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    by Frogblast

    Fellow Descentfans,

    I would like to share some music I made for this wonderful game. Its purpose is to give the characters some flavor and setting you in a nice mood during your sessions. It's an hour long devided into ten tracks. Hope it can bring you some joy!


    by Silvast


    The rules about choosing the next quest are not very clear to me. Here's an excerpt from page 21 of the rulebook:

    [...] the winner of the Act I quest will determine which of the Act II quests are available for the players to choose during Act II of the campaign. The Act II quests listed on the left side of the Quest Log are quests available if the heroes won the corresponding quest in Act I. The Act II quests listed on the right side are available if the overlord won the Act I quest.

    Here's my understanding:

    After playing all Act I quests and The Interlude, players can choose Act II quests from a pool of quests that is based on who won the Act I ones.

    If we consider the following as an example:

    - A Fat Goblin: Overlord won
    - Castle Darien: heroes won
    - The Cardinal’s Plight: heroes won
    - The Masquerade Ball: Overlord won
    - Death on the Wing: heroes won

    Then the pool of quests available for choosing after finishing The Interlude are:

    - The Frozen Spire
    - The Dawnblade
    - Enduring the Elements
    - The Twin Idols
    - The Wyrm Turns

    Is this accurate?

    Also, who gets to pick the quest? Is it always the Overlord or is it a democratic process?


    by jgortner

    Hi All!

    My friends and I are going to be tackling all of the available co-operative adventures in the coming weeks.

    1 Forgotten Souls
    2 Dark Elemetns
    3 Nature's Ire

    Are there any resources that we will need for a complete experience? Are there any lieutenant packs that would upgrade tokens in any of these (or do they not use token-lieutenants)?

    Are there any other resources I could purchase that would enhance the experience? I have already purchased an additional set of dice.

    Any advice on components or even just how we can get the most out of these is more than welcome!

    Thanks so much.

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    by fieryseraph

    Question for everyone.

    I just got this game to play with my teenagers, and we so far have completed the intro adventure and the next one. I'm playing the overlord, and so far we're enjoying it.

    My problem is that I'm finding the concept in the adventure book of the "open monster group" a bit intimidating. I'm still learning the game, learning the rules and the strategy, and now I feel like the game is asking me to do a bunch of research and sort of leaving me hanging when I'm still getting a grip on it.

    Is there a list somewhere of suggested monsters that people use for the adventures? Or some tips that I could follow when trying to figure out which monsters to use for which situations?

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    by papagamer72

    Hey guys. I am new to Descent 2.0 and having played the first 2 quests, we are now looking to begin a campaign. I have some questions.

    1. Is there a maximum number of cards the Overlord can have in their deck? It looks like the minimum is 15.

    2. Related to the above... I have ordered the Splig LT. Pack in
    anticipation of playing the base campaign. How are the cards which come with him integrated into this campaign? How is he "summoned" can he be summoned in future expansions? Any other tips on the LT packs?

    3. I have also purchased Lair of the Wyrm. Can this be integrated into the base campaign? Or is it a separate campaign? Are any of the monster groups usable in the base campaign? I read something about "rumor" cards.. how do these work?

    4. Moving forward... Are the "small box" expansions able to tie into the base campaign or once again.. are they separate? Same question with the "big box" expansions. I am guessing the "big box" would be a bit weak for heroes who just completed the base campaign so starting over would make the most sense. Just not sure about the small box ones.

    5. What are your recommendations moving forward for future purchases and integration? Are the monster/hero packs worth purchasing?

    Thanks for your time guys. This game has exceeded my expectations. And the amount of expansions available add immense replayability.

    by Bunch6

    Pretty much what it says on the label. I've read the 2nd Ed tiles can't interlock with the 1st and I know the 1st Ed don't quite interlock with D&D AS. I'm curious if the 2nd Ed tiles would work with D&D AS.

    Anyone know for sure?

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    by thegreatrudini

    Hey all,

    Just got the game a couple of weeks ago, and I've been getting into it using RAOV I found in the variants section.

    My question is very general, I think. I've only played First Blood twice, but I'm wondering if there are any general tips that will help me through this encounter and beyond.

    A good tip is try and get all the search items, correct?

    Using fatigue to move a space or two, then use the two actions to use two attacks, seems like a good move?

    Any other helpful tidbits like this?

    Thank you!

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    by chang_1910

    Hi all,
    I just got the liuteinant packs (end up getting them all because found a great price for them) and I LOVE it. used the ... hmm.. forgot his name, the goblin king for this campaign, havent use much of it (just did 1.5 encounters so far) but defenetly like the idea and I read tru it and love how many option it gives me.

    Now, was wondering, is there any "mini expansions" similar to this for heroes? Or any of the big expansion out there that add to the heroes side?

    more ways of getting loot? or in the like.. thx

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    by Vitezslav

    Decided to post here as well:
    Hello everyone!
    I've made an interactive map:

    Here you can select the settings and all apropriate elements would be added to the map. The default value is the current position in the game XIX. To save the result you just have to copy the link with the loooong tale (for this map the tail was about 5000 symbols).

    This is the first variant and I will add some more setting and object later (first of all conditions and search elements display on the map).

    I would be VERY greatful to you if you work a bit as a testers. And of course you are welcome to leave here the request for the things that can be added further.

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    by Ceti

    My gaming group managed to run through the whole campaign in the 2ed base box. I have to say we enjoyed ourselves and are thinking what to do next. We probably prefer another campaign playthrough.

    We want to be frugal in our purchases and want to get the most bang for the box. Some things I'm looking at and I would appreciate recommendations and opinions.

    1. We will run the base box campaign again, probably first choosing adventures we bypassed in the first run. There's enough in the base box to make this fun (though see below).
    2. Heirs of Blood seems like a good addition - a whole campaign at a reasonable price. Should we consider this before re-running the main campaign? Will this and the main campaign run two times be to same'y / stale (no new characters / monsters).
    3. The big box expansions (Labyrinth of Ruin, Lair of the Wyrm) seem like to the most variety (new monsters, heroes, etc.) along with a new quest.
    4. I wanted to have the option of a co-op. In that case what is the recommended expansion to get? Are there any dependencies (i.e. you need to get another expansion to enable one of the co-op expansions)?
    5. The "port from 1ed" (e.g. Visions of Dawn) provide a lot of variety, but little in direct gameplay (2 quests). They are also fairly price'y.
    6. The Lieutenant Pack's seem to have the least return on investment/

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    by thom1414

    Hi, haven't been here in a while, just curious, has FF said anything as far as new expansions (either small or large) coming out at any point? Desert? Ice?

    Very happy with monster packs, just curious about bigger full campaign sets.

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    by gfseris

    I am 50% of "The Game Doctors"; we are two friends from Berlin, Germany, who enjoy playing board games. This hobby has spawned another hobby for us: designing laser-cut inserts for complex games.

    We are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in a few months to gauge the interest for such inserts especially in Germany and Europe. If our campaign succeeds we will buy our own laser and offer our designs commercially.

    At the moment we are presenting our prototypes on Facebook. One of them is for Descent: Journeys in the Dark.

    It looks like this:

    We want to make our inserts the best they can be, so we would really appreciate some feedback from the BGG community!

    You can find my article about our Descent insert here:
    Please feel free to comment here or directly on FB.

    Thank you!!!

    by davestephens

    With Bonds of the Wild due out next, I'm wondering what else I have to look forward to from the 1st edition of Descent. Thanks!

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    by Shinako

    I have a group of non-gamer friends that have talked about wanting to play a tabletop RPG, but I know they won't be able to commit to a campaign. I also have no interest in making a one-shot since I have no GM experience. After some research I've decided that a dungeon crawl board game would best fit their needs.

    Some questions:

    1) I've read that Descent can be played in one-shots, but what am I missing by not playing the campaign mode?

    2) How easy is this game to set-up and learn, especially for non-gamers with no RPG experience? I'm familiar with 3.5, 4.0, and Pathfinder btw.

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    by Soldier

    So finally took the plunge on painting my set. Its been 24 hours since I primed them and the minis are still sticky.

    I can scrape off the paint with a finger nail, but it takes a lot of pressure.

    I thoroughly cleaned the minis.

    I primed with Plasti-Kote Matt Black, for plastics.

    Any similar issues with priming these? Any solutions? Am I better off stripping them and starting over? If so, which primer?

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    by SFRR

    First off let me say that I own both, I have played both, and I like both games (a lot).

    Several folks have posted that they really are different games, I agree with this statement (though others of course may not).

    What I like -
    a. faster set-up
    b. faster play
    c. built-n Campaign and Hero-leveling system
    d. the objectives far outweigh defeating the Heroes in game play *(more below)
    e. Overlord XP points
    f. very new player "friendly" since it is simpler and faster

    What I don't like -
    a. little consequence for Heroes being Knocked Out (they just get back up, and they don't die)
    b. very limited spawn ability for the Overlord
    c. the objectives far outweigh defeating the Heroes in game play *(I have a "Love-Hate" relationship with this)

    What I like -
    a. immersive play
    b. the "game clock" as established by the cycling of cards by the Overlord player
    c. the Conquest token system for "Win-Loss"

    What I don't like -
    a. hero leveling is negligible
    b. long, long playing time and set-up time
    c. not as new player "friendly" as D2e since it is long and somewhat more complex

    What do you all think? I'm just interested in any general or specific commentary from folks who have played both.


    by lonefairy

    Can anyone who has Descent and one of the D&D Adventure System games tell me if the map tiles can be connected? Does the cutting match?

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    by mhutton

    Hing to pick this up if it is

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    by ecominguez

    Hi All,
    I play Descent a few times, I was painting the miniatures for long time, so... I am not an experienced player of Descent yet.

    I bought recentrly some monsters expansions and the a co-op expansion too.

    My question is... in the expansion Crown of Destiny, I found two cards that are called Quest, this two new quest can be used in the game, but I could not find which is the map that I have to build to play these quests...

    I don´t know if I missed something, may be the expansion had a manual that I am not finding... may be the map is not needed... but.. I doubt because the co-op expansion I bought ´Forgotten Souls´ address me to a link in the site where I downloaded the manual that have the maps needed, etc.

    Thank you in advance.

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    by Nethog

    I played two vanilla campaign games with 2 heroes and the Overlord won both times with very little effort. Seems like after Act 2 starts heroes are far too weak. Anyone else have this problem?

    by saxguy007

    So I already invested in a game system with positional tactics and figurines with certain special powers (based on what you decide to come to the party with), using a square-based movement and ranged targeting system.

    What tactical/decisional elements does Descent offer that would make it stand out from heroclix variants? (especially if Descent for me would be one adventurer plus me as the likely overlord). Is Descent a richer game at the expense of not having the the massive flexibility of clix teams?

    This may seem like a a silly question, but $80 (or close to it) would be riding on the answer.

    Thanks for any advice!