

    I'm in the middle of the Kindred Fire campaign on my ipad. It's an older ipad 3 and I want to switch to a newer ipad. Will simply doing a full ipad backup and restore to the new ipad allow me to continue my campaign? Or will I pretty much have to start over? Hoping it's the former and not the latter!

    Any help is appreciated!