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    by swfcdan

    We have only played 6 games now but every time the Overlord has won! And most times comfortable victories. This is with different players taking on the role of Overlord too.

    We are playing 2 hero games and find that the monsters are many more in number each game and overpowering our hero's throughout, and according to the monster numbers it would appear that 2 hero games are the hardest. Especially the games where the monsters can respawn after dying, next round they can move right back into the heart of the action.

    Do people have any tips for playing as hero's? We feel that we have done as much as we can and have fought well each game, but the sheer difficulty of the tasks are the main frustration. It just feels like theres an imbalance with the number of opponents vs heros, and that we are fighting a losing battle from the off.

    Bottom line, we feel that with similar skill level players, the Overlord always dominates in the end. Do others feel the same way, and are 2 hero games the hardest?

    We are liking the game but the seeming inbalance is souring it for us a bit right now, as we can't see the hero's winning a game. Are the quests just meant to be more of a challenge for the hero's to become victorious than the overlord?

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    by ccowan

    I am working on making clay accessories to enhance my games of Descent. Here are a couple pictures.

    The little rocks I think are pretty obvious. They represent little piles of rocks to help the the those areas in the game stand out more. Some times the little red lines around the squares are easy to miss when thinking about strategies.

    The little crates are boxes for the heroes to search. These take the place of the search tokens. Since the search cards are all sorts of things, including the possibility of a treasure chest, it made sense to me, to make these 3d parts be crates that could have anything in them

    I still need to bake and paint these but wanted to post some pics of the unfinished clay first.

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    by Isara

    Hi all:

    I'm beating my head against my desk with this problem, and I want to know if anyone has figured out a workable storage solution for all of the Descent stuff (hear me out)...

    I just bought [user=Vandervecken]Vandervecken[/user] the Plano 7771 system with extra storage boxes to store Descent 1st and 2nd edition pieces. Unfortunately, I didn't know that he specifically likes storing everything in the boxes, so the Plano won't work for him. Since we have both 1st and 2nd edition, and there are always more expansions, does anyone have any suggestions about the best way to organize this mess while still using the boxes, or can show me how they organize theirs? I'm specifically looking for something beyond a lot of plastic bags, like using foamcore, and layers.

    Thanks in advance for your help (and photos!)

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    by spalanzani

    Hey folks,

    Thought I'd ask some of the more experienced Descent players on here, do you guys think it's feasible to use different monsters in the co-op scenarios? Currently, the only way I play this game is with the solo variant offered in these co-op scenarios, but I really like the look of these monster collections, and am wondering if it's worth my while buying them all...

    Thanks in advance!

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    by Zarkil

    My issues, well with priming, we don't have time for my other issues

    I am new to painting.

    I live in kansas so it will be extremely humid for the next few months.

    Priming inside negatively effects my sex life.

    I like the ease of spray priming vs paint on priming.

    I prime in my garage with the door open.

    I use krylon maxx cover white primer (I like the fast dry time).

    If I put on a thick enough coat to completely cover the miniatures I get a very rough finish with a very grainy texture even if I do several light coats.

    So my initial idea is to try a lighter coat that doesn't completely cover the miniature. (Red and cream colors will still show through but the figure will be "dusted" with primer).

    Has anybody tried this? Will the paint still stick ok? I have already stripped them once so I figured I would ask before trying. Thanks!

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    by Spielguy

    I lost interest in Descent 2.0 back when Fantasy Flight took down a website that showed the Lieutenant Cards, Class Cards, etc. At that time I had bought everything, but I had a hard time organizing it so I relied on that website to help me plan how to best use my cards.

    It appears that Fantasy Flight is concentrating on expanding the game through the issuing of the Monster and Heroes packs, which doesn't excite me too much.

    I'm also very impressed with the improvements to the system that Imperial Assault made including hero and empire players alternating activations, scenarios with hidden maps, a side quest system that is much better than the rumor system in Descent 2.0, etc.

    I personally hope for something like Descent 2.5 to come out. Use everything we have so far but improve on a few rules and definitely give us scenarios that allow for more delving with some hidden information. I know I'm not alone in this but I know that many still want 2.0 to continue as is.

    What is the future? It feels like Fantasy Flight isn't doing much to expand 2.0. Are people still pretty happy with the game as is?

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    by Soldier

    In Encounter Two, under Special Rules it reads:

    "At the end of each hero turn, place 1 fatigue token in the overlord's play area. When there are 4 fatigue tokens in the overlord's play area... [game effect triggers]"

    My first instinct is that "hero turn" here means the entire turn for all the heroes.

    However, given the victory conditions of the quest, it would take the OL over 20 turns to win this quest. (OL must trigger the effect about 6-8, maybe more, times depending on the first encounter) Impossible by any stretch.

    So does "each hero turn" mean each individual hero? That makes more sense, as it then take the OL about 5-6 turns to win.

    Playing in about an hour, so answers welcome!!

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    by jorl

    I have bought some expansions already, but did not have time enough to play all the campaigns. So right now I do not need another real expansions.

    But I'm in the mood to buy me some new miniatures. Which of the Heroes and Monsters expansions would you buy first? I made a small GeekList and when looking at it I think I like minis for "Visions of Dawn" most. Should I consider more then the aesthetics?

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    by wakasm

    About me:

    I own all the expansions, and some of the misc monster packs and Lieutenant Packs.

    I've played through the base adventure multiple times, but have yet to crack into the expansions, although will be doing so soon, as I finally have found a group that likes persistent games (we just finished all of Pathfinder).

    So far, I haven't mixed many of the expansion monsters + heroes together, but I was considering doing this since for organizational purposes, it seems a lot cleaner (and from reading on here, a lot people do this anyway, so that from the start, they have access to everything).

    My Question(s):

    I've found that in a lot of first box quests, where the overlord gets to choose from a group of monsters, many times, they choose the same monsters over and over when possible. (Shadow Dragons come to mind, almost every new overlord I've played with chooses them when available).

    Do future expansions force more varied monster choices, IE, will you see at least all of the monsters once? Or if you mix in all of the monsters, do the more powerful ones stand out even more, making a lot of "weaker" monsters never used, and the stronger ones chosen many more times?

    Just curious. I'm not overwhelmed with minis, and trying to figure this out! Was also considering some sort of variant that might prevent picking the same monster type over and over.

    by gilford

    The POD expansions that play solo... will they let you play the base game and regular expansions solo too?

    by xMindFreak

    Hello everyone,

    Are there any difference in the hero and monster cards included in the conversion kit that was released along side the second edition descent game compared to the hero and monster expansions FFG is releasing now?

    Are there any reason to pick up the hero and monster expansions if you already own all of the 1st edition sets and the conversion kit?

    Alternatively if you don't own any of the first edition material is it better to pick up the monster and hero expansions or the first edition sets(if you can find a reasonable deal).

    Thanks in advance for the answers and advice. I'm kind of going into this blind and looking for some serious guidance before I break the bank.

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    by Bobit


    All of the games where there are multiple players that are 100% on a team in the vanilla rules seem pointless to me. I mean, if each "team" was called a "player" in the rules, you could have more players anyhow by saying that one of the "players" is actually going to be controlled by two people (and disputes will be resolved using dice if necessary). Descent for 3+ players is one of those games (the heroes could be considered to be controlled by one player for effectively the same result).

    Now, if the players weren't allowed to communicate their intentions during a campaign battle, that would be interesting and worth considering each hero a different players'. However, the overlord would need to be nerfed somehow to compensate, and I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

    So in summary, my questions are:

    1) What is the purpose of having each player control a hero rather than all of them making decisions for all heroes?

    2) What is the best way to nerf the overlord?

    3) How much should I nerf the overlord if heroes are not allowed to communicate during battle?

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    by Ispher

    Some time ago, I had an idea for skills that could be learned by any hero class, kind of like the universal OL cards. The design was extremely simple: each skill added the smallest unit in each of the 4 main hero characteristics that appear in the 4 circles in the middle of each hero card, which are speed, health, fatigue and defense dice.

    Those universal skills were not supposed to be strong skills. They were supposed to 1) Give a little more variety to hero progression, since only 8 skills to choose from is not that much; 2) Patch up blatant hero weaknesses (the guy with 8 health who constantly gets knocked down is not that fun to play; neither is the snail with 3 fatigue); 3) Before the last quest, heroes sometimes have 1 XP left they don't have much use for (or no use at all if they already have acquired all their 1 XP skills); with these skills, they could acquire something that is at least a little useful; and 4) Help heroes a little in groups where the OL usually dominates - no need to play with these skills if heroes always win.

    Thematically, the heroes go on a simple fitness training to acquire these skills, as the names suggest.

    I kept postponing working on that idea because I wouldn't find the right fonts, or the card images, or the skill (the irony!) to do it well. Finally I decided to do it badly rather than not doing it at all, which is a questionable decision but then again not doing stuff is not that great either. So here is my bad work.

    Track Running

    Weight Lifting



    Finally I had the idea of a skill that would encompass all these very basic skills with a discount of 1 XP:


    To avoid potentially abusive combos with other skills, I would advise to limit these universal skills to 1 per hero.

    I'll allow them to the heroes in my next Heirs of Blood campaign (unfortunately only starting in 1 year, as we are playing Shadows of Nerekhall first and only manage one campaign a year) soblue where I'll be the OL and see how it goes.

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    by xMindFreak

    Hi all,

    I just recently purchased a big descent lot. Includes 12 lieutenant packs. Base game, lair of the wyrm, the trollfens, labyrinth of ruin, and shadows of Nerekhall.

    I don't want to be overwhelmed by having all of these games mixed together. I'm thinking that I should sort all of the games in the following Manor.

    Base game plus lair of the wyrm into one and play the base game campaign, lair campaign and heirs to the blood with this set up. + applicable lieutenant packs.

    Labyrinth of ruin plus the trollfens into one playing their campaign. Plus applicable lieutenant packs.

    Shadow of Nerekhall + Manor of Ravens and then play their campaigns. Plus applicable lieutenant packs.

    Is this generally a good idea until you get experienced with the game?

    Is there a comprehensive component break down for the base game and expansions? The person I bought the lot from had everything mixed and as far as I can tell there are no expansion identifiers on the cards or tiles.

    I'm also planning on eventually picking up the monster and hero packs. Is there a general way to incorporate them into a certain campaign or are they just free reamers and aren't tied to a specific campaign?


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    by Callidus

    In our group, we recently completed LotW. Before that, we played the other two officially released mini campaigns, MoR and TF. I’m not about to start another thread comparing quality, balance or anything else. Thing is, the somewhat mixed experience compared with the full-scale campaigns left us wondering, why exactly the game designers created and tweaked the mini campaign rules the way they did.

    A note up front: All observations are based on a 4-heroes-setup and all officially released D2E content used (except the conversion kit). We don’t use treasure rooms due to various reasons. We rotate the OL job between campaigns. All players are reasonably experienced with the game and have tactical prowess. Hero parties are built with all the roles in mind (damage/control/search/support), but we avoid optimizing too much since this mostly ruins the game. It’s hard enough for the OL as it is ;-)

    For us, MoR was very close and exciting (heroes won), TF similar (OL won, but nearly died from exhaustive scheming ^^) and LotW was a total one-sided disaster, in which the OL got her ass handed to her.


    The basic differences between a mini and a regular campaign seem to be the number of act 1 quests (3 vs. 5), the number of act II quests (1 vs. 4), the number of encounters per quest (mostly 1 vs. mostly 2), and the starting resources for both sides (4xp/hero, 100g/hero, 4xp/OL vs. nothing at all).

    The most obvious and in my opinion most critical are the starting resources. Based on these, one could try to roughly translate the power level at the start of a mini campaign to equivalent progress in a regular campaign:

    4 XP available per hero: 4 quests (7 encounters) played, next: interlude

    400 gold: A search token is on average worth ~33g (hard to factor in the chest correctly), so a total of ~12 searches accomplished in 7 encounters, implying 1 to 2 max. per encounter, which seems quite low.

    Additional quest rewards in act 1 are either relics, 100 gold for the heroes, or +1xp for the OL. These seem to not have been factored in at all.

    Equipment: No relics, just a single shopping step. This is extremely luck dependent with 400 starting gold. The heroes could end up with nothing useful or crazy stuff like bearded axe, rune plate or mana weave.

    The mini campaign quest structure somewhat resembles 3 interludes in a row, followed by an act II finale with only a single act II shopping step in between. The quest rewards are extreme, as the winner in addition to the basic 1xp is often granted a relic and a free item (heroes) or +1xp (OL). The act II transition seems to be awfully late, putting game deciding emphasis on a quest with mostly just 1 or 2 act II items available to the heroes can become harsh.


    We argued and discussed for a long while after each finale, but we could not really point a finger on what feels wrong with the mini campaign rules. The general consensus was, that the OL probably should get a boost in resources right at the start, e.g. additional 3threat/1xp, his choice.

    The Epic play variants take a different approach to adjusting the starting power level for both sides, which is hard to compare due to the free choice of items. That also left us wondering.

    What are your experiences with the mini campaigns and what do you think?

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    by tonksey

    So it's been a while (a year?) since SoN was released and it's been quiet about whether there's any further boxed expansions planned. I know there's been the heroes/monsters boxes, a couple of coops & the campaign books out since but I'm specifically interested in the boxed stuff here.

    Although it wouldn't surprise me if something may be announced at GenCon coming up as that's popular with FFG.

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    by GabrielD42

    My dad loves Descent, but he complains that there aren't enough monsters to choose from. So I bought him an expansion and composed the following limerick:

    There once was an infamous Overlord
    Who upon beating up "heroes" grew bored.
    He found diversity lacking:
    It was repetitive whacking!
    So his son bought him a shiny new horde.

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    by AlBundy4td

    Ran into a scenario where Hero's were attacked by monster attack that affected all hero's in line of site. 3 hero's in play where two were LOS but one is blocked by hero adjacent in between monster and himself. Situation - the hero blocking LOS was killed during the attack - so, does the hero that was not LOS at time of attack now roll defense Dice since he now is LOS or is LOS only affect the two heros before attack dice were rolled?

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    by chang_1910

    getting tired of seeing the bloody tokens.. the problem? 8-15 us for each mini, bloody hell.
    looking more into it, it seems that it comes with 10 plots cards, 2 agent cards, 16 token. it seems that the token are the same, but was wondering if the plot cards (cant tell) and the agent cards (seem likely) are different in between the packs.

    is still quite pricey, especially the one at the high end of 10-13us, but at least could consider getting a few on the lower end.


    Also would you recomend one over the other? i only have the base game. thx

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    by Budapest

    I play Descent exclusively co-op. I play the 3 official co-op adventures and Nerdook's D6 variant. Recently I made a deck for Redjak's AO v4 variant which I hope to use soon. Now I'm wondering what heroes/classes are best for the co-op's.

    I play 3 heroes solo and 4 heroes with my wife for the most part. Currently I own the base set, LotW expansion (purchased for the new official co-op) and Oath of the Outcast monster pack, but I'm open to get more.

    by swfcdan

    I've read and experienced why 2 hero games are much harder for the heroes to win. The game does a really good job balancing strength of abilities for each character in general I've found so far, but the glaring problem is the difficulty for 2 hero games and specifically becuause of the lesser number of search tokens- leading to lesser gold in campaign.

    Each quest allows more search tokens for more heroes, but haven't they got this backwards? Surely it is better to have more search tokens for less heroes (so 4/3/2 for 2/3/4 heroes). We will be trying it but that could lead to much better balance for 2 hero games (our group only like focusing on one hero each), as they will then have more gold not less to buy items.

    Or if that sways it too much then how about just using the same amount of search tokens (probably 3) irrespective of heros numbers. Why does it really need to change? It really seems like the lack of tokens is what could be to blame for overly difficult 2 hero games (for the heros).

    Our group has been very frustrated by the difficulty of 2 hero campaigns, and lack of gold for items is a big reason. Thoughts on this idea? Has anyone tried it?

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    by chang_1910

    Hi, I`m looking into getting some mini chest for my fav boardgames (descent, DnD boardgame)

    Which one you guys think would be a better option?

    25mm scale, bones. I know they are famous for being "best" mini plastic out there. But dont have any. DOnly thing, is they are white and i dont do painting. -.-

    i like this, but are this too tiny?

    Also someone recomended this, it has extra components that i dont need, but i could use some barrels. No idea about the size of them though..

    hoping to order tonight. thx