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    by Amunra93

    Looking at this chart it appears that 3 players has a 49% hero win rate and 4 players has a 51% win rate so I am looking for your personal opinions on this matter as they appear both pretty much evenly balanced (at least in the base game)

    One thing I noticed is the sample size for 3 heroes is much smaller then 4, so perhaps 4 heros is more balanced after all.

    I know that 2 players is essentially rigged in the overlords favor (75% OL win rate on avg)

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    by zaltyre


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    by tootz

    bit of a dilemmna here..but a good one

    im looking to get some heroes and monsters boxsets..I haven't any of them yet got all 3 big boxsets [core/nerekhall/ ruin].and was looking at getting a couple of the h&m boxsets..I like the look of bonds of the wild and the guardians of deephall...but,also like the forgotten one tooshake
    so which ones should I the way can only go for two of them. unless someone has some descent stuff they want to trade me for a bnib dungeon saga game?...but which ones should I get?

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    by tootz

    I watched the "watch it played" videos with Rodney smith and his son luke playing the game ..and it really looked like Rodney was a nailed on winner with one last turn to go.but one card changed the whole result of the game !!.talk about last gasp win...awesome..thats what a top dungeon crawler should be like!!

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    by ASGupta

    Thinking of starting a core game campaign with my son and his friends. I understand that there are big box expansions with separate campaigns; are there small box expansions with side quests that significantly enhance the *core game* experience? Which should I get? And which lieutenant packs, if any, should I get for the core game campaign?

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    by achasteen

    I played the base campaign with my 8 year old son. It was like playing solo, but with a feisty little helper. He is not interested in Heirs of Blood or the Coop Kits (I own). He tells me he wants a cool new expansion before playing anymore Descent.

    Which expansion has the coolest monsters and heroes for kids? Which has a cool story that kids would enjoy? I am leaning towards a small box expansion that has a shorter campaign.

    My son enjoys The 3 Stooges, Minecraft, Michael Jackson and Haunted Houses.

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    by Amunra93

    Title, Ive read all I can about this class and looked at the class abilities, and it really looks like the Treasure Hunter is so broken that you would be insane to use any other scout class if you had it available.

    To owners of LOTW who have played extensively is the Treasure Hunter as insane at damage dealing and gathering gold for the heroes as it would appear to be at first glance?

    I have read all of the class cards and it just seems like they really weren't thinking straight when they designed the TH or logan lashley , although the TH is the real problem.

    The TH is pretty much a better version of the thief in every way, better at manipulating the search deck, better damage, better action efficiency..

    Im really interested in anyone who has played overlord against the TH. Was he as broken as he has been described in many threads or not?

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    by vprice

    Does anyone know the total number of figures including lieutenants and expansions thus far?

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    by chang_1910

    hi, so at the end i've decided to get 2 boxset of the H&M, and im going to get them depending on which give me more options regarding trait. Trying to go with this approach because yesterday i had to pick 2 open groups, and based on the trait for that encounter only had 3 options. Hence, getting monsters now for sure, and going to try to pick them based on that.

    Hope you guys can help with these:

    1. anyone know / has a link that can give me this information.

    so far the box i like the most are bonds of wild (the one with kobolds), crusade one and the one with the fire bettle.

    2. does any of the H&M boxset have a heroe/monster that is broken/OP, which you would recomend no to get?


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    by TheBruthal


    I just got all my base set Descent miniatures painted and was thinking if I should upload photos of them to BGG. I already created a gallery to Imgur:

    Just wanted to ask if I should edit those photos somehow to be accepted to BGG? I read the photo rules and should I crop the photos or do something else before trying to upload?

    Thanks for advice!

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    by Aekold

    Hi there,
    Unfortunately, my wish to play as an OL didn't succeed: my wife decided that he's to cool, so I'll be playing heroes.

    It looks to me from the statistics, that 3 hero variant is the most balanced (or gives heroes the best chances) - I don't feel like adding a second shadow dragon to the group is worth an extra hero - but correct me if I am wrong.

    She is also a brutal powerplayer - though she lacks on rules knowledge and forgets things from time to time, she wouldn't blink to park a Barghest across a doorway. So, I need to powerplay as well!

    For hero selection, I want to go for following (I enjoy when miniatures match the classes):
    Leoric - Runemaster
    Jain - Wildlander
    Syndrael - Knight

    Is this a viable party? How bad is the lack of stun/immobilize and heal? Any suggestions on skills/equipment?

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    by mercopparis

    I'm running out of room for all my Descent expansions. What would you recommend to store everything?

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    by CMMiller89

    So I'm currently trying to make an expansion comparison guide that lets you easily see exactly what comes in each box. Have too many warrior Archetypes? Pick up Bonds of the Wild. Need more monster types, Grab a monster collection based on the number of figures the pack has.

    I have some questions though.

    I am missing some harder to find information, can you guys post here some of my missing numbers so I can plug it in?

    What information is missing that you think would be nice to see as a comparison?

    by Vecha

    Hi geeks!

    We're five players in our group. We played pen and paper (AD&D), LARP (vampire), Trading Card Games (LotR), Warhammer (Fantasy) and so on in the good old days.

    But as we live in different places now, we play Descent as a "light" subsitute for it.

    By now, we want to make Descent a little bit more "complex" (as we like to build characters, have a good choice of monsters and basically just to have some more possibilities).

    Thus, I would like to buy some expansions. We have already Zachareth (as a mini for the Shadow Rune), Visions of Dawn (mainly due to Ispher and Manticores) and Oath of the Outcasts (Beastman and Laurel).

    Do you have any particular recommendations for any combination of extensions (including lieutnant packs) that could fit the "spirit" of our group? For having the possibility to get "deeper" into it, if you know what I mean (for both, the heroes and the OL). The style factor of chars and quests is also a major factor.
    (Like "get that two lieutnants, that expansion and that H&M set, it's fun and balanced to play them altogether")

    I was thinking of spending something between 50 to 100 bucks (€/$ prices don't differ much).
    First, I wanted to go for the conversion kit but it isn't available in german anymore (and I don't like mixed languages in my games).
    Valyndra as a lieutnant set is almost set. It's supposed to be one of the coolest decks and the coolest mini (!?).

    So, what do you think?

    I just like it too much to see the excited faces of my friends while unpacking and the glow in their eyes ("wow, nice miniature!", "yeah, look at that feat!", "hey, that's a fun deck for the OL!", "I can't decide what to play, it's all too cool!")



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    by Aekold

    Is there some subj available on Descent? We've recently started playing assorted quests from Shadow Rune. When reading fiction text, it's hard for us to appreciate and fully follow it, as we know nothing about the Descent world.

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    by badmike01

    Hi guys. Bit of a long 'thinking out loud' type post so sorry in advance lol.

    So this weekend I'm taking a few mates through the start of a Lair of the Wyrm mini campaign to show them how good the game is. LOTW is my new expansion and Ive yet to play it, also think starting my group of very-casual gamer mates up on a small campaign is the best bet to sell a long years worth of meet ups for a full campaign with the works, as we get to meet very rarely due to all having young kids.

    This got me thinking, has anyone found ways of streamlining/smoothing the game? I'm trying to think of "life-hacks" that just make running it easier.

    Like I played one of the co-op pod quests past weekend with a few mates and by the end of if we had spread out over the whole (very large) table and there were shop cards, skill, hearts and fatigue everywhere! And the co-ops don't even use half the stuff that's in the box!

    I've been racking my brain about maybe some sort of play-mat I can get printed like the MTG ones we use. with all the areas clearly marked out for different cards/tokens that you will enevitable get over a game. I like this idea as I think it will make players more aware of their character and everything they have access to, I myself tend to glance at my cards and sometimes forget I had an ability I could have used at some crucial point because of the semi-cluttered cards.

    Also, how do people normally let their hero players choose the missions? As in the past I'm normally the only person who knows the quests and my mates don't seem to get as invested so normally just let me choose or pick one at random.
    I'm thinking of making a simple card for each quest (kind of like the rumour cards) with 2 sides, 1 will be a in-game description, maybe even the story part from the quest guide, the other side will be what the actual mission entails, for example "A Fat Goblin: Find a way to store the sacks of grain in the farm before goblin looters can make off with them. Recover as many stolen sacks of grain as possible by slaying looters. Find the goblins lair and rescue any hostages that may have been taken from the farm before your arrival and stop any goblins escaping so they wont return again."
    The card would also have an Act 2 update like "If the Heroes won, remove X quest from the Act 2 deck. That quest is no longer available."

    I recently discovered a campaign tracking website on the FFG forums which seemed very well done so I will be keeping all the quest and hero info on that at the end of each meet up, as well as lots of baggies for the heroes to put their bits in so we wont have to dig through piles of cards to put heroes back together each week, and everything not used will be stored separate (like unused heroes/class decks). I've even gone as far to make a spreadsheet with each encounter, how many open groups and what traits, and then all available monster units on an encounter as well as ones that are on there as part of the actual quest. I'm hoping this will streamline actually grabbing the monsters from my box and also just going "oh I have access to Kobolds or Ettins this game apparently" and choosing one rather then thumbing the monster cards looking for the matching symbols further trying to speed set ups up and decision making. As Overlord you tend to have to do 99% of the work load I've found. Hopefully after referencing the quest guide for map setup and quick refresh of the scenario boom! we're off.

    This is all I can think of so far to cut down on the various sorting and sifting involved in this game so we can get more playing done and I'm not there for hour before we start on the days I have to travel to somewhere with the game for a meet up. I've got my tiles in groups of 10 in plastic boxes, tokens in a screw box all neat, and heroes and monster figs all separated, as well as the cards all bagged up into groups like shop, search item, classes, monsters, bosses, OL cards etc. I'm half tempted to just save more time by setting up a map from an encounter with all the bits on (monsters, tokens) and then just dismantling it and bagging it up so everything I need to remake it is in 1 bag, no searching needed at all? We are only going to do 1 quest per week for start until were are all up to speed. And if it finishes quick we usually always carry MTG decks with us to finish a night.

    Are my ideas totally rubbish? Do people already do things like this? I really just need to streamline where I can to keep interest high and gaming to the max on my game nights, we usually do most of our socializing on fb through the week or on phones so we have all committed to meeting every spare hour we can squeezer without kids each week.

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    by brigade

    I have found that the Plastic Stands for the doors held on firmly when fist assembled but now they easily fall off. I assume I could glue the parts together although I do not know what glue to use. Has anybody found a solution to this?

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    by yegods

    I and my group were really excited to play the new version of Descent. We're big fans of the first version, but were looking forward to the simplified and shorter game play.

    I am considering throwing the whole box in the trash.

    What happened? Well, we decided to play the Siege of Skytower scenario, and it is one of the worst designed, unplaytested, unbalanced pieces of trash to be called a scenario that I've ever witnessed. There is absolutely no way, beyond Hero stupidity, for the Overlord to win that scenario. The heroes start right next door to the gate house, and if they close all three doors before the Overlord can get sufficient monsters through them, then it's all over. They can easily close the doors by turn two -- in fact, that happened twice to us, because we couldn't believe how stupid the scenario was, we started over with an modified rule allowing monsters to open the doors. It made absolutely no difference. The players simply blocked access to the room after killing the starting force, and given the new "death" rules, they were able to keep it blocked.

    We were playing with four heroes. It's possible that this scenario would play a little differently with three or two heroes.

    As it stands, I don't believe it could've been playtested at all with four heroes. There's a lot of setup to the map, but all of it is moot. The players have no need to search or go anywhere but beeline for the gate house.

    Tell me I'm wrong. I certainly hope there's a glimmer of hope for this game, but I doubt it.

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    by Boomer_Kable

    A question that came up during the shopping phase last night I would like to pose to you fellow Descent players. There is a handbow item that is a trinket/other item in the shop deck that was drawn and it can be used to make a ranged attack with. The guy playing Silhouette wanted to buy this and thought it would add to her Hero ability which states "Each time you perform an attack and roll an X result, choose 1 monster adjacent to you. That monster suffers (hearts) equal to 1 plus the number of weapons you have equipped." He thought it would be considered a weapons and then make the ability be able to go up to 4 damage as he had two one handed weapons already equipped. As the OL, I naturally playfully argued and said this is not a weapon but a trinket and there fore would not count towards that ability. The argument back was that on Silhouette's ability it says equipped weapons and not 'weapon cards' and since it can be used to attack with, it's a weapon. Also to back his claim, the handbow card says "you may only perform 1 attack with this weapon each turn", thus identifying it as a 'weapon' in the text.

    Any thoughts?

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    by Reiksguard

    Hey All,

    After getting into the game for the first time, I am trying to organize my base game box so that it is not a complete mess every time we open it up to play a game. I've got solutions for the counters and map pieces, but its the cards that are giving me angst. So I wanted to post for some suggestions...

    How are people storing their cards in the Descent box?
    Are there any containers or tuck boxes that are particularly useful? I would love to keep them sorted, but easy to grab and pull out when the time is needed.

    Right now, I have all the small cards in a single stack inside a zip-lock bag and then all the larger cards stacked up in a separate zip-lock bag. Not great, but functional for now...but I keep looking at it thinking there has to be a better way.

    Please let me how you do it!

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    by DiegoZap

    Hi everyone! I've started a new blog dedicated to my custom Descent creations: from new monsters (mainly inspirated by the Warhammer Fantasy univers) to new heroes, rules, quests and much more.

    You can find my blog at this link:


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    by chang_1910

    Hi all,
    Is the second time I`m playing this and this time seem to be going the same way, kind of.
    The 1st time we play the campaign, we were doing bunch of rules WRONG (stunned for a whole turn for example) but this campaign feel balance. So I`m guessing I just cant find a good strategy for this quest, hence was hoping for advice.

    As much background as I can remember / collect..

    His heroes:
    Widow Tarha, as runemaster with runic sorcery, exploding rune, rune mastery, and iron will. Equip with the shadow rune (I lost that with the most stupid mistake 1 turn from winning, didn't noticed that I was not blocking the heroes with my golem once the door was open he could move diagonally around the golem, almost cry LOL)
    Ashrian as a spiritbraker with stoneskin, healing rain, cloud of mist, tempest
    Syndrael as a Knight with oath of honor, advance, defend, defend training, guard. He has an shield and a sword equip
    Lindel as thief with greedy, lucky charm, appraisal, caltrops he has a staff equip (act 2 shopping card that he got, cant remember how but he draw it on this quest) but cant remember the name or find it)

    Expansions (hence monster at my disposal)
    Second edition core game (Zombies; Goblin Archers; Cave Spiders; Flesh Moulders; Barghests; Ettins; Elementals; Merriods; Shadow Dragons)
    lair of Wyrm (fire imps and hybrid sentinels)
    Crusade of forgotten (golem, sorcerers and medusa)
    Crown of destiny (giants, lava bettle and chaos beast)

    I just got Trollfen as well, but haven't even open that one.

    Playing with Splig plot deck
    OL cards tree: basic + 1 universal (dark resilience) warlord + just started getting the punisher deck (have one that when heroes use fatigue to move, I move as well)

    I have the shield of Zorek`s favor and another relic (of which I cant remember the name, but it triggers something on 2 surge) No significant for this quest because I don't have a lieutenant, but figured I let you guys know.

    So far I`m planning to play encounter 2 with Golems + Giant (and mandatory goblins) But it seems that the heroes would go through them quite fast. I though about using Golem + fire imps, but no sure that would change much.
    The goblin would move fast and get hopefully a good roll on the heroes carrying the trueshot or close to it.. but no sure how much that would help.

    I simple cant come with a plan to last 8 turns on this one.

    any advice??

    And if anyone can also point some feedback about Encounter 1/or thing I can do better. Or is this just a 100% win for heroes?
    I play with the mandatory Merriods and the Sentinels (choose them because they could move fast around the water) I was able to do 16/20 damage to Frederick, but after that all my monster die and Heroes left The runemaster behind, in front of entrance; so I just spend the last 3 turn putting a monster at the entrance, and dead. Try to move it close, leave it behind to approach later, brough the master of sentinels or the merriods.. just to see Frederick go close to the exit and leave .. this quest was so fun, but the last 3 turns meh..
    My preview encounter 1 I left the merriods in the entrance, doing whatever damage they could, and the second group in the back, attacking when Frederick approach, but didn't do enough damage before he escape.

    So now, I`m in the same encounter 2 where they can use those glymph and kill my monster with no reinforcement (exc the goblins), find the trueshot (ps I`m planning to put it on the chest infront of chest #4), and escape in 3-4 turns

    Having play the campaign 1.5.. I found this quest so hard lol...
    To me the hardest quest are the one that my goal depends on a timer and I have very little, to no reinforcement (or reinforcement at the end of turn)

    Thanks for everything

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    by bellam

    I have owned descent 2nd edition for about a year now and out of curiosity have been watching videos about the 1st edition just see where the 2nd edition came from. I understand that the new game cut alot items in order to stream line the game and make it more playable in less time, however, does anyone feel like the new editions (to include expansions) are less value or at least less epic then the old descent line?
    The old set had something like 20 heros in the base set and alot more monsters with no lieutenant tokens (ie additional packs being sold for 10-$15 each in order to get the figure). I don't know what the 1st edition sold for when it was first released, however, it seems like we are being sold less product for our money and all we are getting are some refined rules and re-cycled heros and monsters from the orginal.

    The expansions for 1st edition descent added tons of content to include completely new ways to play the game. The expansions now strike me as far less impressive.
    This seems to be a trend aswell. Imperial assault (FFG) based on the descent system was like $90 when released and still had about a dozen tokens for pieces... and the expansion twin shadows doesn't even included the bounty hunter featured on the front on the box, and only gives 10 new pieces and 4 or so missions with ano asking price around $50.


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    by Pudsy

    For anyone who missed it, see the "FAQs" in the support section here...

    It looks like someone forgot to update the version number in the document itself (still says "version 1.5" at the top), but it is version 1.6 according to the filename.

    There appear to be quite a few additions/errata at least on the first couple of pages. Haven't read through it myself yet.

    BTW does anyone know of a good way to be notified when they upload new versions of FAQs, Rules, etc, for games in general? I previously used a site monitoring service which sent me notifications whenever particular product pages were changed, but I think someone at FFG blocked the robot... can't remember the details, but at some point it failed to get responses. Of course, it's their site & their right to block whatever they want, but serial "F5"-ers probably cause more traffic to be fair

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    by Mpgrunt

    So I have watched numerous videos and read much on descent 2 so I finally bought the game. Everything I read talked about "first Blood" starter quest and "Shadow Ruin" campaign", also a character sheet and campaign tracker pad. None of this was included. Instead I got no fillable pads, and 2 quest books act 1 and act 2 for a campaign called "heirs of blood". Did I get wrong box? Also in the official FAQ it mentions no rules errata on any of the quests in this campaign.


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    by mavo

    Hi all,

    I am just sorting out the base game and the expansions, and ran into a few points I could not resolve from the rulebook and the BGG Forum. Can anyone help?

    - How many 1/5 wound markers are there? Alltogether 45, but how many of each type?
    - Is there somewhere an overview of the included map tiles?
    - Finally: Are there really 20 condition markers? I can only find 16

    Thanks a lot in advance! Geekgold to be rewarded!

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    by wtchaftcha