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    by swmalone

    I just received a copy of Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) first edition (2012) as well as the Conversion Kit and Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Forgotten Souls and Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Nature's Ire.

    I am assuming since I don't own any first edition stuff that the conversion kit is kind of useless at this point, but I have a few questions with regards to everything else.

    I want to make this a really good experience for my wife so I have been watching videos and going over the rulebook. I have played in a campaign of imperial assault so I have some familiarity with this type of game play. What I want to do is set up a co-op campaign. I am just wondering if it would be better to use the Road to Legends app with the base game or to use either the Nature's Ire or Forgotten Souls. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if it is a big hit with my wife what expansions or hero/monster packs should I add the soonest.

    Thanks in advance.

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    by ThatGuyMontag

    My goal is to head back in for a corruption campaign to follow on from the saccharine yes-men that made up my novelty short heroes first campaign. I'm looking for a wisdom of the crowds argument for which heroes and classes you think would make the most sense in a corruption campaign.

    For reference, I have all the expansions up to Nerekhall (big and small box), Crusade of the Forgotten and Crown of Destiny. My first pass for a possible team traded a warrior for a scout, so I'm not opposed to an unbalanced party. Only caveat is that I'm inclined to field the Necromancer or the Hexer: Necromancer as I've just finished painting a Runewars Miniatures reanimate to play her familiar; Hexer to just give it a go as it's a somewhat unloved class in my group.

    Feel free to go as overboard as you like telling the story of your proposed group.

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    by turbo_gecko

    Hi All,
    I have just tried installing RtL on my Samsung S8+ and besides the application wanting permissions to make calls (WTF!), F-Secure intervenes with the install and pops up a warning stating:

    Potentially unwanted application
    Road To Legend

    Package Name

    Problems detected


    Further Googling of Android/Dowgin reveals stuff like the following (from Symantec):

    February 27, 2015 3:19:08 PM
    Risk Impact:
    Systems Affected:

    Android.Dowgin is an advertisement library that is bundled with certain Android applications.

    This advertisement library may perform the following actions:

    Display advertisements in the system notification bar
    Download and execute external components in the host application
    Download and request installation of new applications
    Send details about installed applications to a remote location
    Send device information such as International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI), kernel version, phone manufacturer, or phone model details to a remote location

    1. Has anyone else come across this?
    2. Why would the app want to have access to make calls etc?
    3. Is FFG aware that their software uses this adware library and if so why?

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    by DakonBlackblade

    Has anyone tried this hero class combo ? A friend of mine is playing it on our Seeds of corruption Campaign using Road to Legend and it is completly broken. He base skill of adding 1 shield whenever you roll 0 on a defense die, combined with the knights defensive training, plus her natural black defense die and any armor and she never rolls less than 3 shields, she will usualy roll 5+ shields and she can exhaust Defense Training and her equiped Shield for 2 more shields.

    Not to mention that she has a Heroic Feat that provides even more damage reduction and once you start to get stronger/get gold to buy some nice gear you can get the Runic Weave and Planar Wepon skils and get extra health and a third use of your equiped Shield. she can single handedly tank a room filled to the brim with monster and not realy run any risk of dying.

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    by Collection Account


    We are a group of experienced gamers, who have played Descent before.

    We are about to spend the next week playing through a campaign on the app for Descent.

    I want the game to be fun and challenging all the way through. Prefer it be too hard and a challenge then too easy.

    I need some advice.

    What mode? Easy or Hard? Can I change it part way through?

    Which campaign should we play?

    Any other good advice? Characters to avoid?


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    by GraffixWeb

    Which gender Okaluk is? Really, I can't sleep for 3 days because of that.

    My playgroup put her (HIM?) (THEM???) away until I find the answer. Only BGG guys can help me for sure.

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    by edgeseeker

    Hi Everybody,

    I just created a Facebook group for Descent (link below), for those who prefer Facebook feeds over forum threads. Feel free to join and post!

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    by huntsmandylan

    So I've been doing research and looking into the game as a whole, and I'd love to give it a shot. But where is the best place to get it? I certainly don't want to spend the $100+ from Amazon, coolstuff is out of stock, and not sure of local game places having it. I know there's the Geek Market, but wanted to see if there was anyone that knew of the best place to get a good deal, maybe even a bundle or something.

    Thank you!

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    by mordai

    I mean how long do they take to complete?..

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    by Grahamers2002

    Hey guys! Since it is a holiday weekend here in the newly-liberated colonies, I have a little time on my hand. Since I have been playing a lot of Road to Legend lately, I thought I would send out a poll for fun.

    Remember, this is in context of playing Road To Legend, only. Some heroes may be great against an OL but not so good in RtL and visa-versa!

    I know the best answers to the questions I pose are "it depends" but I am just trying to get a feel for peoples thoughts about stand-alone heroes without worrying about synergies or which campaign you are on, etc.

    PS: I only included new classes, not conversion kit.

    PPS: Let me know if I missed anything!

    Have fun!


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    by swmalone

    I was wondering if when playing with the app the only time monsters reinforce is when the app tells you to, or do you reinforce at the start of each round if the monsters are not at the maximum count based on the number of heroes.

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    by Grahamers2002


    You have been warned.

    Playing Delve and I have a quest that starts out on the following map:

    There are blue objective tokens where the red Xs are and the portal is closed to begin with. The blue objective tokens can be defeated with damage attacks.

    Two elements are on the map that can not be damaged and do not block movement or LOS.

    My heroes ran to the blue tokens and defeated them. As soon as the second token was defeated, the app told us that the elementals can now be treated as normal. From my event log:

    I understood that to mean that they now 1) block LOS and movement, 2) can take damage, and thus, 3) can be defeated.

    I attacked and defeated the elementals. When I clicked on the elemental icon in the App and chose "Defeat Group", the app displayed a the following message:

    I did a doubletake while saying something like "Huubba--wha?"

    Is this a bug?

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    by ryusora

    I have played descent several years back, i was never a big fan of the overlord idea. And now there is an app that let the game go full coop, right?!

    i have recently bought a copy of this game and i was wondering which expansions should i get? I know expansions are not a must have and stuff, but i am wondering which ones are the best and that you guys really suggest me to get?

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    by swmalone

    I received some used expansions and upon a thorough inventory discovered I was missing a few things. I am really hoping that the seller perhaps has them in the base game, that is of course if he hasn't sold that yet. If not what is the best way to go about tracking down replacements.

    I will need 1 -43 tile, 3 green dice, some fatigue and damage tokens, and some plastic stands.

    Just wanted to get the advice from this group just in case I do have to find replacement parts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    by headput1

    I'm thinking about getting descent mainly for the app. How does it play mainly with the base set? Maybe later I would add some expansions.

    How is the replayability? I bought mansions of madness 2nd Edition a few months ago and after playing each scenario 2-3 times my group and I had no intention to play it again and sold it. It was just the same with little differences in layout and items. I didn't have any expansions but had no intentions in adding some as they were quite expensive but just added some variety or maybe 1-2 scenarios.

    Will I get more mileage out of descent?


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    by Grahamers2002

    The rules of monster movement in RtL app are pretty clear and consistent. generally, you figure out the target space that the instructions call for and the monster moves relentlessly towards that space, even if it can't reach it in its current movement action.

    I have a question about the "spot as many heroes as possible" instruction, however.

    I have been assuming that this meant "figure out how many heroes the monster can get in within 3 range of, then get within 3 range of those heroes." But as I play more and more, I realized that this may mean, "Figure out the spot from which the monster could spot the most heroes, then head towards that spot."

    Consider the following situation:

    The Changeling (purple circle) is instructed to "spot as many heroes as possible." There are two heroes. (Green circles.)

    The space with the star is the closest space form which it could spot both heroes. It has four movement points. Does the Changeling:

    1) Stop moving at square 1, or
    2) Stop moving at square 2?

    I HAVE been playing using answer 1, but I realized that answer two may be a viable answer.

    Here is what the rules say about "SPOT" instructions.


    "When spotting, a figure is trying to get to a good vantage in relation to the target. It performs a move action and moves toward the closest space that is within 3 spaces and line of sight of the target. It stops when it arrives in that space or when it runs out of movement points.

    If a monster doesn’t have enough movement points to get to the space within 3 spaces and line of sight, it stops in a space that is as close as possible to the target but still within line of sight (if possible). This facilitates attack actions further down the monster’s action list."
    (My emphasis on the use of the word "target.")

    Here, "target" means "the single hero the monster is trying to spot." If the instruction is to "spot as many heroes as possible" then wouldn't the target be something like "as many heroes could be spotted at once"?If so, then in my example above, wouldn't the monster keep moving towards the space with the star on it?


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    by Violin86

    So, I only have the base game, and I've painted everything and I'm about to finish a custom set of dungeon tiles for the game. But, using the tokens for the lieutenants bothers me a lot! So much effort in pimping my game. Some of the lieutenants for the base game have been out of stock EVERYWHERE for a long time. Has anyone replaced the tokens with other minis? Some suggestions are appreciated.

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    by Grahamers2002

    WARNING: This post is only for those who enjoy the intellectual stimulation associated with being a rules-lawyer!

    Two issues:

    1) Checking my analysis of the RAW to ensure that large monsters cannot expand into obstacles.

    2) I can't find any rule that actually says monster figures must be be placed in an empty space.


    I have done a ton of searching on this, and while I see people assert that large monsters cannot expand into obstacle spaces, I want to make sure the rules actually say this.

    To be clear, I don't think you can do this, but I want to make sure the rules actually say this.

    I think the applicable rules are the following:

    1) "Obstacle spaces are indicated by a red line surrounding them. Obstacles are considered to be blocked spaces, they block movement and line of sight." (CRRG p. 38)

    2) "Figures cannot move into or through spaces containing figures or
    obstacles." (Core Rules, p. 8)

    3) "A large figure expanding into a space is not considered to be entering or moving into that space." (CRRG p. 21, 25)

    4) "A figure may not end its movement on a blocked space." (CRRG p. 25)

    The core of my question is, "What does "end its movement on" mean? To figure this out, we ask "When does movement end" and "what does 'on' mean in this context?"

    I believe "on" means "if any part of the base of a large monster occupies that space."

    That leaves us with asking "OK, so when does movement end?"

    Regarding when movement ends, the CRRG says,

    "When ending or interrupting movement, the active player places the figure so that one of the spaces that its base occupies includes the space where the figure ended its movement (“expanding” it)."

    This is the wishy-washy part. It doesn't explicitly say whether expansion happens before or after movement end. It just says "when ending movement, expand the monster." Given that it says you expand a moster "when" ending movement. I suggest that there is a "ending movement" phase that goes something like this:

    1) Declare that your are not moving any more or that you are interrupting movement.
    2) If moving a large monster, expand it.
    3) Movement end.

    I think this completes the rules needed to forbid expansion into obstacles, but I want to make sure I wasn't missing a simpler way to get there like some rule that says "large monsters can't expand into obstacles." :-)


    Now for the real head-scratcher: Can anyone find a rule that says you can't place (using the formal game rules definition of "place") monsters (even small ones) on obstacle spaces?

    The closest I can find is an implication that you can't:

    "Monsters are placed on the map during setup, as reinforcement
    or by other game effects according to following rules:

    ––Individual monsters or monster groups have to be placed in such a way that the rules for its placement in the quest description are fulfilled to the greatest possible extent.

    –– If monsters cannot be placed as indicated because there are
    not enough empty spaces available
    , they are placed in the
    closest empty spaces instead."

    While the highlighted language implies that you can only place monsters in empty spaces, it does not explicitly state that.

    It isn't forbidden via movement rules, either:

    "If a figure is being placed from off the map, it is not entering a space. This includes heroes being revived or standing up, reinforcing monsters, summoning familiars, etc." (CRRG p. 25)

    I find it surprising that nowhere in the rules does it say "When placing figures, they must be placed in empty spaces."

    Am I missing that rule or do we just go with the implication included in the above-cited rule?

    Again, this is just an exercise in the problems with writing clear rules that cover everything. Pay me no mind if you don't enjoy such exercises!

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    by tootz

    a lot of talk about a 3rd edition..i cant see it reasons.its a big risk especially people like me who have everything for this edition already.and secondly how can you make a better version? would need a complete overhaul of just about everything and a whole new library of monsters etc...otherwise why buy it?

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    by wsmithjr

    I'm fairly new to Descent and only got into it because of the app. I had noticed that people recommended using the app over using the co-op expansions that are available.

    Recently, there has been discussion on whether we will ever see any more content for the app. Without wanting to drag that discussion into this thread as well, I was wondering: if indeed we do not get any new content for the app, then does that make the co-op expansions more worthwhile/desirable to get?

    Or, perhaps, it's just better to go with something like the solo systems posted on BGG. Any thoughts on these expansions if we were to not get any more campaigns on the app? Reading the descriptions of the expansions, they don't seem like "normal" campaigns but I can't tell if that's good or bad having not experienced them.

    I have no thoughts of my own on the continued life or the app. I'm just wondering if I should keep my eyes open for an opportunity to get co-op expansions.


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    by MGAC

    A while back, I downloaded a campaign sheet for Shadow Rune. Essentially, it was an enlarged version of the little campaign sheets that come in a pad in the base game. For the life of me, I can't find it.

    Would any of you happen to have a link to it?


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    by meehael


    I've returned to wanting to play Descent after not playing it for a year or two, and after re-reading the rules and FAQ to refresh my memory, things like LOS, counting range through obstacles, large monster movement, etc., bother me somewhat.

    Either the rules aren't clear, which makes the situation more complicated than it should (imho), or they are simply weird and sometimes counter-intuitive. Some of those issues still aren't ruled in the official FAQ.

    1. LOS
    The way LOS is ruled bothers me quite a lot. I think the following posts speak for themselves.

    The hero can't see the zombie:

    Every tan goblin has LOS to the red goblin:

    Funny representation of the situation in the first link:

    Pay special attention to #6, #7 and #8:

    2. Counting Spaces
    When, say, checking whether a target is in range, you have to count around obstacles (but you count through figures), although the target is directly behind an obstacle and you have LOS to it (BTW, the image to the right at the link below is wrong, I believe. It should read 2 range for the bottom right monster, not 3):

    3. Large Monster Movement
    Everything about large monster movement seems goofy to me, especially when involving the dragon figure: the way a dragon shrinks to one space while moving, then expanding (often covering extra ground by expanding "forward") and rotating after finishing the movement, then shrinking again in the second move action, and expanding and rotating once again after finishing the second move action.

    Not to mention if one interrupts a move action with another move action, which can result in expansion the moment the first move action was interrupted...

    Also, did you know that you cover more ground by interrupting movement with an attack action, than by first moving, finishing the move action, and then attacking?

    For ex. say there's a dragon on the left side of a room, and there's a hero in the middle. If the dragon wants to move to the other side while attacking the hero, it will cover more ground if it moves 1 or 2 spaces towards the other side, then interrupts the move action with an attack action (which requires the dragon to expand, but it expands towards the other side of the room), performs the attack, and then shrinks once again and moves another 1 or 2 spaces, and after finishing the movement, expands once again (towards the other side of the room).


    Is there anything that bothers you in Descent 2.0?


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    by spon000

    I can't find and sites that have custom quests. I would love to try some.

    For those who don't know what it is...