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    by RARodger

    I’m the Overlord. We just played the Interlude-- The Shadow Vault since so far I’ve only won one game (the Masquerade Ball, which I think is an easy win for the Overlord). I think I’m bad at monster selection, card selection, card play... I’m just not good at this.

    I played with Beastmen and Harpies on the board. I figured both groups have good team up bonuses and I’d just pile on damage on the carrier of the casket. And then I’d use Shadow Dragons to control corridors and block the way.

    It nearly worked this time. But it would have worked better if I could remember that the master Beastman gave the other ones a freakin’ re-roll! Or which of my cards had to be played at the beginning of the turn. Or a bunch of stuff like that. Or staying firm and not healing the dragon just because it would really annoy the players right now. Or if I could figure out how to play tripwires so they actually hurt the heroes instead of basically wasting it.

    Ah well. Still enjoying the game, and maybe the Act II boost will help me out for a scenario or two. We’re doing The Wyrm Rises I think (which ever one you play if the Overlord won/didn’t play during Act II), so any advice is welcome.

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    by badmike01

    I will admit, I love Descent 2E, Never played the first, but my group is not really epic RPG gameplay orrientated. D2E has bought the continuous gameplay, with quick tactical and minis gameplay we lacked.

    But at the same time I love the setting and look of SW:IA. I feel like if its as good or better then D2E I wont regret it (Except the costs).

    Has any one else been here or even done that?

    Im not looking to have both as being honest its more of something thats cracked out here and there at moment as its not pulling in the players it was at the start. I feel like the skirmish mode will also add some lfe to play.

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    by chillinwater

    If I have the base D2E,
    -Labyrinth of Ruin
    -Lair of the Wyrm
    -The Trolfens
    -Shadow of Nerekhall
    -Manor of Ravens

    And (Shouldn't Matter I think)

    -All lieutenant packs
    -Conversion kit
    -Forgotten Souls
    -no hero and monster expansions

    How many "Advanced Quest Cards should I have?

    I have 7 in no particular order...

    1-Beneath the Manor
    2-Wrong Man for the Job
    3-Where the Heart Is
    4-Source of Sickness
    5-Spreading Affliction
    6-Armed to the Teeth
    7-At the Forge

    And just for fun, with everything sleeved (with 5 deck boxes ) and organized in the three big boxes, what's it all worth?

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    by unit00kai

    I be get all the Expansions and put all the map tiles same box. so it take long time now find the right tiles make the any one happen have base game map by them self and make list the number in it for me? thank in advance

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    by not a real person

    Okay, so the main criticism of this game that's putting me off is something that I have heard a fair bit: that a lot of the scenarios end up being a sort of race game, where you're really just moving to a spot, picking up an item or whatever and then moving somewhere else, while monsters try to hit you. The best thing to do often is basically just ignore the monsters and move about the place?.

    Is that fair?

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    by codeinfused

    I'm considering starting up a new D2E campaign in my gaming group, and none of us have played D2E yet. But, as a fan/veteran of D1, I would like to start off our first campaign with more juice (multiple expansions). So these are the questions:

    Which expansions do you think are required buys?

    Do the expansions mesh well with the base campaign? Or should our first campaign played be one of the expansion ones?

    How long does the average campaign "session" take? (setup, OL choices, quest, etc)


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    by MilesF

    Are there any detailed lists around that I can compare the tiles I have to the tiles I should have? I picked up a used copy and am short 2 tiles.

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    by Joelist

    After going out special to buy Crusade of the Forgotten just to get them in (based on reading here on BGG), we've had a pair of encounters with them in. And both the hero players AND the OL player love them!

    I think the reason the OL loves them is pretty apparent - they are not at all easy to kill with good HP reserves plus Ironskin and they roll decent dice on both attack and defense. The interesting part was the Heroes loved them too and it was because they were tough kills and made the encounters more challenging just by their presence.

    How do you like Golems?

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    by bigGameGeek

    Just from reading the rules it seems like the LOS rules are a little more realistic in IA than D2 (notice I'm not saying necessarily easier to translate)

    For those who don't know IA rules basically you have to trace two lines from two different corners of the targets.

    While this may be a little more difficult to interpret it seems like it would be a little more realistic than "You shouldn't have LOS from that vantage" as in some D2 games.

    Has anyone tried these rules in D2 and do they work? I may try it in my next Forgotten Souls game. It seems I may like it better.

    Basically, does anyone think the LOS rules in IA are better? Worse?

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    by GamingPaladin

    After diving right into Descent 2 and the sheer volume of possibilities, it seems to me like just mixing every single deck of cards together, while viable and probably epic, would create for a fairly disjointed and random experience.

    I was thinking it might be better to combine one small expansion into each campaign, as far as which characters, shop items, rumors, classes, etc. are available thusly:

    The Shadow Rune & The Trollfens

    Labyrinth of Ruin & Lair of the Wyrm

    Nerekhall & Manor of Ravens

    My two questions for veterans:

    1. Thematically would these be the best combinations, as in does the flavor elements of each go hand in hand and match up well enough? If not, what are your recommendations?

    2. Should I just go ahead and combine them all into one epic set? If yes, can you give some anecdotal examples as to how this has enhanced your campaigns?

    I've got the Heroes & Monsters quests to throw in as well. I might combine one of each of those into the above pairings. Seems silly when there's such a small chance of side quests anyway, thanks to the limit of 3 Rumor cards.

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    by Whiskeybane

    My fellow geeks,

    A few questions:

    Are the models in the expansion packs the same from the first edition?

    Are the cards the same in the conversion kit and expansion packs?

    Many thanks,
    Jerry G

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    by Ludus Rex

    I want to use Nanok of the Blade without being a total scumbag (although this may be impossible, since the only reason to use Nanok is if you're a super power gaming scumbag).

    Would it be fair to play Nanok with a grey defense die, or is he still too OP at this point? I feel like he'd still be OP in Act I, but he'd balance himself out nicely in Act II with his armor restriction.

    Devs were clearly smoking something when they gave him that black die.

    What do you guys think? Fair with a grey die, or still a bit much?

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    by lucitine

    So, I just finished my first ever session of Descent. My boyfriend played the necromancer and some healer character while I played the OL. I just have to say that the skeleton is wayy too OP. I think he had an upgrade of some sort that allowed his skeleton to roll 3 attack die. None of my monsters could defend against him. I ended up losing 2 encounters because of it.


    Any tips on how to overcome this?

    by Tysonxy

    I just picked up this game this week and have hardly had the time to sit down with the manual yet. I am wondering however if I should pick up the Lieutenant pacts for the base game. My understanding is the mini's that come in these packs will replace the cardboard tokens that come in the base game(which I am all for, mini's > tokens) and add some extra stuff to play(which I don't really care about yet since I haven't even started the game yet).

    However not having played the game yet I'm not sure how important these Lieutenants are in the game.

    So is it worth getting these packs when you are just starting or should I wait till I am done with the campaign and need more to do?


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    by atraangelis

    Ok, here is my Dilemma.

    I have both versions of descent.

    I have everything for Descent 1st ED except the mounted sea board and metal lieutenants.

    I also have everything including Lieutenants for Descent 2ED up through Trollfens.

    IF you were going to trade one away which one would it be and why???

    Full disclosure i plan on converting what i trade into Imperial Assault.

    I asked this question also in the Descent 1st ed Forums as well.

    thanks for your thoughts..

    by jonbonfilm

    So here's the deal....

    I've gotten the bug to paint my entire Descent 2nd Ed collection, (All big and and small box expansion included) and host a campaign weekend at the house. The Mrs is away and I get a "Hallpass" to play nonstop over a weekend.

    Couple of questions for those of you out there that have much more experience with gameplay than me. Other than the "once in awhile" quest, I've never done an entire campaign.

    1. Which campaign should we play? Which one is the funnest for a group of people who just want to have fun and drink beer playing a good campaign of Descent?

    2. It's a weekend event, so if I wanted to run 2 simultaneous campaigns (might have 8-10 people over to play) can I do it effectively with everything that I have? (Pretty much everything minus 1 hero pack and the Lieutenant packs)

    3. Can we complete a campaign over a weekend with 10-12hr gameplay each day on Saturday and Sunday?

    4. And which are the best hero combo's for my situation? Which one's do you think have the best chance of winning?

    5. On the other side of that coin....which is the best growth tree for the overlord to gain in his/her cards? Benefits of certain paths you have taken?

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    Once done with painting I'll post some pics. I'm pretty proud of the work I've done!!!

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    by relequestual

    Hi all.

    I'm thinking of buying my wife a lieutenant pack for Christmas. We always play with her as the OL and she enjoys beating me (when she can )

    I expect we will be about half way through a campaign at that point. Is it possible / fair to introduce one half way through?

    Also, as we are playing Shadow of Nerekhall, which lieutenant pack would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

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    by uppTagg

    Being inspired by the thread from Darkstarminis I finally got my game together and started painting my minis. We're currently playing a campaign as well and my promise to the players was that I would finish painting all the heroes and Mirklace before the final So far I've only done my character ofc, so first up was Avric Albright.

    I'm not a very polished painter.. in fact I haven't painted for very long.. in fact, before gathering the courage to grab the brush for the first time I have watched tons of tutorial videos and read a lot of articles. This is maybe the 7th mini I've ever managed to paint though.

    Any critique and comments are much appreciated! I'm probably most critizising towards myself anyway so fire away! I already have several areas I'm not particularly happy with, but you gotta call it done sometime I guess, a macro photo is brutally revealing though.

    I should say though, all things considering, I'm very happy with this one

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    by Joelist

    We are not miniatures painters and they are all the same color. What, are some good ways to get it so we can easily tell them apart without needing to pick the figure up to look at it (the details are marvelous but tiny).

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    by Anarchosyn

    Hey guys (and, I hope, gals),

    Preamble: My girlfriend really loves narrative, exploration based board games. Whether it is phoned in a bit (Legends of Andor), or all the game has to offer (Mice and Mystics), she is giddy to explore a fantasy world in table-top form.

    Descent has always been on my list, but my personal preference would be Imperial Assault based on the changes I've intuited from following the preview threads here on BGG. That said, she has a birthday coming up, so I might bite the bullet and purchase Descent and an few expansions instead (few = the Forgotten Souls cooperative expansion + whatever I glean through this discussion).

    My Question: We're invested more in story and adventure than tactical combat, though tactical combat in service to story is certainly fine (as I mentioned, she loves Mice and Mystics). Which expansion really has the best narrative flow (in regards to campaign)?

    I mean that in many forms, including:

    a) Best subjective enjoyment of the story.
    b) The best use of choice/consequence related to the evolution of story (variability when replayed is a plus).
    c) Novel mechanisms in the unfolding of said story.
    d) Any other interpretation you have to this question.

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Shadow of Nerekhall caught my eye due to the novel city setting, and interesting Overlord mechanism (corrupted officials, etc). Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Labyrinth of Ruin looks cool because we like the dungeon crawl theme... but my experience with the full range of options is limited.

    Additional questions:

    1 Which expansion reintroduced threat as a mechanic?
    2 Is the narrative really the star of any of these, or should we look elsewhere?
    3 Per the Forgotten Souls coop thing, does it compare favorably to the Castle Ravenloft game systems (i.e. is it more fun, subjectively speaking, or just a neat and gimmicky way to play Descent)?


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    by HarryCanyon

    Is there any file someone made that shows what hero tokens are used by what hero? I'm still learning the game and just doing test runs and was using the bounty hunter, then realized that there is a token for the track ability. To my knowledge, there isn't anything on the cards that says what token to use so I was wondering if there is a comprehensive pdf showing which tokens are used by each hero to make setup easier so I don't have to read through 5+ rulebooks.

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    by Drakahl

    Whats the highest level that players can reach? Do you continue to gain levels throughout the expansions? or do you start over from the beginning each time?

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    by Anarchosyn

    Just curious. One of the salient differences between Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Descent seem to be the reintroduction of Descent 1E's threat system. As one currently on the fence about whether to purchase D2E+Expansions in lieu of Imperial Assault, I wanted to hear the community's opinion on this difference.

    Was threat's abscence universally lamented by the community? Is the game that much more inferior without it? Any plus side to the D2E model for monster spawning?

    I really like some of the changes evidenced in Imperial Assault (hidden set up information, threaded Hero/Overlord turn structure, no blocking, etc), but worry IA will lack the range of adventure Descent could offer (more content available, and magic might feel more world bending than anything Star Wars could thematically offer, especially in such a Jedi lite time period).

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    by percepter

    The Imperial Assault skirmish game relies on specific skirmish draft cards for each unit. It seems that the current state of Descent does not allow similar drafting, because the use of classes is not restrictive enough to be able to apply consistent army point costs to each hero unit.

    The only way Skirmish could be brought to Descent, it seems, is if new permanent and consistent skirmish draft cards are produced for each unit in the game. But maybe FF could do this through POD? If skirmish for Descent is even desirable.


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    by percepter

    One of the changes that has been implemented into the IA rules, is that the Imperial player's figure activations are not grouped separately from the Rebel player's figure activations.

    In Descent, all of the Hero players activate their figures in succession, and after all of the Hero players' turns have ended, the Overlord then activates all of his or her monster groups and a round ends when the Overlord's turn is over.

    In Imperial Assault, the Rebel players and the Imperial player alternate turns. After a Rebel player activates his or her figure, then the Imperial player activates one complete deployment group, then another Rebel player activates his or her figure, etc. etc. back and forth until all figures have been activated and the round ends.

    My question is, could the Imperial Assault turn order be used in Descent? Or would there be some negative affect on gameplay? How would it affect turn order for activating Overlord cards, hero abilities, etc.?

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    by HarryCanyon

    I keep all my tiles organized by expansion in large plastic bags. since they are weird shapes I often have one bag flat then another bag angling against it in one of the big boxes. Will this warp the tiles?

    If so I may lay them all flat so they all fit in one box. The downside to this is that they'd all be loose and it would take longer to find what I need.