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    by BIgLatinDude

    Looking in the expansion section of Descent I see multi game expansions of sorts. Something like this:

    So how exactly do these work and how can you squire them?

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    by Goremageddon

    Hi everybody. Do you guys know if I will eventually be able to find the game in Essen? Being a recent fan of dungeon crawlers I beilieve this is probably the One and since I am going to Essen I was wondering if it will be up for sale or if it' s a rarity.

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    by BIgLatinDude

    Say you have all of most of the expansions. (Currently I'm collecting them all).
    How are they used? I understand they're seperate campaigns, but what do you do with the lieutenant packs can you make your own campaign? Does road to legend generate a campaign based on all the expansions you have?
    Shed some light would ya?

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    by Iudicium86

    New to Descent, purchased base set mere weeks ago and already purchased Shadow of Nerekhall, some of those lieutenant packs, and a Hero & Monster pack.

    But even with quite a selection already of expansions, mostly small ones at least, I wanted to ask if anyone heard or if the first edition (I never played) had anything like a separate book released that was just more quest and campaign content, without accompanying figures, heroes, tiles, etc.

    If first edition did, then could history repeat with second edition and we might see a modern release of just a campaign or quest book?

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    by BIgLatinDude

    Any ideas on how to keep all these minutes, tiles, cards and bits in order?
    Something I can buy to corral these items.

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    by kevin_mic

    During the final quest of the Kindred Fire campaign there was a part I didn't understand and part that made no sense. I am hoping someone else can make sense of it.

    First question, During the quest you have to defeat mutants. Each mutant text says "This mutant blocks movement". What does this mean? Simply that you can't move through that space?

    Second question, the part that doesn't make sense.
    In the bottom left room there is a mutant that gives this text.

    "He has four arms. Four arms, spinning and twirling the four blades he bears. Stranger still, your not sure which pair was added and which is natural. The creature drops into a defensive stance, waiting for you to advance.

    This mutant blocks movement.

    As an action, a hero can perform an attack that targets this space. That attack cannot deal heart, but gains: Surge Surge Surge: Discard the target mutant.

    When you "discard" it, it gives this text

    "Dispite the multiple arms, the creature has not yet mastered their use.
    Though it parries your first few blows, your true skill overcomes and the mutation dies. Discard this Mutant."

    The way I read it, it dies no matter what attack I role. This seems stupid. Another interpretation is if you do surge damage then it dies. Once again I didn't like this. A last interpretation was if you role 3 surges it dies. Thoughts?

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    by ZeWildStar

    My wife can't stand the Barghest because of their howling. She feels they can be overpowered at times. So I was wondering what do you guys out there hate coming across groups of? Not including LTs or Boss monsters.

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    by BIgLatinDude

    So I bought Lair of the Wyrm used.
    I'm missing a few damage tokens (not a big deal I think) but I'm also missing 6 travel cards.
    Are these 100% necessary for the enjoyment of the expansion and for combining it into base game?

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    by TheShib

    I had a look around but I can't seem to find any printer friendly version of the Road to Legend rules. Do some exist? If so please share the link.

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    by BIgLatinDude

    Is there some text or PDF or app or website that teaches someone to be a good Overlord player?

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    by BIgLatinDude

    From what I can gather, there are several ways to play this game.

    I. Campaign with overlord.
    II. Through Road to Legend app - No overlord just created dungeons using whatever add-ons you've added through the app.

    III. Co-op Campaigns with the hardcopy adventures like Natures Ire...etc

    IV. Whatever created material the Overlord, Dungeon Master or player's make-up.

    Here is my question.
    If my gaming group has a set of characters they like. Can they take these heroes through any and all of these different kinds of game types, level up and carry what they've earned throughtout.

    Or do they need separate heroes per game type?

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    by CommanderMcG

    I just got this expansion for my birthday. I’m playing through The Shadow Rune. Can I just add this new stuff to my current game?

    Thank you.

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    by CommanderMcG

    I’m playing with my children, ages 9-14. They are awesome at the game and I think want a little more challenge. We’ve played the intro mission and The Fat Goblin. I want them hooked on this game and would love for them to play a more robust challenging quest next. Any suggestions of how we should proceed with The Shadow Rune?
    Thank you.

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    by Mesclor

    So bought Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition. We went to play but none of the quests we saw online or in theforums match up with the quest books we have. Looking at the book, They have the title Heirs of Blood. Did I get the wrong books with the game, and if so, howdo I get the correct books?

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    by VintageBullet

    Quick question for all you Descent players. I can't get Descent to the table so I feel it is time to part with it If I were to sell it as a bundle what does the community feel is a fair price ? Hardly played, great condition.

    Descent 2ed base game
    Bonds of the wild
    Crown of Destiny
    Lair of the Wyrm
    Shadow of Nerekhall
    The Trollfens
    Valyndra Lieutenant Pack

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    by Snakethesniper

    Do you suggest the game to play primarily solo? I've read that the app is good and can even create new random quests.

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    by heimer73

    I am very interested in hearing about your experiences playing a champion in a campaign.

    So lay it on me.

    Thank you

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    by crusaderlord

    I have bought and played most dungeon crawler games around, and i love them, but i do not keep them all. Descent 2nd Edition is under pressure from some amazing new releases such as Sword & Sorcery, Massive Darkness, Gloomhaven and Warhammer Quest, but it is still holding it own.

    New dungeon crawl releases have the benefit of seeing what has gone before and coming up with new ideas to try and beat them. Descent 2nd was our number one family game for over 4 years, but it is under pressure as kickstarters up the quality and ideas.

    However Descent 2nd does have some advantages, it is already established and has loads of expansions you can select from. It feels like it does everything pretty well - overlord competitive play with campaigns, co-operative using the app, with developing storylines, solo play is also possible. Miniatures are pre-made and its general quality stands up well to newer games.

    Content could do with a new boost for long term owners now, an icy themed expansion maybe, but there is a lot to like already. If you are after a dungeon game the general noise will probably lead you towards Massive Darkness or Gloomhaven, but do not overlook Descent just yet, it may be under pressure but it is still a great game and in fact has better gameplay design than some newer ones. It may not be perfect, but i still love playing it.

    Some more thoughts on fantasy adventure games can be found here >

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    by Deathpact

    Hello everyone.

    I have played the first two missions with a group of friends. They played 3 heroes : The dwarf, the ranger and the wizard.

    Tonight we played the second mission in the base game where the OL attacks a fortress.

    The started off killing my spiders and didn't go for the levers wich were defended by an ettin. I quickly brought my army from all sides.

    I was killing the mage over and over and they really seemed helpless.

    Did they just play poorly ?
    I read on the forum people having the opposite problem... so I am wondering if we are doing anything wrong or if they are just vastly under using the possibilities of their heroes (or having a bad team synergy ?)

    Thanks for any help you can bring...

    Noone had fun tonight and it seems most don't even want to try the game anymore. But everyone was puzzled by what seemed like a completely one sided encounter.

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    by Miszon

    Can anyone tell, how long are Descent campaigns? I mean, how many hours takes to finsh: Shadow Rune, Heirs of Blood, Nerekhal and Labyrinth of Ruins? Is it written somewhere in their manuals?

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    by heimer73

    The class polls I could find are getting really old, so I figured its time for a new fresh one

    So please cast your votes on the classes. The poll goes from 1 to 10 ..... 1 being its a very suboptimal class, to 10 being almost perfect.
    In case you havent tried a class, I have inclued an option for that as well.

    Happy voting


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    by Archelaous

    Hello all!

    We have a game group located within minutes of Iowa City and Cedar Rapids and we're looking to start a Descent campaign! This will be the classic heroes vs overlord format. Our group owns all expansions, lieutenant packs, hero & monster packs, and even the coop campaigns.

    Presently, there are three of use who meet regularly and we'd like to have two more players join us.

    We meet every Tuesday at 11 am.

    Please respond or PM me if you're interested in getting on board. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you!

    We also have a private facebook group and I'd be happy to add anybody interested in joining us.

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    by heimer73

    Terrinoth it's called right?

    Any place to read about it?

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    by Thescorpionx


    I am almost done painting all the minis of the game and I am thinking about pimping the board : doors, fontains, tombs, pillars, etc.. scenerary related to the quests!

    i dont want walls and modular floors, I want something just to give it a little « whoomph »!

    Any good ressources for cheap DIY or premade kits, or items i should build/get for it?!


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    by Siar

    I find current LoS rules rather weird and problematic sometimes, so I was thinking of using old Descent 1-style LoS which seems simplier and more elegant - i.e. from center to center. But wouldnt it break quests balance? What do you think?

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    by Siar

    I was curious: do there exist any variants which allow to use co-op rules in standart, Overlord mode? Namely loot track, which would imho add a lot of dungeon crawlerish armosphere to Descent. Not sure how can this be balanced, though...