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    by Torkijo

    OK, just got my base game but with the UKGE around the corner I am planning my spend.

    The problem with this game as a newbie is where to go next? What are the different types of expansions and which should I be getting soon?

    So, if anyone can give me an overview of the expansion types and also recommend what the first 3/4 purchases should be for a new player it would be appreciated.



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    by germos

    This is a copy of my post on reddit as this forum seems more active:

    Looking through online posts about balance in a Two-Hero game i find that people agree that it heavily favors the OL. However playing Two-Hero games I've found it to be the exact opposite.

    Now looking through the FAQ/Errata i notice that the "Two-Hero Game" section, that gives heroes 1 free attack or recover 2 dmg each turn, have been added through an errata. (I have a newer version of Descent so these errata are included in my rulebook).

    Now going back to the forum posts saying that OL is favoured in Two-Hero games i notice that they are all from 2013 or older, so my question is:
    What was the Two Hero Game section added to the errata?
    What is general conception of the ballance with this change?

    My impression is that in scenarios that the heroes can win, mainly through combat, (for instance Calladen's Crossing, ecnounter 2: kill the lieutenant) now heavily favors the heroes, while scenarioes that are heavy on action requiring objectives (Calladens Crossing, encounter 1: run back and forth to put out fires, while killing goblins to stop them from boosting the fires) still favors the OL.

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    by Diegann

    For example, if a dragon (2x3 tiles) is in a 2-tile wide corridor, and there is a hero in the middle, can he move beyond the hero (hero occupies 1 space so he needs to "shrink" to fit the 1 space left in the corridor) as long as he has space at the end of its movement to exist?

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    by artybaby

    Hi all,

    I posted this in the Gloomhaven forums as well, but I thought that I might find some insights here as well.

    I play Descent with my kids semi-regularly using he Road to Legend app and we have a fun time. I've been watching some playthroughs videos of Gloomhaven and am considering backing the second printing. Is there anyone who has experience with both games who might offer some insights into what Gloomhaven offers that Descent doesn't? Mind you I have ALL of the Descent 2e content so I have a lot of content to play through, but I keep hearing raves about Gloomhaven and I don't want to miss the train if it is a good fit.

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    by Mightyjim

    I picked this up in trade recently - it arrived yesterday, and so far I've only got as far as checking the box for content, and gluing an arm back onto a miniature.

    I got this game intending to play it 95% with the app, as my wife is a big Co-op fan, and 1-vs-many games don't tend to do that well in our house.

    What I'm wondering though, is whether that's a good idea for the first game? - am I going to make my own life too complicated trying to follow the rulebook for the first game when large chunks of it won't apply / will be different.

    What would experienced players recommend: Read the rules then dive straight into a Road to Legend game? or play it pre-digital once to figure out the mechanics?

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    by Diegann

    You gain 1 health, and a brown dice...

    The brown dice, I think I understand, while you wear it, you add a brown dice to your defense throw.

    The gain 1 health... when is that? You can flip it once per turn or is a passive thing or how do I interpret it?

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    by fasolia

    I was wondering why it is still mentioned as a 2-5 player game, while with the "Road to Legend" app, (which will take the role of the overload player - similar to mansions of madness), it can be a 1-5 player game...

    Am i missing something?

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    by maferland

    hey people,

    i just bought descent, 2 major expansion and 3 minor ones for a real good price.

    the thing is everything was mixed together and I would like to put appart each items in its good box (for campain its easier)

    ist there a way to termine what cards goes with what extention? and what tiles goes with what?

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    by JCHorner

    So, I recently got a great deal from someone selling older games. I got the Base Game, Lair and Labyrinth. All the pieces are there and in great condition, but he seems to have lost a ziploc of map tiles.
    I'm missing a few doors, overgrowth, bases and about 33 map tiles (mostly smaller connectors) but we still are missing major pieces.
    What is my best play here to get them?

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    by Diegann


    Me and my 3 friends have been playing descent. My version of the game came with the original campaign, The Shadow Rune. I play as the overlord, I own the game, so I have been spending many, many hours, reading this forums, learning and teaching the game, preparing everything, even painting the figures.

    We have played First blood, a fat goblin, and castle daerion.

    I have lost all games up until now. I already read many an advice for Overlords in this forum, I perfectly know that I dont need to confront the heroes directly, but go for the objective, while hindering their advance as much as I can. I of course made some mistakes (like picking zombies in the first part of fat goblin) and I have learned from them. We are now playing with whatever monster I want, I just look for the info in wikia, and we proxy the miniatures.

    Actually I dont really care if I lose, I love being the "bad guy" and for them to win, but only if it is challenging for both sides. In my opinion this campaign is not challenging for them, it is very easy to defeat me, and I can see that things will not improve, they are getting ridiculously strong, while I am not. Also, I believe that the adjustments to play with 3 heroes are also not good, having only 1 master monster to fight them is not enough, I would much more prefer for them to be 4 heroes, so I can at least use a whole group (master+minion). I also hate to have to house rule stuff, and I hate that the heroes themselves ask for me to put more monsters, because they clearly see that I have no way to fight them.

    First part of castle daerion was fun, but I was unable to kill even one townsfolk. A friggin shadow dragon tried to kill one for 2 turns, and was unable to do so. I know we are dealing with fantasy here but that is too much!

    The second part of castle daerion after errata, was horrible. Basically I did not spend any overlord card on the first encounter (which is not fun at all) because I knew I would need them all for second part of the quest. I knew that the dude that I need to kill would be behind the impossible-to-kill heroes at turn 2 (because I of course was unable to put a monster wall that would be impossible for them to overcome in turn 1), so I put my ettin as near of him as possible, and I dashed, and punched and surged him as much as I could on my first turn with ettin and the remaining monsters that I had, putting him at 4 point of life. Then, he just run behind the heroes, and I conceded, there was nothing else to do. The idiotic bad guy, at 3 movement per turn, would spend what, 5 turns into reaching the main hall? And what could he have done?
    And even if I have killed the guy, that would be an idiotic way of winning, so unfair, so friggin boring!

    I know, I probably suck as an overlord, I know that a perfect strategist could probably invest even MORE time than me and come up with a perfect strategy, but I expect the game to be good enough and fun enough, without having to ask in forums, and compare and overthink every single encounter. Castle Daerion is almost impossible to overcome as overlord. My heroes are experienced ad&d gamers, we have been at it for years and they do not make mistakes, they clearly see my weaknesses and go for them, there is no way to avoid it and no houserule will be fair (putting more monsters wont make this fun).

    So the thing is, I am not getting much fun from the game in this campaign, like I said, I dont care about winning, but I do care about the fun ratio vs the time it takes to prepare and think and set everything up. I feel that the 1 vs 3 heroes adjustments are not fair for the overlord.

    Please spare me your "you suck as overlord, you should have done X" and the "if you dont enjoy, go play something else" because I know I am not the best one, and we do play more stuff. I just think I should not be a genious to present a challenge to the heroes, and also I should not have to house rule an expensive game like this.

    So my question is, what do you think about heirs of blood? I read that its more fun, and more balanced. I am thinking about starting that, this time with 4 heroes. Maybe having more experience with the game and playing with a full group this time around, I will be able to do a better job, but the game, the campaign, MUST be more balanced...

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    by ogoctopus

    Will they be reprinting lieutenants that are out of stock seemingly everywhere? Trying to get the farrows, and splig. Are they out of print?

    I am new to the game, just got it yesterday. I want to get lieutenants for road to legend campaigns.

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    by geki

    Hello all,

    I looked through the forums looking for this discussion, but I only found a similar one regarding the geomancer.

    We started the new RTL campaign (the Nerekhall related one) today, and our excitement got crushed when we realized that we could avoid any significant attack from powerful monster by having our Conjurer summon images next to them, forcing them to choose the image as a target and effectively preventing an entire monster attack for 1-2 fatigue and 1 damage.

    Based on our understanding of the familiars rules, and given the monsters usually target the closest hero (in engagement and in attack), we almost never had to worry about absorbing the attacks of master or larger monster (the ironbound in particular became a joke).

    The Geomancer was bad enough, but at least summoning the 1 stone would cost him one action. The Conjurer can put down two for no action and only 1 fatigue (assuming previous ones were destroyed).

    Two Questions:

    1) Does any of the above sound wrong? (I would be very happy to find we are missing some glaring rule)

    2) If this is correct, has anyone experimented an easy fix that does not require to actually play the AI "as if" there was an OL (meaning choosing case by case what would make the most sense)?

    Thanks to any helpful soul.

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    by Diegann


    Like I said in another post, I was finishing the first half of the Shadow Rune campaign, playing as overlord against 3 heroes. My friends are old time rpg players and very competitive, they will come up with very good strategies, they will optimize their turns and be sure to use all their abilities, feats, and get all the treasure in a level, for sure. A mixture of being 1 against 3 good players, shadow rune campaign being very easy for the heroes (at least the quests I played, fully errataed), that 3 heroes against 1 overlord is not good when picking big monsters and of courses some mistakes, made me painfully lose all encounters. I got tired and bored of that snowballing, they also started asking for more monsters because clearly it was impossible for me to beat them, so I decided to quit, and try a second time from the beginning, this time in Heirs of Blood, a much less one-sided campaign. I also decided to make them manage 4 heroes, so I can always use full-powered monster groups (and because I suspect that, whatever playtest the developers did for this game, they mostly designed everything for 1 vs 4, and full monster groups).

    I will be using this thread as a log for our campaign, and hopefully to get counsel and strategies to try to beat the heroes to a pulp. I dont care about winning the campaign, in fact I would prefer to lose as the overlord, but in a last second desperate effort, not an easy walk! I fully know that I win by achieving objectives and preventing heroes to achieve theirs, although I would love to be able to kill them once in a while (I have yet to kill the mage, even if ganging up with many monsters!).

    On saturday, we started Heirs of Blood. We played the first encounter, Acolyte of Saradyn. Their group is composed of:

    Avric Albright (healer)
    Syndrael (knight)
    Jain Fairwood (archer)
    Leoric of the Book (mage)

    This is a very though group in my opinion, especially with that frigging reanimate and its blue+red dice and 3 movement (it should be 2!) always around the mage.

    I am using the DESCENT TO MADNESS plot deck (Tristayne Olliven), because the one I used in Shadow Rune, the Skarn one, was crap, except for Skarn itself as a monster.

    I can also choose whatever monster I want that exists in descent second edition, when choosing open groups (we have printed all monster information and we proxy them).

    I managed to win the encounter, and felt mixed feelings about it. They got all treasure in the level (last turn they run to get the last 2 when they saw I would win, they will always maximize their winnings) so I got 2 exp, they got 200 gold. So, mixed feelings, 200 gold is huge. They bought a great crossbow that costs 175 and moves 1 square a monster that is hit, and gave it to the archer, Jain. They also bought for 1 EXP jains ability to, by spending an action and 2 fatigue, steal a random overlord card... This power is... not good for me. I know that Jain being such a good character, losing a random card for her to lose most of her turn might not be that bad, but its another thing that messes with my head, I cannot have overlord cards that I have to wait to use (for example traps) and well, sometimes you have to save as much cards for second encounter as possible, and I am sure I will lose many, many cards with this power. And at 1 exp point, c´mon! Also, because I never get to kill heroes, I wont be getting many extra cards...

    With my 2 EXP, I thought about spending 1 to buy 3 threat, so I would have 4 threat now. I thought about buying "Descent to madness" plot card, for 3 threat. That card allows me to make all heroes do a saving throw and get 1 threat if they lose (if one passes, descent to madness ends), once per encounter, at 1 threat cost. I will of course try to use it all encounters and get as much threat as possible, at least THAT cannot be robbed by friggin Jain! This plot deck has many good cards that I will be able to buy and use, if I get enough threat.

    Ok, sorry for the wall of text. I won, but they present a very big challenge. What quest would you recommend for me to choose next, that would give me the greatest opportunity to win again? Also what to do about that Jain robbing overlord cards skill? Any other ideas, strategies, monster-pickings or recommendation, to try and destroy my micro-managing, over-achieving, power-hungry friends?


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    by Vandervecken

    Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong in Descent 2nd Edition!
    I have the base game and Lair of the Wyrm opened. I also own several other expansions in shrink-wrap I'm afraid to open because I can't figure out how to make this game fun. It has so many excellent gameplay components! Cool monsters, excellent miniatures, modular dungeons, a cool campaign system, upgrades, equipment, etc.

    But I keep running into a few systems that utterly derail the experience. I keep thinking that if there's some way I can tweak these systems I can have a good time, but haven't managed to do it. My observations:

    1) The monsters have essentially no chance to defeat a well-designed party. It's not even close. Monsters die to 1 or at most 2 hits. Monster attacks barely scratch heroes. If the heroes play even vaguely competently, monsters simply present no challenge.
    2) Because the monsters present no challenge, their only value is as time sinks, and every adventure is structured as a race. Can the Overlord accomplish X before the heroes accomplish Y? Can the monsters in the game buy enough time for this to happen? This style of play is very unpleasant. Most victories by the Overlord leaves the party feeling like there was a dirty trick, and most victories by the heroes tends to leave the Overlord feeling helpless and steamrolled.
    3) The Hero experience and advancement system is very well done, but the Overlord's advancement is extremely unsatisfying. At the end of each adventure the heroes each get 1 XP that they can use to buy a cool power that they can use ever turn, or quite regularly during the game. The Overlord gets a new card for his deck, that may or may not come up, and may or may not do much when it does. After 3-4 XP the Heroes have cool synergistic powers, and the Overlord has a few random cards tossed into his deck. It's completely uninteresting, and seems wildly unbalanced in favour of the heroes.

    How do I fix this?
    Or do I just abandon the Overlord entirely and focus on co-op (via the app or the co-op mini-expansions?

    I want to like this game, I really do. It has so many excellent systems. It comes so very close to being excellent, and yet it seems so very far from fun.

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    by heislegend

    Do you guys have any storage solutions or tricks to make descent (I play with Road to Legend) to move more quickly?

    I'm thinking organizing the map tiles numerically in groups of 5 or 10 would be nice. Also, I'd like to figure out a way to better organize the minis and their respective cards. I think this would go a long way to speeding up the slower part of the game such as in between quests; opening up a new area, and introducing new monsters.

    What are some other areas you find bog the game down that we might could find solutions for?

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    by Marto32

    I'm a big Mage Knight fan and have Gloomhaven coming this August. This game looks great but I'm wondering if that will be dungeon crawling overload?

    What do you all think?

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    by nicoga3000

    I've been playing more and more RtL as of late (don't have a group to play the 'base rules' with), and I am loving it. I'm playing a simple 2 Hero game and am having a ton of fun. I am excited to try out The Delve with a bunch of hero combos (I don't pick strategically...I just pick randomly or based on looks), and it got me thinking.

    Quest Vault + Road to Legend = <3

    So this brings up 3 questions.

    1. Is this a possibility? At all?

    2. Has anyone taken the time to parse all the AI options for RtL? This could lead to some interesting modifications to RAMV. With so many neat mini campaigns and events to enjoy from the box, I'd love to expand upon what I have available outside of the app.

    3. Has FFG said anything about the future of the app? I can only imagine that they could do VERY well in producing a few "app specific" expansions - all the goodies of a big/small box without OL stuff.

    I sold all of my Brimstone stuff a while ago because I found the more scenario based D2 experience to be more my style. I'm looking at ways to continuing to enjoy this as a almost exclusively solo experience, and RtL has done that for me (and then some). But man, I hope SO MUCH that FFG continues to support this and grow it into something even more amazing than it already is.

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    by KlaasDec

    I recently got into board games and I am looking for something a little more meaty. I do not own any dungeon crawl games nor have I played any. I'd like to have some more insight in what would be the best game to buy first in that category.

    After I've done a little research my eye fell onto this one... It's sounds like a great game, but I'm still having doubts. I keep reading about issues like balancing and the fact that it gets a little repetitive over time.

    Any insights from you guys?
    And do you think there's a better game in this category for a beginner?

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    by HopRodRye34

    I traded for Descent 2nd Ed at BGGCON a few years ago and finally made up my mind to read the rules and bring it to game night. We played the first quest in the Shadow Rune campaign, A Fat Goblin.

    Since it was our first game and I was teaching from scratch, we just did a quest with the basic cards for 4 heroes vs me as Overlord. I played sub optimally I'm sure as it took me a few turns to notice my monsters' special abilities on the back of their cards. Also, since it was a learning game I sort of wanted them to win so they'd have a good time. But the result was an easy victory in the 2nd encounter for the heroes.

    My question is, is this an easy encounter for 4 heroes vs Overlord in the basic game? Was I as the overlord supposed to use my full deck (I only used the basic cards)? It seemed odd to me that I had to work so hard to defeat just one of the heroes and then one of their buddies would revive them and another heal them. I felt outnumbered.

    I'd like for the second play of this to come down to the wire and have a more dramatic ending. Any tips?

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    by PabloSL


    I'm fairly new to dungeons crawlers(but I've loved the few I played) in general and I had been looking at Descent (several other games too) for some time, I was about to get the core box, but then I saw a collection for sale and the price was very good to be honest so I bought it, it has the following things:

    Descent Base Game
    Labyrinth of the Ruin
    Lair of the Worm
    Shadow of Nerekhall
    Manor of Ravens

    Alric Farrow
    Tristayne Olliven
    Rylan Olliven
    Eliza Farrow
    Queen Ariad
    Merrick Farrow
    Gargan Mirklace

    Nature's Ire
    Forgotten Souls
    Dark Elements
    Hiers of Blood

    1st Edition Conversion Kit
    1 Set of Extra Dice

    Now, I know this is probably too much for starting, but the price was great so.. anyway, I assume I've virtually limitless playing time with all those right? I was thinking about selling the co-op/solo exps since I've told RtL is far superior, maybe selling some LTs (even if sold 7 I'd still have 10) and also selling the conversion kit as I don't own D1.

    Having all of this would you consider getting some monster/hero packs in the future or is it already more than I'll ever need?

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    by biffta

    We have played the game many times but never with the app.
    Tonight is game night and we will be playing 4 player and would love to play using the app this time.
    Which do you recommend to start?. I like the look of the delve, would this be a good fit?. We have approx 3 hours to play.
    (I have all descent 2.0 and all the app stuff).

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    by Sebiroe

    Hallo alle zusammen,

    ich suche deutsche Descent Spieler die fit im Englischen sind und meine Übersetzung Korrektur lesen. Es geht um diesen Thread:

    Ich habe angeboten seine Klassenkarten zu übersetzen, um sie mehr Leuten zugänglich zu machen. Es geht hauptsächlich um kleinere Fehler und die Wortwahl. Es soll ja auch zu den ofiziellen Karten passen.
    Wenn jemand Interesse hat zu helfen, dann schickt mir bitte eine PM.

    Vielen Dank schonmal
    beste Grüße, Sebastian

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    by Grzepa

    I'm looking for shadow rune quest guide in electric form.
    I saw a link earlier but it expired.

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    by CommanderMcG

    I'm looking to get get a party of four into a cooperative game and I've narrowed it down to these three. Which one and why?
    Thank you.

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    by MettyZ

    Hi everybody!

    I am planing to sell my whole Descent-collection since I never found people to play with and just ended collecting. Since I did not find any other offer I am not sure what amout I should take.

    All Cards are sleeved and I just played some solo-rounds.

    If this is the wrong place to ask please tell me, otherwise here is my Collection (should be Close to everything):

    Base Game and Accessories

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition
    Conversion Kit
    Dice Pack


    Lair of the Wyrm
    Labyrinth of Ruin
    The Trollfens
    Shadow of Nerekhall
    Manor of Ravens
    Mists of Bilehall
    The Chains That Rust

    Hero and Monster Collections

    Oath of the Outcast
    Crown of Destiny
    Crusade of the Forgotten
    Guardians of Deephall
    Visions of Dawn
    Bonds of the Wild
    Treaty of Champions
    Stewards of the Secret
    Shards of Everdark

    Lieutenant Miniatures

    Alric Farrow
    Merick Farrow
    Eliza Farrow
    Queen Ariad
    Rylan Olliven
    Tristayne Olliven
    Gargan Mirklace
    Ardus Ix'Erebus

    Co-op Adventures

    Forgotten Souls
    Nature's Ire
    Dark Elements

    Campaign Books

    Heirs of Blood


    Both Game Night Kits