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    by Kdlittle88

    I've been scouring the interwebbings for this info and can't seem to find this info. Does anyone have a list of all the lieutenants that are also playable as heroes? I did find one, Serena but I'm having trouble locating the others. Looking to add the best bang for the buck for RtL.

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    by chaplin717

    So I came into Decent just recently as I much prefer co-op to many versus all. My friend and I have been getting our toes wet with playing and replaying the shorter Goblin campaign as we try out different classes and mechanics before diving in for the longer one.

    However, even as we expand our collection, we are noticing that not a lot is changing as we play or replay quests. We have the main box, Wyrm, Nerekhall, a H&M pack, and a few Lts. It seems that quest after quest the game pulls from the main box almost all of the time despite having doubled our monster choices. I even test loaded and reloaded a room and saw that the game kept populating the same 1 of 2 base set monsters for the "free" spawn. After two quests, I have seen it populate only one spawn using monsters outside of the main box.

    Is this normal? Are we just unlucky? Is the Goblin campaign just a lot less variable than the longer one? It is feeling like RtL (or maybe just the Goblin campaign) really only likes the main box.

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    by InfinityBlack14

    A few questions regarding the community's opinion of them.

    1. How do you feel about them in general?

    2. Would you play them in other campaigns or quests if they could be used?

    3. What if the effects were stronger, but the heroes chose theirs instead?

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    by Affevh

    Do you draw overlord card if you have knocked out that hero befor?

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    by dagaff


    Thinking of getting this but want to know more about co-op games.

    1. How many scenarios can be played co-op or solo without any expansions?

    2. Is complete solo/co-op play driven by app or expansions?


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    by Renegade626

    Tried bringing Descent 2.0 to the table a few times in the past with my group and it never ended well usually due to the overlord role. Since then we have always stuck to pure Co-op games. RTL has breathed new life into Descent for us

    I had a question about purchasing boxed expansions to use with RTL:

    Am I crazy to have a sinking feeling like i'm wasting money if I buy one of the expansion boxes to use with RTL, only to throw away the original quests and some of the cards?

    Does buying a $45-60 expansion box add enough change/variety to the experience to make it worthwhile (especially since there is really only 1 major campaign available currently)?

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    by zhouluyi

    I'm considering getting this as my first dungeon crawler, but I'm not fond of "collectible games". I've noticed that there are many (dozens!?) ezpansions for Descent. This is the kind of band wagon that I don't want to jump in.

    Now back to the title of the post. As a standalone game, is the core set enough?

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    by slimeworm

    This might sound like a strange question, but I recently came into a complete set of descent 2 minis (heroes and monsters) as well as a couple extras of the bigger ones (for example, I got 2 red and 2 white dragons), and it has prompted me to wonder what could be done without buying a complete base set. For example, could I play scenarios from an expansion box if I just had the rules manual and used the minis I have and bought an expansion? Would I need tiles from the base set (ie: expansions don't have tiles) or are the minis I have only used in scenarios in the base set? (I know I would probably have to buy dice, but I noticed those can be bought separately.)

    Also, are the doubles of the big monsters pointless, or are there circumstances where they could be used?

    Thanks for the help!

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    by whachacha

    I'm sure this has been discussed but there are a vast amount of threads in this forum so please feel free to point me to a particular thread if this is redundant.

    I have heard a lot of talk that unlike other similar games like The Others or Omega Protocol that the overlord is not playing at his best in order to help the players to enjoy the game more fully.

    Any tips or variants on how play to win as the overlord without demolishing the players every game, or do people find they can already do so?

    Thanks in advance!

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    by stumpersthecorgi

    Curious, how much do they add to the game?

    Also, which ones are deemed the better ones to purchase?


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    by InfinityBlack14

    I noticed that not many people have been talking about the new expansion. It may be that not everyone has picked it up yet. Well, I got it and i'll answer any questions you have that i'm capable of answering. I'd also like to throw some information out to you too.

    The shop items (all act 2) are really fantastic. A ranged weapon for high might characters and a fists that give you a free attack action are by far my favourites.

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    by drshizzlewink

    We just finished the first quest last night. We were able to take down Merrick and his Wrath Incarnate. I was wondering what the locked door was for? We never had any more instructions than explore the lair. There was nothing about finding a key and opening the door. What did I miss? What was in the room behind the locked door? I'm not going back to do it again so spoilers are ok. Thanks.

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    by jesterscap1313

    I've been keeping all of the cards from Descent 2nd edition in a binder and I was curious if anyone has stumbled across actual binder pages sized for these cards. Looking for something similar to the Ultra-Pro series for standard card sizes. My OCD would love to alphabetically arrange every Hero by class for aesthetics and quick access in my binder which already has every other card from the game arranged inside.

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    by InfinityBlack14

    What's grindin' your gears about the new expansion?

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    by InfinityBlack14

    2 part expansions with reused content we don't need after buying the latter? It's a disgusting waste of box space and of the consumer's money. If you agree, please voice your opinion. Even if it's a simple "I agree". We are the ones buying this stuff, and our opinion should matter. I don't want to be resold the same stuff from another box (conditions, walls).

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    by BillyBabel

    So my friends and I are playing the first campaign in RTL, I think it's the king of all goblins one or whatever, and I'm frantically trying to get everything painted so that it all looks nice and I happen to have a bunch of the LTs, so my question is first Does a LT pop up somewhere in the campaign? and secondly if so which one pops up so that I can have them painted in advance, or does it randomly pick a LT from the pool of ones that you've bought?

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    by InfinityBlack14

    State of the Current Expansions 2: Descent Rise of the Consumers!
    We've Successfully targeted the problem with how the most recent small expansions have been executed. But now, a much more threatening force is at hand! Our Willpower is too low! (Sorry)

    Seriously guys, I appreciate that many of you have made the effort to discuss the problem at hand. You guys are fantastic! But let me cut to the chase. It's time we actually do something about this.


    It's super quick to fill this in. Tell them what you feel, but make it simple enough that your point is understood quickly. Let's lightly go over some of the things that got us together:

    -Repeat Content
    -Half a Campaign
    -12 Class Cards
    -That 2 Expansions were used for what should've been one.

    Thanks everyone for contributing. Please let me know if you sent them a message and we can discuss below too.

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    by Baldrekr

    I'm just about to start playing Descent for the first time, using the Road to Legend iPad app, and my partner and I are playing 2 characters each. For the first campaign you start with 3 skill points and 700 party gold.

    Does it make sense to go to town, spend all our gold to buy everything there (for about 550 gold in total), then spend 50 gold to get one character 1 XP (at the cost of a week). That 1 week wait restocks the town, so we would get a list of (mostly) new items to buy, since we bought everything.

    Since in RtL you sell items back for full value instead of half, it seems like there is no downside to buying everything, and in fact, it would appear that always spending all your money on items is a good idea, as the remaining items can show up in the town store. Am I missing something really obvious?

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    by dougposkitt

    Hello everyone,

    As a recent newcomer to this series, I have gotten (or have coming) all the big and small box expansions plus, of course, the base game.

    I doubt I am the only one who has this particular foible, but I like to keep all my components in pristine condition.

    That means sleeving the cards and the hero sheets, taking care when handling the tiles etc., and ... well, the printed material such as the rules/quest & campaign guides.

    Fortunately, with the exception of the Chains of Rust expansion, all the rules are available for download from FFG.

    That leaves the quest/campaign guides. Over the course of repeated plays, they are sure to be handled a lot. I looked for these on the FFG website, but in vain.

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what am I missing here? In particular, why are there no pdf downloads for Heirs of Blood? Is it because one can elect to buy the printed book version?

    The Heirs of Blood campaign guides come with the base game, and it would be much more convenient to be able to download them to my tablet or print them out so that the printed guides with the game retained their condition.

    The same goes for the guides that come with the expansion.

    What are FFG afraid of here? That we will try to play the campaigns without buying the expansions?

    No doubt someone will point out the idiocy of my logic, but I really do not know why such material cannot be downloaded.

    PS I suppose I could always have them scanned and converted to a PDF.

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    by SoylentRed

    So in RtL we don't get to cash in unused search cards for gold like in the standard campaign.

    Where does it say in the rules what to do with them inbetween quests?

    I see on page 10 what it says to do at end of quest... And it refers to page 3 setup rules... But, does it say anywhere clearly if we keep them between or discard them?

    (Been playing that we discard between - but I'm not convinced! Original play had some benefit at least!)

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    by minershiner


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    by Eldil

    Now that The Chains That Rust is out, there's a huge number of new possible hero builds (since every hero now has access to a second archetype's classes).

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we could post possible "epic" builds using the new hybrid classes and the "expert" level of the epic play variant:

    Each hero receives 6 experience points worth of Class cards
    and 250 gold worth of Act I or Act II Shop Item cards.

    I'll start with the most obvious one, because I've been eagerly anticipating his return:

    Jaes the Exile
    Battlemage (Skirmisher)


    Arcane Veteran (0 xp)
    Planar Weapon (1 xp)
    Runic Weave (2 xp)
    Dual Strike (0 xp)
    Keen Edge (1 xp)
    Unrelenting (2 xp)


    Soulstone (125 gold)
    Sunstone (125 gold)

    With Planar Weapon, the Soulstone and Sunstone become one-handed melee blades, which combines with Keen Edge to give all attack Pierce 1.

    When Jaes attacks, he can exhaust Dual Strike to gain an automatic surge and gain access to the surge abilities on both weapons. He can also exhaust Planar Weapon to gain another surge. After the attack resolves, he can exhaust Unrelenting to attack with the other rune.

    Sure, to trigger everything requires 4 fatigue, but becauses Jaes gains +1 Stamina for each run he has equipped, he can afford it. And with +4 health provided by Runic Weave (+2/rune), he can stay in the fight long enough for Soulstone to gather a pile of tokens and become a deadly weapon.

    And mostly, he just becomes awesome, charging into battle wielding two blazing swords of forged runelight.

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    by runescience

    page 18, says you can get an extra none action attack and if you dont take it then you can heal 2 wounds.

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    by maartend


    As I have all expansions and playing with RtL, I'm wondering if there is a list with on it all tile-numbers in in what expansion they are?

    So far, I did not put all the tiles in 1 box, I might do that in the future.

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    by dougposkitt

    Hello everyone,

    Not long ago I took receipt of Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Ed) and have been busy reviewing the rules and such. The Heirs of Blood campaign came with the game itself, and from what I understand this replaces the original offering - The Shadow Rune.

    I have gotten a copy of The Shadow Rune. I have read on the forums here that Heirs of Blood is the better, more balanced campaign. I am wondering whether I should just jump right in and play this, or whether I should have a go at Shadow Rune first, then Heirs of Blood.

    Basically, what I am asking is whether Shadow Rune is worth playing, given that FFG swapped it for Heirs of Blood in recent printings.

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    by Egghead Hobbies

    Greetings Descent players!

    As some of you may know, I've got an ongoing series for painting the miniatures for Descent Second Edition on YouTube at Egghead Hobbies.
    I'm pleased to announce Episode 8 - Skarn just posted. I thought I had him completed twice before I was really done, but all the extra work really paid off in the end (and caused the video to be completed much later than I had initially thought).

    This video is one of my longest yet, but this paint job had more work on any one single miniature than I have ever done before, so I think there's a correlation in there somewhere. Numerous colors of base coating leading into washes, drybrushes and highlighting almost made this guy complete, but then I chose to experiment with chipping fluid, and then experiment again with pigment powders.

    Check it out and share your thoughts.

    Thanks everyone for all the continued support!

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    by SoylentRed

    So - these new side quests are GREAT! But, it would be fantastic if we had an option to pick a quest as a one off play.

    I don't always want to play a campaign - I might want to just try a one off quest myself for the fun of it - or maybe I want to introduce some people to the game and I don't want to do it as a campaign or the traditional OL play.

    Being able to choose from a list/menu the available side quests based on what I own etc for some quick play would be really cool. (Would also provide the option to go back and play a fun one again - maybe with some other friends etc...)

    Lastly now... if I'm dreaming (this would be another level of awesome) let me pick a quest and choose the monster groups I want to play against in it... I want to be sure to fight some Ogres - I can pick them at mission selection time. Maybe I can't select them all... but I can pick 3 monsters and of the 6 groups that might show up - I have at least setup 3 of them.

    Please FFG! Would be awesome!

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    by ares71

    There are 86 Terrinoth Heroes released over 6 games, none are present in all 6, but 10 are present in 5 of the 6 games. Can you name them?

    Included Games
    Descent 1st Edition
    Descent 2nd Edition including conversion kit
    Runebound 1st/2nd Edition (counts as 1 game)
    Rundbound 3rd edition
    Runewars 1st/Revised Edition (counts as 1 game)
    Dungeonquest 3rd edition

    I'll post answers later.

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    by thom1414

    Have we seen the last of the Hero and Monster Sets? Or will they finish off the unreleased heroes with some new monsters?

    Any major monster types that are under represented in Descent at this point? (gelatinous cube/blob type?)

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    by impish1234

    Should be soon in the upload section

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    by InfinityBlack14

    If a system could exist where you could assemble a weapon from components left over from battle and build monsters with perks based off of keyword abilities that were rarely used, would you use it? What would you want to see in it?

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    by tutu_beater

    any one tried both variants? would be interested to hear your thoughts comparing the two options.

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    by sammersam

    The title says it all.

    I know it is very subjective but Is this game worth buying just for coop play with the RTL app?

    I have read some reviews that people have posted but not sure. I am on the fence and I know that it will never get played with the overlord in my small group unfortunately.


    Thanks in advance.

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    by Taear

    Previously I'd read that the only difference between Hard and Normal in the app was that perils would trigger more often. We totally ignore the perils anyway so I picked Hard to find out if that was true.

    After actually playing it I don't know if that's true. It seems like I get more monsters and stronger monsters than before. I've played through three times and this is the fourth so it's not just a case of one Normal campaign and one Hard campaign.

    I'll definitely agree that there's more perils as well. I just want to know if anyone knows if it's confirmation bias or it really is changing how/where monsters spawn.

    Incidentally I wish the way Perils worked was more about progressing. Rather than "You've now taken 15 rounds in this level, here's a peril" it can be "It's 4 turns since you progressed and opened a door, here's a peril".

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    by IcarusNocturnus

    So, my party (4 players) just spent an evening finishing our first side quest (dragon hunting). We play on hard because we're all fairly competent coop players (we usually only play coop games) that like a game to be challenging. We were really disheartened to learn you don't get xp from side quests, even when you win. Can anyone confirm for me this is always the case? If so, does anyone share this frustration and have any ideas for a fix that doesn't unbalance the game? An evening's worth of gaming without personal advancement left players feeling like skipping any more side quests, which would be a shame. Personal advancement is just so fun!

    Important note: We were not disappointed because we want the game to be easier, at all. However, looking forward to getting "new toys" for our character, and a personal reward for the player for a successfully completed tough challenge, is a big part of playing a campaign game for us.

    I'm left pondering what to do, as we don't want to make the game too easy, but the immediate conditioning of a "hey, you did well, do some character advancement" feels very important to us. I know the city action can buy xp, but the gold the quest gave was barely enough for two players to do that, even if we had the week remaining we'd need to do so at the end of the evening (which we don't).

    Any ideas? My only idea so far would be giving us an xp for a sidequest win, but not a loss + forbidding the use of the city action to buy xp (don't mind keeping track by hand rather than app). That still feels like it would skew the game in our favor though, in total. Still, would feel far more thematic, and much more evenly divided between players.

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    by eleion

    My gaming group recently started playing the Shadow Rune campaign and so far we've found it a bit rough and unsteady. The intro took them almost 2 to 3 times longer than any previous group I've played with, I didn't read the errata for Castle Daerion (so- poor, poor Sir Palomon...), and while they did just beat Cardinal's Plight, it was a significant slog and lasted longer than was interesting. They're enjoying the game, but getting a bit fed up with the scenarios we're playing. I just discovered the existence of Heirs of Blood, and the internet seems to agree that it's significantly better than Shadow Rune, so I'm wondering if it would be better to just scrap this campaign and start over with Heirs of Blood. That being said, my group is a bit hesitant to give up on all the hard-earned items and experience they've hoarded, so I thought I would ask you lovely people of BGG (who are significantly more Descent-knowledgeable than I) if there would be significant balance issues if my heroes were to just start Heirs of Blood with all their same items and xp. Would the heroes end up too powerful? Would the starting scenarios be too easy? If that idea doesn't work, any other suggestions to keep my players interested in Descent?


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    by Rohality

    I finished painting my first hero - the dwarf.
    Not as good as i hoped, but i think it's much better than the plain miniatures. ;-)

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    by chewie456

    I'm looking for a new co-op game to play with my son. We've played plenty of Mice and Mystics, so he wanted another fantasy themed co-op game, so I thought this would be a good fit for us since we've played a lot of Imperial Assault. I know they are different, yet also similar enough where the rules should come easy. My question is, what is the best way to learn how to play Descent using just Road to Legends? As of now we are only planning on playing co-op and never with an overlord. Do I need a firm grasp of the original rules, plus the Road to Legends rules? Or will focusing mostly on the Road to Legends rules be enough?

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    by ZombieWaffle

    I have a copy of Descent 2nd edition that I have yet to get to the table. Picked it up because minis, but the 1 v many style didn't really click with my group(read my Wife) and so it has never hit the table.

    How easy is it to get into the game using the Road to Legend app without having ever played it before? I have played FFG's other new app-based game Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and absolutely cannot get enough of it. It is incredibly intuitive and straight-forward. How does Road to Legend stack up?

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    by drshizzlewink

    I wanted to know what people's impressions of the hybrid classes were if any has used them. When I opened them up and starting reading, I was expecting more. You just get 3 new cards to replace the level 3 cards and you get to pick outside your normal archetype. Am I missing something? Is it fun? Does it change the game play much? Just wanted to hear some feedback. Thanks.

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    by Mishenka


    I accidentally wound up with an extra copy of Visions of Dawn expansion. I'd like to trade it for another Hero & Monster expansion. The ones I'm looking for are any of these:

    Crown of Destiny
    Guardians of Deephall
    Stewards of the Secret

    Also, just in case anyone is interested, I have an extra copy of "Manor of Ravens" for trade as well.

    Thanks a lot.

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    by ymd_fallen


    we like to play Descent from time to time, but in such an irregular manner, that we already quit the campaign twice, because nobody remembered what we did last or which heroes everybody played.
    We're now thinking of playing just single missions without the campaign. What do you think, would that be feasible? Or would the later missions get to difficult, because we didn't improve the heroes?


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    by InfinityBlack14

    I tried using an ability that gave shield bonus before dice are rolled, but the attacking hero, trenloe removed my defense die on my monster. He argued that since I wasn't rolling dice, that I couldn't give any bonuses, since it says before rolling dice. My counter to that was rolling dice is more like a step or phase, so I should be able to use it. I'll sum up the situation:

    Trenloe Heroic Feat on a one def die monster
    Me: Aurium plating on a now no defense monster

    I'm pretty sure i'm correct on this one. Also, F*** Trenloe and his tankiness.

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    by Ekman

    Is it possible to just play a single RtL game without the campaign? I searched through the forums but didn't find anyone else talking about this.

    There have now been many occasions where a group wanted to play a game of Descent with the app, but we couldn't because we don't play consistently enough with the same people for a campaign and I don't want to just play the opening mission over and over. It's particularly hard vs. base game Descent because the app locks in characters.

    If I could just fire up the app and play a single mission, that would be amazing. Any thoughts?

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    by greasygoblin

    Hey everyone,
    Going to play my first game of RTL. Beside monster figures and cards, what else do I need in hand or at the ready?

    0 0

    by Air Duck

    In the "mini campaign" you start with 3XP points. Is it same in Kindred Fire? If not, how do you get XP? Do you train in the main city in exchange for gold or is it by questing?

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    by Silopolis

    I imagine this comes up quite a bit, but here we go.

    I'm looking to pick up one of these two games. I own Imperial Assault, but since I have no idea when that app is coming, I'm likely to want to play one of these app-driven Fantasy Flight games sooner rather than later.

    I was looking at Mansions of Madness, and I enjoy the storytelling, the role-playing, the apparent versatility of the scenarios... but the price is a bit too high, and the number of available scenarios for the price is ridiculously low. At the same time, I've heard the experience is second to none, and that's important... as is the ability to play the scenarios again with my wife ( I would likely play mainly solo) and not feel like I'm retreading the same steps in the plot.

    I see Descent's Road to Legend app is similar, and that it's a cheaper overall package, and that there are WAY more scenarios available for the cost of just the base game. I just can't get a real sense for the experience of playing the app, the storytelling, or the replayability of any given scenario or encounter.

    Any advice would be very welcome.


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    by Hullstar

    I recently bought Descent because the Road to Legend app offered me an option for solo play.

    I want to paint the miniatures, but I was planning on painting them in the order I'd use them. So, I'd just paint the ones I need for the first scenario, play that scenario, then paint the ones for the second scenario, play that scenario, etc. This is mainly because it takes me some time to paint the figures. The less I have to paint before playing, the soon I'll get to play.

    I seem to have, however, come across a problem with this. Once a scenario offers an open monster group as an option, am I right in assuming the app randomly generates this group from any of my available monsters? So, if I paint the zombies because they match the scenario symbol, the app could instead generate the barghests (which I haven't yet painted) because they also match the scenario symbol?

    It's not the end of the world, as I could simply play them unpainted, but I would prefer them to be painted. And I will paint them all eventually.

    I'm just curious as to whether all my planning on which figures to paint first is actually in vain.

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    by icechamber

    Which is the best pack to go with if you only can afford 1-2... Playing with the app of course.

    0 0

    by sennaho


    I am going to buy Descent to play it with Road to Legend with my gf. We are thinking about buying just the core box and the figure that FFG suggested to go with Kindred Fire.

    Will this be enough to enjoy the campaign? I feel that the expansions doesn't really add that much when playing it with the app, and I am wondering why you only get one side quest from a really expensive expansion, when the actual expansion comes with many quests.

    I understand that I will get new heroes, items and monsters, but is it worth it, or is it enough to have the core box to play it?

    Thanks for the help!