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    by zaphoduk

    I’ve played a handful of random 3 and 4 hero games of Descent with an Overlord and with the app. We are just about to start a full campaign with myself as the overlord and two other players, which brings me to my question. Should we play with just 2 heroes and the balancing tweak of the free extra attack? Or should I ask one of the players to play 2 heroes so we can just have a 3 hero game with the game balance as originally designed?

    I’ve heard without the free attack the balance is stacked too much in favour of Overlord but with free attach is stacked too much in favour of heroes. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium short of asking for a 3rd hero to be put in play.

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    by MrCleanOr

    Hey folks.
    I have a little bit of a "time sensitive" question
    How long, from your experience will take to get into the app and play a scenario when you start the first time.
    I have a short game night (weekdays) incoming and we have to decide between descent (with an unknown play lenght) and a new eurogame (Great western trail... should fit in our 3 hour time window as a learning game)...
    I don´t need advise which game to play (because we want to play both) but if descent is even in the running to be some kind of complete experience on the night in question
    Thanks for your help

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    by Solinete

    Hi everyone,

    I am considering to but Descent (the base game).
    My plan is to play alone using the redjak variants (also include the delve of redjak), and when with my kids to use the app until I can know how to play the overlord side.

    I recognize that I am not very friendly with the idea about the dependence on an digital application because can get outdated and no work anymore (in 10 years as example).

    Is worth to buy the game using the redjak variants and the delve (physical) considering apart the option of the app?
    If it is worth, I am thinking that the expansions are the first priority and after will be the hero boxes, in last place would be the lieutenant.

    Sorry about my poor english.

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    by foxreinard

    Wondering at the viability of playing any given quest in these campaigns (other than the finale of either), or are they not designed to be played outside of the campaign? Anyone have experience with this?

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    by Iron_Ravenstorm


    To make a long story short I'm in search for the box for the main game. I was at a friends house playing and his drunk roommate came in to bother us and ended up breaking my box. Now I have nothing to store it in and I'm wondering if any has a spare copy of the box that I could purchase? I know that this is a dumb request but I'm a huge fan of Descent and I thank you for your help.

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    by Coolspidey

    Hi all, I tried asking these on the BGG FB page but noone has replied so I thought I might have better luck here. Here goes.

    1. How many quests (not campaigns) come with the Road to Legend app?
    2. I think I saw this quest builder app somewhere (quest vault I think it's called). Has that been released?
    3. If the quest builder exists, does it work in conjunction with the Road to Legend app? I guess I wanted to know if "exploration" is still a possibility with the quest builder.
    4. I went through the forums and found that there is this fan made variant called RAOV (redjak's automated overlord variant) and it works well with the quests that come with the core box. So does it also work on any of the expansions? (or would Redjak need to add more cards etc for each of the expansions?)

    Thanks in advance!

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    by Pius


    my Wife and I play only against the Overlord (App) we have the Corebox.

    The Monsters are cool but we want more ;o)

    Wich Box or Boxes are an good investment.

    Thanks for your help and

    best wishes


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    by williaps

    Hi Guys,
    Just thought I would share some pics with you. I probably spent way too much time on these trying to get them to look as good as some of the other pics out there on the net. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

    You can't see very well from the pics but there is crackle paint over lava underneath each foot of the gray Golem.

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    by Cone Defense

    Noticed my SS Target is a big Descent fan. Is there anything rare/OOP/highly desirable that I could hunt down as a bonus for them?

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    by BobSpoons

    So its my first go full stop of Descent2 and it is solo thus using the Road-to-Legend app which will be my main 99% version of playing.

    Tutorial campaign, first mission.
    Disciple and Ranger(forget proper name)

    Wow hard! The only reason the master etin didnt destroy me was managing to keep it stunned using the disciples mace.
    Its first hit did about 10 instant damage to my ranger and KO'd her, from that point on I managed to keep it stunned until it was dead.
    The flesh moulders didnt help but as they kept healing any damage I got on them, I ignored them and concentrated on the etin.

    It was fantastic fun and really well designed, but I do think without stun I would have been mincemeat. Am I really such a bad first time player??

    But I did win, and onto the next quest of the campaign....

    INTERMISSION..... soft music and ice creams...

    Okies so now I have done my first side quest...
    Slaying a Dragon.. Ok yes thats kind-of a big order in theory but I thought as its the first tutorial-type campaign it would be easy-ish...
    Woah hard!!
    I did manage to complete it, but my Desciple was on his last legs and my Ranger was knocked out. I had no moral left so had to decide if to revive her or not and thought I was close enough on damage to try and get the dragon on my last hits and it worked, dragon gone.

    But those constant flesh moulder reinforcements again arggh. Killing them seems a waste of time against a large monster as they just respawn, so I left them damaging me while I concentrated on the Dragon on gosh it hurts, especially with the dragon doing such harsh hits. Without the purchased armour following the first stage I would have been a gonner. Levelled up abilities helped a LOT too with the disciple praying for himself to give himself bonus dice.

    It was fantastic fun, but I have to admit I am a little concerned about the difficulty level in what is technically the tutorial quest. Yes I beat it, but only just. In other campaigns/quests my heroes will still only have access to similar equipment/abilities so am I really good enough to handle this game full-on and invest in a load of content??????
    I do like to buy into games in a big way so would like to buy a lot of stuff.. but am I simply not good enough at this game to then use it all??
    Id appreciate thoughts please.


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    by foxreinard

    This is a content guide for the Road to Legend app, specifically. Each expansion has other content but this is only about Road to Legend.

    Labyrinth of Ruin
    - Four heroes: Dezra the Vile, Logan Lashley, Pathfinder Durik, Ulma Grimstone
    - Four classes: Apothecary, Beastmaster, Hexer, Treasure Hunter
    - Four monsters: Arachyura, Carrion Drake, Goblin Witcher, Volucrix Reaver
    - Condition: Cursed
    - Shop items (21)
    Act I: 11
    Act II: 10
    - Delve Stages: 7 (Three boss stages)
    - Side Quest: The Demon Hive

    Shadow of Nerekhall
    - Four heroes: Orkell the Swift, Rendiel, Ravaella Lightfoot, Tinashi the Wanderer
    - Four classes: Bard, Conjurer, Shadow Walker, Skirmisher
    - Four monsters: Changeling, Ironbound, Rat Swarm, Ynfernael Hulk
    - Condition: Bleeding
    - Shop items (21)
    Act I: 11
    Act II: 10
    - Delve Stages: 7 (Three boss stages)
    - Side Quest: The Worst Exotic Merriod Inn

    Lair of the Wyrm
    - Two heroes: High Mage Quellen, Reynhart the Worthy
    - Two classes: Champion, Geomancer
    - Two monsters: Fire Imps, Hybrid Sentinel
    - Condition: Burning
    - Shop items (9):
    Act I: 4
    Act II: 5
    - Delve Stages: 3 (One boss stage)
    - Side Quest: Temple of the Elemental Dragon

    The Trollfens
    - Two heroes: Augur Grisom, Roganna the Shade
    - Two classes: Prophet, Stalker
    - Two monsters: Harpy, Plague worm
    - Condition: Weakness
    - Shop items (13):
    Act I: 8
    Act II: 5
    - Delve Stages: 3 (One boss stage)
    - Side Quest: The Troll's Treasure

    Manor of Ravens
    - Two heroes: Alys Raine, Thaiden Mistspeak
    - Two classes: Bounty Hunter, Marshal
    - Two monsters: Bandit, Wraith
    - Condition: Doomed
    - Shop items (9):
    Act I: 5
    Act II: 4
    - Delve Stages: 3 (One boss stage)
    - Side Quest: Smash and Grab

    Mists of Bilehall
    - Three monsters: Bone Horror, Broodwalker, Reanimate
    - Condition: Terrified
    - Shop items: Act I: 8
    - Delve Stages: 5 (Boss stage count: Don't know)
    - Side Quest: Mad Morriden's Tower

    The Chains that Rust
    - Three monsters: Marrow Priest, Shambling Colossus, The Dispossessed
    - Condition: Terrified
    - Shop items: Act II: 9
    - Delve Stages: 5 (Boss stage count: Don't know)
    - Side Quest: Names of Nightfall

    EVERY Hero and Monster Pack (Nine)
    - Four heroes
    - Three monsters
    - One side quest unique to each
    - Does not include extra stages for The Delve

    EVERY Lieutenant Pack
    - One Peril to summon the agent version
    - Specifically sculpted figure for the Lieutenant/Agent
    - Does not include side quests nor extra stages for The Delve.
    (For the Raythen or Serena Lieutenant Packs)
    - Hero sheet and Hero figure for Raythen or Serena, in addition to the Lieutenant/Agent figure

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    by BobSpoons

    So yup newbie here... sorry

    Generally, when you get an expansion, do you shove all the content together in the one big box (possibly separating the tiles)?

    I see that most expansions come with new conditions and a chunk of shop items. I gather that the new conditions will only be relevant to the specific monsters that cause those conditions thus will only get used in the specific campaigns with those monsters.. but other things like shop items interest me.

    Do you have one huge shop containing everything, even if you are only playing core-set campaign? Or do you tend to just add the components specific to a campaign at the point you play that campaign?

    Very curious on how each person approaches this please


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    by TalLavi

    Thoughts on the game?
    We are lacking an RPGish game and most of my friends showed interest in the type of "D&D" experience.

    How does this hold up? hows the App?
    Anything else that is as good or better for the price of 60$?

    A couple of questions:
    -How is the replay-ability?
    -Does it feel RPGish? do you really feel like you are on an adventure or do you feel like you are being lead by a story and just chuck dice.
    -Each player gets to fulfill himself? Does each character feel unique in his own way or does it end up with 1 player doing everything and the rest following?
    -Does every character have separate goals or is it just one big quest for everyone to finish (I only saw act 1 because I am afraid of spoilers).
    -If you can give some good points and bad points of the game, I would be grateful.
    -How is this as an entry to RPG~D&D games?

    I also posted this in recommendations, if I did something wrong please correct me and I wont do it again.

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    by Egghead Hobbies

    In this video I paint the Merriods from Descent Second Edition. Sharks are one of my favorite animals on the planet, so I was naturally inclined to be excited to paint these guys. Aside from the skin there isn't a whole lot to these creatures, so I did a good amount of airbrush work and laid down a nice 3 color gradient for all the tones in their skin. Then finishing them off with a nice gory mouth these guys are as menacing as I'd hoped they'd be. Take a look and let me know your thoughts on how the Merriods turned out!

    Youtube Video

    Become a Patron and help support Egghead Hobbies:

    Thanks everyone for all the continued support!

    You can also follow Egghead Hobbies on Facebook & Twitter!

    You can check out the game Descent at:

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    by Bghead8che

    I just bought Descent 2nd Edition however I have not yet opened the game.

    The reason I ask is because on the following page under "upcoming"(about half way down the page)they list the game as a "reprint" on 10/2016.

    Anyone aware of an update or change? Should I wait until the next version comes out?

    Thanks guys!

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    by InfinityBlack14

    I check my subs on bgg every day, and have noticed that it's beginning to get less updates now for descent. What happens when we've asked every question? What will there be left to talk about? How will we keep players interested in the game? I'm interested in solving this, whether it's actually a problem or not.

    I reckon we should start holding community events and / or more general topic discussions to improve our community activity.

    Community Events could be contests to make a small mod to the game in 24 hours, or custom classes.

    General Discussion Topics are already a thing, but perhaps we could have someone make a new topic every week or two.

    Anything really that could pique interest in having more players join our discussion would be great. Your ideas and opinions are welcome.

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    by foxreinard

    How long does it take roughly to print one figure? I'm looking to spruce up my Reanimate, Wolf, Summoned Stones, etc by making 3D models for them. Basically any token that is treated as a figure at all times.

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    by BobSpoons

    So I have just played scenario 1 of Kindred Fire as a solo 2-hero game.

    When it asked me to place the elemental (Wrath Incarnate) it specifically did not specify that this was a minion or master and although a "unique" the rues do not seem to specify if all uniques are minion or master.. I did check the text, it said "spawn an elemental, this is wrath incarnate" no mention of master/minion.

    So with a lack of any better info I spawned a minion as this is respecting the group limits and the instructions to RTL do say "respect group limits unless told otherwise" and it didnt tell me otherwise... so....

    So I had a minion.

    But the app does mention activating minions and then the Unique (not master) and although I know the app always does activations for both minions and masters even if only one type is available, is the app suggesting the Unique should have actually been a "master" ??

    Game-wise it would have only made a difference of +2 health which due to the dice rolls wouldnt have affected the outcome, but I had zero morale left and one hero had 1 health so for a different dice roll this could very easily have been the difference between winning and losing so I would really appreciate the official guidance on it for next time please if anyone knows.

    It's been suggested that the red ring implies master but can't find a rulebook reference.

    Appreciate any info please.

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    by ionas

    Hello dungeon-crawlers!

    this is not intended to be a thread full of bashes or discussion. I can't stop you, but my intention is simply to gather your opinions regarding game-play, mechanics, immersion etc.

    Please try to find something for both sides. E.g. not only name things you dislike but also you like, nor only name things like like but none that you dislike. Think hard !

    You can name more but should try to name at least 3 each, on the good and bad side!

    Here is a template, thanks for participating!:

    The 3 best things about Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) in terms of game-play, mechanics and immersion are:




    The 3 worst things about Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) in terms of gameplay, mechanics and immersion are:




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    by ampersand78

    not seen this on the forum anywhere.
    but ive not played this game for a while. one of the reasons being im always stuck as the overlord/Gm whatever game we are playing.

    so was considering nabbing some of the co-op quests to back up the new road to legend stuff.

    so simple question being really. how does the game fare as a co-op game versus playing with an overlord? is the way forwards for this game the co-op path?

    just wondering on peoples thoughts or experiences


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    by Donk84

    Hi guys.

    I have seen a number of threads on what expansions to buy but often these judge these things on what plastic bits you get, whereas I am interested in the quality of the mini-campaigns in the small box expansions. We are just about to finish our first full campaign and its taken almost 2 years (we all have young kids), so I think a mini- campaign might be on the cards. Of course we will do the co-op app but I think some of us still like the human overlord factor.

    Anyway, back to my original point, best mini-campaign. Of course it is all subjective so what would I value? I think balance of overall campaign and individual quests, interesting quest objectives / play, and, perhaps to a lesser extent, a good narrative.

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    by InfinityBlack14

    Would there be interest in such a thing here? Anyone can design a mod that fits the theme, post in a designated area, and at the right time we vote for our favourite among the group.

    Let me know what you think.

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    by soccergopher

    While looking around at a local store I spotted a little box that is perfect for the class decks along with their tokens.

    While they didn't have enough of the little suckers at the store, a store clerk let me know that I could have the rest ordered online so I figured I would share the find. Unsleeved cards fit flawlessly. With sleeves, I had to trim the edge of the sleeve just a little, but the sleeved cards fit nicely afterward.

    The link:

    It is the "Small Hinged Box (2-3/4" x 2-1/4" x 1/2")"

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    by williaps

    This time I completed Tetherys from Crusade of the Forgotten. I may have put too thick of a layer of primer on her which hid some detail. Let me know what you think!

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    by foxreinard

    A friend and myself, we plan to embark upon the glorious Heirs of Blood quest: Siege of Skytower. Four heroes, no holds barred, no cards left behind.

    Neither of us are experienced enough with the entire game to know the best selection, but the entirety of 2nd edition Descent is at our disposal for it, thanks to a recently completed collection

    So, how would you go about setting it up to give the heroes and the overlord a blast playing through this quest? Go in without XP at all, or 4xp/150g Advanced play? What would the best group of heroes be? What Open group monsters would be awesome for Belthir to help around the map?

    This is less "think for me" and more about a thought experiment. What would your perfect Siege of Skytower setup be? There IS "think for me" involved but I'd really like to know how you would go at this.

    Ideally we'll be working with Act I rather than the Act II epic start.

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    by z4carlo

    So i know 'what should I buy first/next??' comes up quite a lot in slightly different guises but I think my question is reasonably specific, happy to be pointed to where this might have been previously answered. I'm trying to work out what, if anything, I should look to try and get in Black Friday sales.

    So I have the core box, intending to play vs. an OL, not RtL (have other dedicated co-op games).

    My game group has played Imp Assault reasonably extensively. I'm quite confident we will enjoy the descent campaign, I'm sure we will get around to a 2nd campaign eventually but for now we are just considering the Heirs of Blood campaign.

    On the back of the Heirs of Blood campaign alone what additionally would you consider good purchases to improve it? My thoughts are;

    #1 Lieutenant?
    Am I right that the Lieutenants bring the OL some kind of new deck each? Are these just a replacement to the basic OL deck? If you were to buy 1 which would you go for?

    #All 6 Lieutenants that appear in the HoB campaign?
    Is there much benefit to buying all the Lieutenants? Or do I only gain the ability to use the model instead of the token? Is this mostly for those with loads of cash to throw around? I'm not adverse to buying all of the Lieutenants but I feel I could possibly get more for the money putting it into a full expansion?

    #Either/both of the major expansions?
    Would these be considered good, again only for the purposes of the HoB campaign? What would they provide? Additional heroes, enemies, items, OL cards, ect. that can both be used in the HoB missions, yes? Do they add any new mechanics that can be used in HoB? If so would you consider these an improvement?

    #Heroes and Monsters collection(s)?
    If I'm just looking to add some more variety to the HoB campaign are these some of the best variation for price options? Or are these more for the absolute completionist who must have everything?

    #Nothing just play it as it you fool!
    Is there already enough variation/complexity/mechanics to stay on top of as the OL without adding anything else in?

    Thanks for any info and advice.

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    by colossos

    Hi all,

    is there a place where you can download custom scenario's ? I google but can only find something about a quest vault building thingie. I can not imagine that there are not a ton of single custom missions available?


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    by Bucho22

    I got the delve to work on my kindle, I had to delete RtL and reinstall through the kindle's thingy instead of google play like I had last time.

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    by Filth82

    I been playing RTL every weekend and loving the game, having so much fun

    However I find that as the game goes on it can get very messy and unorganized with tokens and monster all over the place. I looked online to try and find a dashboard similar to what Zombiecide Black Plague has but I could not find anything out there so I have designed my own.

    Below is a quick draft of my design, the idea is you put the creature card in the slot and each wheel represents a creature on the board making it simple to tell them apart and how much life they have eliminating the token altogether. I'm hoping there is something already out there someone can point me to but if not would anyone else be interested in something like this?

    This was just done in 10 min so if there is interest ill finalize the design and probably make more for the Boss monsters and even heroes.

    Thanks everyone.

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    by kyau

    Hi guys im really thinking buying core set only because of rtl .. Im purely solo player so.. yeah... Now if i may ask can someone who finished tutorial and that 1 campaign and delve explain for how many hours it ll take those campaigns?

    I know if i buy expansions i ll get more heroes , monsters and 1 side q per expansion but how many missions are in those campaigns...

    And lastly i would feel stupid not to play original campaigns so is that RAV system the best way to replace overlod?

    Thanks for answers

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    by FelixTheCrazy

    Is his heroic feat useless? Is there any sort of house rule to give him an option? Is he gimped too much in RtL without it?

    We've only ever played with RtL and never had an OL. So I don't know the impact of his feat in standard play.

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    by Diegann

    Hi, I am studying the rules to host a game this saturday, it will be me as overlord, plus 3 friends (none of us has ever played).

    I own core set, heirs of blood campaign book, and lieutenant skarn.

    I seem to remember I read in this forum, that it was recommended to play first a scenario so everybody learns the game (overlord included) and get the way in which character progesses, before actually fully starting a campaig, so as not to make errors that you will later on the campaign regret.

    My question is, what could I use as such a test scenario? I would not want to use any scenario from core campaign or heir of bloods so as not to spoil them, but dunno exactly what to use...

    Any suggestion is greately appreciated!

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    by shadowhawk720

    I have descent and love it. I play mainly just with one other person but we still find it a lot of fun. Maybe would be better with more but hard to get a consistant group. Either way I have the core (with heirs of blood), trollfens and shadows of nerekhall. I have most of the luteniet packs (u don't think know I really needed them but too late now haha). The road to legends app seems pretty cool and will probably get some use out of that. I haven't finished my first campaign yet though and I also have imperial assault and a ton of that so I don't want to go overboard since I have so much to play already but I want to get an idea of what people think is a good place to stop. Is what I have plenty sufficient for variety and for the road to legend app variety? Also I have an extra healer and scout class because of trollfens so I was wondering if it was important to balance it out with lair of the wyrm or something? Or does it not really matter? If I can stop here that would be great but if you guys think lair of the wyrm is a must buy I could consider that. I just have way too many games haha.

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    by Diegann

    Hi, I am playing as overlord tomorrow, after reading the manual, I got some assorted doubts that maybe you could clarify. I will number them:

    1- Can a hero move twice, then move again using additional movement and suffering fatigue?

    2- Does an ally interrupt line of sight?

    3- If I have 2 enemies in LOS, one closer than the other, and I aim for the one that is far away with a ranged weapon, and I attack, if the range I get from dice is not enough, can I redirect the attack to the one that is closer? If I dont get the distance I need, I fail the attack?

    4- Does a blast attack injures a figure that occupy more than 1 square, more than once?

    5- Regarding an attack with reach, the manual says I can attack 2 spaces away. That means I can have 1 space free between the attacker and the defender, correct? First space is the empty one, second space is the one occupied by the defender.

    6- If a player suffers from a condition, he takes a condition card. If a monster suffers from a condition, overlord puts a condition token on the monster, and takes a condition card for that monster? How are monsters affected?

    7- A large monster can end its movement touching a square of water. Next turn, he can move again and go over the water, using that space that occupied water as the space for measuring how many squares he can move. He leaves the water zone (for example goes over a small river) so in effect, he went through a water space without the enterng water penalty. Correct?

    8- Regarding spending exp points, if I understand it correctly, a hero and overlord in the course of the core base game campaign, will have in total 8 exp points? (because they get 1 exp at the end of each quest)?

    9- In a quest, between first and second encounter, there is no buying or spending exp phase, correct?


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    by hachieman2000

    I remember playing this a few years back with a few friends. Having owned all of the first edition stuff, I can say I was a super fan. For the past 6 months I've been trying to remember which of my friends owned this game so we could start a campaign. Not remembering who, I took it upon myself to buy the coreset last week and get a group to play. We ended up playing a game and loved it. Afterwards we decided to play power grid and then call it a night. I went to my closet to go dig it out only to realize I was the person who owned it so many years ago. SMH.

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    by Diegann

    After reading the manual, don't think I understand how to progress in the story....

    After first blood, comes fat goblin. But after fat goblin, comes Castle Daerion? Or after fat goblin we need to choose between the monsters hoard and the frozen spire?

    How do I know the order of things, and how to choose?

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    by Templar1118

    Hello all,

    Our small group will be starting our first campaign next weekend. We want to start with 4 players (1 overlord) and be able to continue with 3 if necessary or 5 when a player brings their spouse. We feel that having 4 heroes always part of the quest would be best for the team/balance. Sometimes 2 players will play 2 heroes each and other sessions 4 players will play 4 heroes.

    As I am hosting, and playing overlord, and I REALLY enjoyed that in D1e, I feel like it's my responsibility to make sure sessions are fun for regular and semi-regular heroes. The tweak I'd like to implement to campaign progression is, one hero skill purchased with XP can be refunded/exchanged after a completed quest. This is to allow a player to adjust a hero that may have been upgrade by another player in a previous session. Additionally, it would function as a way to change a classes' role slightly based on new item acquisitions.

    Is that going to hinder me too much as OL? Also, does anyone have suggestions on not allowing items to be sold from heroes that are not that player's primary hero? My intentions are to lay out the expectations at the start so that there is less confusion and no hurt feelings later.

    Thank you!

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    by neo.colpaert

    I found a figure on my ceiling and don't know to which game it belongs. I found at last a picture via Google and apparently it's a Descent-figure. Can someone tell me which character it is, please? 1st edition or 2nd edition?

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    by Misterpetersen

    So when you use the RtL app do you get to play all the campaigns that come in the core set, or just the 2 that are available in the app? I am planning to play solo, so wondering if I am getting full experience if I buy it and use the app or just getting to play campaigns and never the chance to play those included in the core set and expansions. Thanks.

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    by zaphoduk

    So last night we played a Delve and we were instructed to place the portal tile on top of a red bordered square. This leads to several questions.

    1. Does the fact the portal has been put on the square replace any properties that square would have had? ie. it no longer blocks line of sight?

    2. Does the portal itself block line of sight?

    The tile in question had 3 red squares in a diagonal line. So on squares 1, 5 and 9.

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    3. Can a character on space 8 move to space 6 as a single move speed?

    4. Can a character on space 8 search a search location on space 6 without line of sight being blocked?

    5. Can an Goblin Archer on space 6 target a character on space 4 without line of sight being blocked?

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    by Tulsatom

    Our family loves dungeon and dragon boardgame system....why well cause its a lot like playing gauntlet and it's just fun to hack and slash your way through a random made dungeon with a goal to acomplish. So there sits all of our descent tiles and we'll they do hook up nicely and we would like to try and combine them cause well the D&D tiles is bland.

    So both games use a 1 inch grid so that works for the hero's movement but the tiles themselves from descent r not 4x4.

    Anyway does anyone have a link,advice, or something I can read that would help integrate these tiles into D&D boardgames?

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    by shadowhawk720

    I own both and I started one mission of descent and I am almost done with the campaign for IA. But there are some small rules differences that I do that want to mix up so I was wondering if there was some comprehensive rules comparison guide that I can refer to whenever I switch games? Thanks!

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    by Diegann

    Hi, After having played our first couple quest and really enjoying the game, I am thinking on what material I should get next. I am leaning to Shadow of Nerekhall, but I would also love to get some new monsters, but money is not unlimited and Nerekhall seems a lot better option.

    I was thinking, to add variety to our games, to just proxy the monsters and use the data (ready available at wikia for example) and just play with proxys of the same size (for example use the 2x2 ettins as giants).

    Anybody does this?

    Also, are there differences between for example a giant from conversion kit, and a giant from a heroes and monsters expansion? Which is stronger?