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    by 2e151

    Picked up the base set & Shadow of Nerekhall this weekend. Loving it thus far!

    We have some friends coming into town this weekend, and we'd like to have a couple of stand-alone adventures.

    Are there any quests that can be used as a one-shot hack & slash? Scenarios where its more about clearing Monsters than completing objectives.

    I figure we'll use the epic rules.

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    by Zaily

    Hello guys, I just made my first Quest vault adventure (just one scenario).

    I will be happy if you can leave some comments for it - I accept any negative ones as well Just let me know what to improve or what you think as players of Descent. thank You

    btw: the adventure still needs to be played (im going to do this today) and to adjust difficulty(the number of fatigue tokens requiered to summon shadow dragon or so..)

    here it is:

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    by slimo

    I am just getting on the Descent 2.0 train after playing it once a couple of years ago and not really enjoying the Overlord aspect.

    I had heard that FFG were releasing expansions that would introduce All vs All and pure Co-op play - is this true?

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    by dreadnok89

    I can control the overlord and run a character to help my girlfriend right? Or is it too much of a hassle. Thx guys

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    by HapHzrd

    Fantasy Flight posts pdf's of the Descent manuals and booklets here...

    But I don't see the Quest Guide for the base set (Shadow Rune). Do you know if they post it anywhere else?


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    by Vandervecken

    After another frustrating adventure (original campaign) we just took the drastic step of removing the Geomancer from our group. The incredible power of Quaking Word has left our players baffled and our Overlord incredibly frustrated. No-one has been able to figure out a way for the OL to be competitive with Quaking Word in play, and no-one was having any fun. In the end we had to remove him.

    Has anyone else had the same experience?


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    by Zaily


    I own Descent second Edition + Trollfens Expansion. I would like to enlarge my collection, but I am not sure, what is the best choose.

    We are going to try legendary Descent rules - (random tiles exploration and spawn of monsters), and if my group will like it, I certainly will play a lot of this.
    We also like the original quests, but usually we only play 1 to 3 of them, never got to play the campaign as whole, because I have more groups and almost all time, there are different people playing.

    What I want to add mostly are new heroes, new classes and items, to make the game more fresh for hero players and also add new monsters and cards for overlord, so there is better variabillity what I can bring on the table.

    Please give me Your advices. My budget for this is value like 1 big expansion or one small expansion + one box of Hero+monster collection. (I dont want conversion kit, because i dont have the minis of original game)

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    by HarryCanyon

    I typically sleeve most of my games but I'm not sure if I want to sleeve Descent. I would love to keep all the cards looking great and in good condition but there are a few reasons why I'm thinking that I don't need to sleeve these.

    1. The cards are good quality. These type of cards with the plastic finish tend to hold up stronger than Dominion quality cards. Has anyone's cards started to degrade?

    2. It seems like you don't really shuffle cards too much so the cards won't see wear that way.

    3. You don't really throw down cards a la Cutthroat Caverns, instead you play equipment and other cards by placing them in front of you.

    4. There are a ton of cards, it seems like a lot of work to sleeve.

    What do you guys think? Do these cards start showing wear or should I sleeve? I haven't played one game of Descent yet, so most of my time has been spent organizing everything and getting ready for the first play through.

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    by achasteen

    I'm reading about the new 'Bonds of Wild' Hero and Monster Pack for Descent and I'm drooling from the mouth.

    Now that I'm investigating, there are like 6 Hero and Monster Packs!

    - Oath of Outcast
    - Crown of Destiny
    - Crusade of the Forgotten
    - Guardians of Deephall
    - Visions of Dawn
    - Bonds of Wild

    I'm wondering which of these are the best? Could you rank them? I am more interested in heroes and class decks, but the monsters are fun too.

    I hear so much about expansion, but I haven't heard good comparisons of these little ditties. I'd be impressed with anyone who owns all of them and can speaking freely about them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    by Soldier

    After 5 campaigns I've had it.

    I hate the door stands that come with the game. Its just not possible to stand in the space next to them.

    Has anyone found a good alternative that lies a bit flatter to the board?

    by Dreamshadow

    For the record, I do not own Queen Ariad or any of the Hero/Monster packs.

    I'm getting set up to run the Shadow Rune tonight. It's my daughters and my wife's first time through the game. I want the experience of the first campaign to be more GM like rather than tough overlord like. Would anyone suggest using any Plot decks or limiting the monster pool in any way?

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    by aikidobro

    hi i am look for a second copy of all the quest guides for the game. I want to keep all the manuals and quest guides in a binder to make it a little easier to to keep track everything. But i also want to keep the originals intact. Is there a place i could buy just the quest guides. thank you any help you can give.

    by Morph Mode

    So I have been playing Descent semi-regularly with the same group for almost 2 years. We are towards the end of our third campaign and our games are almost always fun and tense matches between an experienced OL and 4 experienced hero players.

    Over the weekend we had a pretty rough experience with the Nerekhall Act 2 quest Into the Dark. I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced problems with that quest specifically or had similar experiences with other quests.

    Encounter 1 doesn't really have an end condition the OL has any control over. It ends when the heroes close all 4 rifts or when the OL moves 5 citizens all the way down the board to the end and into a pit. Realistically that end condition is never going to happen for the OL -- I just don't see any way it could possibly happen if the heroes are even a little bit on the ball. That means the heroes control when the scenario ends since they choose when to close the portals. To make it worse the OL can only reinforce at still-open portals meaning he gets fewer and fewer options as the game goes by. So it turns into a long slog as the heroes hack their way through rats and grab search tokens while the OL tries to just stack as much damage on the heroes as possible for encounter 2.

    So that turned out to be not much fun, but the real issue came up in encounter 2. The OL can win this quest by extinguishing two torches. As OL I was able to extinguish torch 1 on my first turn -- the 'unseen foes' reinforcement gives me a chance to reinforce next to a hero in an unlit space who fails a perception check. Then it was as simple as using a dash to get movement, action to pick it up and then an second action to throw it down a pit. Picking up the first torch removed the locked door blocking torch 2 so I was able to then double-move my carrion drakes to the second torch for an easy pick up and extinguish on turn 2 that the heroes couldn't prevent.

    We rewound it and let them try again; this time the heroes all ended in lit spaces so I couldn't reinforce. But I used the 'shifting earth' threat card to move heroes that failed a check, so I got one to an unlit space, he failed his check and I reinforced and took the torch again like the first time. Rewinding again and theory-playing it out, if they didn't advance to the torch at all I could still get my carrion drakes there for a next turn pickup.

    So that was super-unsatisying as you can imagine. And it just rendered the 2+ hours we playing in encounter 1 meaningless. This was one that legitimately took longer to set up and explain the quest than to play. Maybe this was just a perfect storm of OL cards and failed checks:

    First try:
    - failed perception check
    - OL holding Dash card

    Second Try:
    - OL has Shifting Earth (or some other way to move heroes at the start of his turn like Dark Charm)
    - hero fails check for shifting earth/dark charm
    - hero fails check for unseen foes which allows for reinforcement
    - OL holding Dash card

    But I wanted to see if anyone else experienced similar problems with this quest or conversely had good and fun experiences with it. Or if not this quest, what quest have you played that seemed really broken or a letdown? I guess I've been lucky to get all the way to our third campaign before hitting a clunker.

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    by joshsc63

    My group started a new campaign and the OL is using the Unkindness deck and the heroes are finding the card Call of the Raven way too strong.

    1) Being able to sacrifice a monster with less than 4 health for a raven is causing a huge imbalance. Being able to replace a 1hp monster with a 4hp raven is essentially giving you 3hp for free... consistently

    2) Ability to capitalize on reinforcements. Usually heroes can plan on reinforcements but perhaps keeping a master minion on low HP so the OL doesnt spawn a brand new master baddie on the board but by being able to kill your low HP master minion, you can spawn a brand new one whenever needed.

    Does anyone find these problems as well? for #1, must the OL spend 4HP to spawn the raven or does the monster just get dealt 4 damage? I can see this being okay if there must be 4HP to spend.

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    by estevezzz

    Hi guys!
    I am developing a foamcore box insert for Shadow of Nerekhall. And I think the main box size can be different from different publishers.
    I have russian edition of base game and Shadow of Nerekhall. And I realised that base game box of russian edition are greater then original one on 11mm.

    So I need your box sizes, guys
    Please, measure your base game box width length and height. And Shadow of Nerekhall. And post result here. Thank you!

    I am using SketchUp Make, if you are interested. And here is how it looks like now:

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    by NHack2013

    As some of you might have noticed, I really like Descent as a coop experience (German coop rules Automatischer Overlord - Koop Kampagnenregeln, German adventures here:Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Forgotten Souls, also an English translation thanks to unwohltaeter. As a matter of fact I only ever played Descent (Second Edition) as a solo board game. With two heroes it’s a decent whistle challenge, very variable and I really like the theme, artwork and stories.

    That’s why I’m still hoping that FFG will someday release a big coop expansion. To speed up the design process and give them a little first help, I’d thought I use these forums. cool

    Step 1 - What do we want?

    A game system which plays similar to “Forgotten Souls” or “Nature’s Ire”, but is more variable and uses every expansion up to date and yet to come.

    Step 2 - Analysis

    A coop adventure consists of twelve encounters. We got 4 main encounters, one treasure encounter, three trap encounters and one encounter for each monster used.

    The ten peril cards are tied to the story. There are effects for summoning monsters, direct damage, in play effects and one timer card which moves doom.

    The activation cards describe the actions of the monsters. They are more or less restricted to attacking the heroes, but try to copy some typical strategies for each monster type.

    Step 3 - A new coop adventure

    For a new adventure we need a story, spanning over 4 main encounters. The story gets further supported by ten peril cards.

    To fill in the gaps between the main encounters we need a set of treasure encounters, trap encounters and monster encounters.

    (By the way: Step 2 und 3 are all you need to know to design your own, already quite balanced coop adventures.)

    Step 4 - Monster Mix

    Every Monster group gets a unique activation card. Each card contains a number of possible activations, which resemble typical activations of this group (Goblins spot at range, Barghests howl and so on). At the beginning of the monster activation step you determine a number and activate every monster group in play according to the actions listed under this number on the group’s activation card.

    Step 5 - The encounters

    Some of the main encounters are probably outdoor adventures (Trollfens for example). So we need a selection of treasure and trap encounters on the A and B side of the tiles.

    And we need one encounter for every monster group in the game. Depending on the monster it could either be an outdoor or a dungeon encounter.

    These encounters can’t cover the main story but some typical “you enter a horrible room and see…” flavor text would be sufficient.

    Step 6 - Bringing it all together

    So, if we want to experience “The Trollfens” as a coop adventure, we pick the 10 Trollfens peril cards, one random outdoor treasure encounter, three random outdoor trap encounters and 4 random outdoor monster encounters. These encounters build a deck of encounter cards like the ones in “Forgotten Souls”.

    We also need the activation cards for the monster groups from the main encounters. When our heroes enter an encounter which covers another group we simply pick up its activation card and continue.

    What if you don’t have every expansion?

    Every card could be marked with a corresponding symbol. When picking the main adventure and the encounters, simple leave out the cards with symbols of expansions you don’t own (yet ).

    How to incorporate future expansion?

    Heroes and Monster Sets simply include a new encounter and a new activation card for every monster. New big expansions also contain 4 new main encounters and 10 peril cards.

    So what does FGG need to design and print for this expansion?

    48 monster activation cards and 48 corresponding encounters. 28 main encounters. One encounter guide for the descriptions of the encounters. 70 peril cards for the main stories.

    To have enough variety I think we also need at least 3 outdoor and 3 dungeon treasure encounters and 10 outdoor and 10 dungeon trap encounters.

    Oh, and of course activation cards for the lieutenants which are used in the main encounters.

    All in all it would be a card heavy expansion, not unsimilar to “Miskatonic Horror” for Arkham Horror.

    Why would they release something like this?

    It would be a great way to “finish” Descent and still sell it. Everyone who already owns the game and enjoyed its expansions, can now one-shot his favorite campaign on a single gaming night. Everyone who doesn’t like the Overlord mechanic can finally buy Descent (and every expansion).

    So please FFG, make it happen!

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    by virferrorum

    Just curious to see who wins the hearts of many. Your vote should be for favorite of each class (drawing from usefulness as well as style and fun).

    Below feel free to share your favorite party combos!


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    by virferrorum

    I'm curious to see what our fellow OLs are liking.
    Ratings should be done on effectiveness, fun and theme.

    And of course feel free to share your combos and builds


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    by virferrorum

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get a certain mini from one of the box sets? My buddy is looking for 1 wraith.

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    by Sarcasmorator

    This one uses Lair of the Wyrm monsters. Info here.

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    by Tatsu

    I had been asked about this elsewhere, so I thought I'd share here too. I wanted to come as close as possible to holding all my 2nd ed. stuff in one "container". In addition, I have almost a full first set, and wanted to hold as many of the monsters and heroes from the 1st edition as possible. I finally settled on a plano 732 tackle box (a freaking bargain at $39 at Walmart)

    The top two side compartments hold the larger base game figures (and some smaller ones that I haven't painted).

    Under the lid sits all the tiles, rules, printed FAQs, solo/coop boxes (probably will throw those co-op clamshells out since they are just cards and a printout). The compartment is deceptively deep. The two smoke dragons from the 2nd ed sit in here since they are just a hair too large for the top areas.

    Five good sized plano boxes come in the chest (3 large, 2 medium). I took one large one out and replaced it with a simple foam tray for my heroes figures.

    The two medium boxes. The one on the left holds smaller monster figures from the 2nd ed. The one on the right holds all the tokens and dice.

    The larger boxes are holding (or destined for) the painted figures from the 1st ed. For use in this game via the conversion kit. I suspect they'll end up holding both ed as space gets tighter. I currently have tons of room for more figures.

    The foam tray has a chunk of the heroes (some painted, some primed and some not). It may also hold some of the lieutenants once I bust them out and paint them.

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    by sdrewthomson

    2nd encounter of Through the Mist, from the Labyrinth of Ruin expansion.

    I picked Plague Worms as my open group.

    The 5th and final objective token is on the River's Edge tile.

    There is no possible way to get Serena enough time to channel the energy there without being interrupted by a burrowing Plague Worm, which I can Reinforce on that tile at the start of each of my turns.

    Impossible for heroes to win, yes?

    Only way I can think of it working is to somehow move Serena there before her turn starts (with Syndrael's heroic feat, for example), but that's not an option here.

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    by Muad Dib

    Hi guys,

    since I am planning a new campaign soon and I often read that some classes are overpowered (e.g. the Geomancer class was a big complaint recently) I am interestted what your opinion is on the classes.
    Of course, the quality of a class always depends on the other heroes but I am interested in a "overall average quality" in your opinion.

    Additionally: I searched the forum and did not find a poll like this. If there is one, let me know. Also, all comments on specific hero traits etc. which are overpowered are welcome.

    I hope the classes are correct, they are taken from here and can be also looked up there if you are unsure of the traits:

    TLDR: Please answer how good you think the different classes are in average, from 1 (nearly useless) to 5 (totally overpowered).

    Hero Classes


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    by Boze

    Hey folks, just about ready to take the dive on this game. main reason is i have a hard time finding consistent players to play Tabletop RPGs so figure this is the compromise.


    When doing a campaign, and lets say 1 person can't make it to game night mid campaign, does that hero just "sit out" while the others play? Or is the system designed so that hero has to keep playing otherwise he gets "left behind" so to speak....


    by Mithrandir82

    Hello everybody,

    I am working on multi-class variant (inspired also by this thread) and I would be glad to have your help to assess which classes could eventually benefit from it.

    Usually we are playing the cooperative mode with only two heroes and right now I am considering the multi-class for many reasons such as:
    - To have a hero (Desmond I am not talking to you !!) providing some kind of healing without being a healer
    - To make classes as the Spiritspeaker, the Hexer and the Berserker more competitive. whistle

    Thus it would be very kind of you if you could answer to the following questions. Thank you very much in advance for your help.