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    by Lanabound

    I'm playing the first edition of Road to Legend and just noticed the second edition version of the campaign came out. I downloaded the app and it looks pretty cool.

    It seems like you basically have four weeks, and in each week you can
    1. Do a side quest for gold/XP, or
    2. Buy items (or buy XP for one hero) at Tamalir. (Items changing each week)

    and then move onto the finale.

    That's kind of how it works in the original edition too. It takes a week to explore a dungeon or shop in a city, and shop items change each week.

    The biggest differences between the editions seems to be the real-time map movement, which did provide a nice sense of urgency, and of course random dungeon generation. Full co-op, though, is a bonus of the second edition.

    I mainly wonder how big the map will get. I don't think this edition of Road to Legend will use maps more than a backdrop for choosing a quest, as has always been the case, but it will be nice to at least have different cities to choose from with different attributes. Looks good though.

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    by InfinityBlack14

    Hey everyone! I was looking today at the Dark Souls board game, and I have to say that the content isn't as much as i'd expect and the tiles don't interlock. What came next in my head is what I'm here to tell you all.

    What if someone, anyone, (me) created a co-op descent like the three expansions, but made it able to support expansions like Rtl and added a boss at the end of each encounter. Take a moment to think about this. There. Semi-randomized map tiles with special encounters mixed in, followed by an epic creature that requires strategy to take down!? /MindBlowing

    Besides the epic boss minis that DStBG has, the only other thing going for it imo was the boss decks. Decks that do not shuffle allow you to learn the attack patterns. It would be super easy to implement in the game, allowing new, unique bosses to the forefront.

    If I have grabbed your attention, great. Please let me know what you think. Otherwise, still let me know what you think. Thanks for your time reading this. Cheers

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    by Blustar

    The Ettin has a command to attack an adjacent hero, but can only get to within two squares ( other figures blocking his placement after movement) so, does the Ettin attack with reach or not?


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    by SoylentRed

    Make a perfect container for condition cards and frequently used bits!!!

    The condition cards fit perfectly if they aren't sleeved (unfortunately, the only downside) with their proper bits underneath. Plenty of other spaces for other markers as well.

    Glad I saved it after giving the beads to my daughters at Christmas.

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    by sdrewthomson

    So I'm trying to interact with the pile of dead bodies. But the app doesn't respond when I try to touch it. Same goes for Search tokens. Anybody else have this problem? It was working for the first few rounds, but now it's unresponsive.

    I can do everything else (indicate when my turn is over, when all monsters are activated, etc, but I can't interact with the map.

    Am I doing something wrong? You're just supposed to touch it, right?


    by michael4928

    Hello everyone,

    So I downloaded the app and am ordering some of the hero and monster collections and expansions to add to my base game and few lieutenant packs. It says that each expansion adds 1 side quest, but I was wondering how much of the other expansion materials would be used? Are the tiles from the expansion sets just used in the side quest that it unlocks or are they also integrated into the rest of the game on the app? Are they not used at all? How about the monsters? Will the future downloaded campaigns require specific expansions to play or will they just draw from what you have listed in your collection? Is there and randomness? Replay value?

    Thanks in advance and have a great day!

    Thanks in advance and have a great day

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    by SmallRobot

    ok, So i am a completely new player, bought this purely for solo play and the RTL app.

    I have the base set and asides from the odd fire imp turning up things are going ok.

    I just got my a$$ handed to me on the buried under water treasure quest.. :/

    my question is, the stuff thats for sale in the market city... it states certain weapons I could buy, but I have no physical card for that weapon in my core set and the app does'nt state what it does or its attributes, just shows a picture and a price..

    should I have the card? I cant imagine the app will be tracking who's holding what weapon..

    So far all i seem to be doing is attacking.. I have done the tutorial quest and one on the campaign.

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    by nerdook

    Okay, time to ask the inevitable question: when can we throw some money at FFG so that we can play a "real" campaign with the app?

    I expect I will be checking and refreshing the FFG news page rather frequently in the coming weeks!

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    by Mithrandir82

    RtL – Wishlist for future implementations

    Hello everybody, after finishing the first campaign with my group (and playing a bit with app by myself), I can update my wishlist for the future implementations into the app (for my Kindle Fire).
    Please feel free to provide also your comments, hopefully ffg will take them into account. 

    - Automatic tracking of skills, items and gold (plus fame)
    - Countdown (peril)
    - Splig’s voice and music in the menu

    Looking for

    - Random generated dungeon

    - More specific selection (monsters, classes and heroes) of the elements from your collection, with the possibility of saving the list.

    Description [o]We would like to be free to select personally which monsters, classes and heroes to use from our collections and not to be forced to bring with us entire expansion(s) all the time just because we want to use specific heroes (or classes).[/o]

    - Monsters options and actions adapted to the group limit(number of heroes), in particular for two players.

    Description [o]For a two players game, I would be glad if the game would show only the relevant information in order to avoid confusion. If there is supposed to be only one monster I think there is no need to have both defeat unique and defeat group. And if there are only master (or minion) monsters, according to the setup, there is no need to provide information on how both are attacking. Everytime I can’t help to think: did we put the correct monsters ?? [/o]

    - Faster and clearer set up information for the quest.

    Description[o]Right now every time you open one door and you receive the information in different steps and (clicks): tiles, background, objective. I see the point in highlighting the information on the objective item/monster but for the “standard” information (e.g tiles, monster and search tokens) I would prefer to not be obliged to click multiple times and just take all of them together from box. It has to be noticed also that when completing the setup, the monster icons dissapear immediately from the map while I would prefer to have the information available at least until the end of the turn of the first hero.[/o]

    - Offline rules implemented in the app, such as a sort of glossary.

    Description [o]I would be glad to have for example an offline reference glossary based on the tutorial. True is you can keep a game saved just with the tutorial and go back to its journal everytime but it is not so user-friendly. [/o]

    - Narrator’s voice for background information during the quest

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    by tom2013

    Ok i defeated splig, it says i win... Then got a hate note from him and The "The end" button... Really just one encounter????

    - tom

    by impish1234

    Here a complete list of Order, Effects and Instructions from RTL.

    Exel File

    Font (Gara Scenario - Descent)

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    by fondor

    Hello FFG or someone who knows about the plans of FFG,
    I played the wonderful Trial-Campaign and am amazed by it. Unfortunately it's only available in English. Does someone know if there's a plan to upgrade the App with a German localization? That would make it easier for my kids to play the game without my help

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    by MGAC

    My friends...
    I recently made a trade for Descent 2nd Edition Base Box, and Descent: Lair of the Wyrm. Both were gently used and in good shape, albeit both missing the miniatures. I contacted FFG and they are replacing the miniatures for free. I just finished going through each box piece by piece, token by token.

    Wyrm is complete
    Descent 2nd is 98% complete. I am missing only four tokens out of the entire set.

    2 hero tokens (the small ones) - 1 silver, 1 orange
    2 objective tokens (the large ones) - 1 white, 1 green

    Would any of you kind folks have these tokens and would be willing to part with them? I would pay whatever shipping is required.

    I would contact FFG again, but since they are sending me complete sets of minis for free, I didn't want to burn up all my good karma.

    Pics below:

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    by motoyugota

    I have some, but not all of the 1st edition sets (and the conversion kit), and I am trying to figure out which 2nd ed expansions have the monsters and heroes from which 1st ed boxes, but I can't seem to find that info anywhere. I know it has to be somewhere, but I've spent too much time already trying to find it. Can anyone help?

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    by royalscam123

    Yep, I'm late to the party. I just bought the base game and 4 expansions.

    First off, I plan to play a solo campaign using the app, should I include every expansions I own even though I haven't played the base game yet? Should I take it slow or I'll be missing on variety down the line....

    Now, as a cooperative campaign with several players and an Overlord, again, include the expansions from the start or run a full campaign with the base game then mix in the additional content after? I'm just unsure as to what is the best way to integrate them.....

    Finally, any good links on storage, but more importantly, how to store components from different expansions, separate or all together?


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    by Shynra

    Had my first play through done a few bits wrong (corrected thanks to you guys here)*

    But my question:

    Can you have one campaign with Just the base game and one with expansions?

    Planning to play just the base game at work but when at home play with expansions.

    Perhaps this is out of scope of the app. (this effects if I buy ‘Shadow of Nerekhall’ or just ‘Heirs of Blood Book’ as have just the base at the moment)



    *Bits I did wrong was - 2 player had an extra attack but forgot if you didn’t use it you gain +2 heath at end of activation – forgot to level up chars in training tab, just had base abilities.

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    by Ted Smythe

    I haven't downloaded the 'Road to Legend' app yet and only own the core set. I am curious, however, does the app ask which version of the core set you own? I have the newer, Heirs of Blood, version but would like to play the Shadow Rune campaign, too. It would be really nice if the app let you do both with only the core set.

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    by LCS213

    Hi many I am finally taking the plunge into Descent 2.0. As I've never been a big fan of overlord games because I always end up being the overlord in games I own, I'm looking forward to primarily playing with the app to start and then move one of the well received co-op variants.

    Which would you say are the top 3 big or small box expansions, and why would you say so? Best in terms of balance, fun, new (but not complicated) mechanics, bang for the buck, etc. I'm looking forward to your answers!

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    by InfinityBlack14

    Has anyone made a proxy of the monk class and given it a whirl? Which combination of Scout Hero and Healer Class? I'm doing it this Sunday, but I thought i'd ask everyone on their opinion. Thanks in advance. Oh, and if you haven't tried, but have a recommendation, let's hear it.

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    by impish1234

    ....hmmm strange, its an act 2 item and i got it for 25 instead of 175 at first market visit.

    Bug or Black Market?

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    by ryno80

    1) Install Xamarin Android Player

    2) Visit

    3) Enter in search box

    3) Open Xamarin and install latest (Nexus 10 (KitKat) as of this writing), hit play

    4) Install downloaded .apk file (from step 3) by dragging into Xamarin Android Player Screen

    5) Enjoy RTL on your Mac

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    by Titeman

    Never played "regular" Descent with him as he he would get bored off-turn.

    But now my 9 year old is HOOKED on the co-op! Kindred Fire better come out soon!

    Thank you, FFG!

    That is all...

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    by trydling


    I have 1st Edition Descent with the conversion kit. Does anyone know which expansions I can use in the new Descent app? I am guessing that a lot of monsters and heroes are the same?

    Thanks for any help.

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    by SirWillibald


    just a small question before my first lieutenant appears...

    If you own the lieutenant packs, which stat card do you use when RTL spawns one of them? The one from the core game or the one from the pack?

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    by deathninja

    Been eyeing up Descent for years, but didn't bite as it's unplayable solo and I wasn't sure if the wife would play it, finally pulled the trigger once the app hit.

    Core set turned up today, was halfway through punching out counters when I realised I had 10 sheets of tiles in the box: 1-8 and an extra 1 & 2. All have DJ01 printed on them.

    Did I just get some extras through chance, or has there been a revision/addition in a recent printing?

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    by MichaelJSculptor

    Hi, does anyone know if the quests in future full campaigns will have variable dungeon tiles that will draw tiles from your expansions? Essentially, will the tiles for each quest be fixed or will there be some variability (ie, like an open monster group, an open tile that RTL chooses from your collection)? From pre-release press and rumors I got the impression there will be variability, but the mini-campaign makes me think otherwise. From the tutorial quests, it appears that RTL uses monsters and conditions from expansions you own in the main quests. Also, it will utilize map tiles from expansions in specific side quests unlocked by owning those expansions, but it appears the tiles for these are fixed.

    While it would certainly enhance the replay value, I would appreciate tile variability that draws from expansions simply because it would make my expansions feel more valuable to the RTL experience.

    Let me say that I have looked for the answer, but there are so many threads and posts about RTL right now, that I may have just missed it. My apologies if that's the case.

    by Rockin Rocko

    With the quantity of this game out there and its new resurgence (new buyer myself) due to the new app I am shocked that the guys at Broken Token or Go7Gaming haven't made a organizer/insert for this game.

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    by impish1234

    ...think its enough now for looking inside, otherwise i fall back to my beloved Amiga Time (Subway Crew).

    great work ffg - like it what i saw

    Defeat Picture

    Kindred Fire Map

    KF Logos



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    by vprice

    I just wanted to compliment FFG and Asmodee for their excellent customer service! I was missing some cards from Mists of Bilehall, and they are sending said cards immediately. This is the solution to your missing/ broken parts problem!

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    by Nuuq

    I have been playing this amazing game with this amazing app when my tablet suddenly powered down.
    It was on 40% of battery and was on charger.
    Later on battery charged back to 10% and I tested it again. It went down to 5% in 10 min.
    Anyone have same issue?

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    by Mishenka

    Since the dungeons in RtL are prebuilt and must work for everyone no matter whether they have any expansions or not, does that mean that all dungeons will only use base game tiles?

    by zappshmeow94


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    by Greybear

    I have ordered Descent 2nd Ed and have the Road to Legend app. What do y'all think would be the best expansion for my Collection in the app? Difficult to answer I know because the app is so new. Perhaps those of you with Descent experience might have an intuition. Thanks.


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    by ryno80

    I played the road to legend tutorial solo with 4 heroes and the amount of monsters, damage, perils and conditions were far greater than my 2 hero tutorial with my wife. The extra attack or recover 2 health seemed way bonkers making it almost boring easy. I know it's just the tutorial and meant to be easy, but it was a completely different experience. Anybody else notice a huge difference in difficulty based on number of heroes?

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    by nadurgin

    I have all the Lieutenant packs for Descent 2.0. So far every time I try the western side quest in the mini quest, when I am getting close to the end the Peril spawns an agent whose presence makes it pretty much impossible for me to win. One time I got Valyndra, that was interesting... for about 2 turns anyway....

    My question is, what would have happened at that point if I didn't have any Lieutenant packs? Did my having Lieutenant packs make things harder, or would whatever the perils do instead also have made it impossible to win?

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    by APaulV


    I find myself in a silly situation, having played numerous sessions of descent by now. We are now playing the Heirs of Blood campaign and we reached the interlude - specifically the quest named Saradyn in Flames; now there are 2 somewhat contradicting pieces of information we got and are uncertain as to what should come out of this.

    1. The rule book says that up to and including the interlude, the overlord should use his act I monsters/lieutenants.
    2. When reading the last part of the quest "Saradyn in Flames" it is stated there that when Sir Alric Farrow is unconscious players should ignore his "Regeneration" anility (hope i didn't misspell or mistaken this ability's name)

    Now the problem arises from the fact that ONLY Act II Sir Alric Farrow has this ability, and, having read the quest again, there is no mention of any kind of him getting this ability (for example as stated in the Special Rules). I sincerely hope i didn't miss something because, truth be told, we were all very tired - it was in the early hours of the morning after a long night.

    So - should the OL play with the Act II lieutenant? The Act I one with this ability included? Or is it just a slight mistake in the quest book? (like the producers mistook this quest as being an act II one) Or is there some errata i missed?

    Thanks in advance

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    by az933k

    So I finally got to try out Road To Legend this weekend and I created a group of heroes that all had or used familiars to get as many activations as possible.

    However when any of the groups activate, the list of commands state to engage a hero or to attack a hero with the lowest attribute or lowest/highest health.

    How would familiars like the wolf, summoning stones, or reanimate play into this? Would they still engage these as targets first?

    This was my first time actually playing the game despite owning it

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    by APaulV

    Hi. When using Enfeebling Hex it is stated u can hex a monster 3 spaces away from your target. So this is different than saying "3 spaces from your target space" right? This comes in play for large monsters - like Shadow Dragons. If the 2 dragons are 3 spaces apart, the second dragon could be actually 5 spaces away from the space i target with my attack. Can i still hex him since he is only 3 spaces away from the first dragon? Or does the second monster, the one i wish to hex, have to be within 3 spaces of the SPACE i target with the attack? Thanks

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    by estevezzz

    Hi all! I'm a fan of Descent and also I'm a fan of Google. So I decided to create a Space for my favorite board game in new Google Spaces service. I invite you all:

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    by Taear

    Since so many of the Marshal abilities rely on stopping the overlord from drawing cards, does that mean the class is essentially useless in the app?

    I can see the marshal is choosable, but it seems silly that the game doesn't say "No don't do that".

    by Enroth186

    Hi folks.
    As Descent 2.0 is getting its second life now as a coop/solo game, mainly due to the release of the Road to Legend app, there seems to be an increasing interest in playing existing Descent 2.0 campaigns coop or solitaire. There have been multiple variants of bgg users over the past years that try to simulate an overlord so that no human player has to take that role. The main contributors are Redjak and Nerdook who have refined their variants ever since and provided lots of professional looking components and playtested rulesets for all players to enjoy.

    In request of a quick comparison of some of these methods for a newcomer, i want to list some pros and cons for these variants. These are my personal opinions and everybody can come to his own conlcusion, i just want to give a short comparison so that you dont have to read through the complete rules to see which variant is suited better for your tastes.

    Redjak's automated Overlord variant (RAOV):
    +very few additional components needed (only a 36 card deck needs to be printed out. this can be done at home and does not need a lot of time/money.)
    +this variant uses a lot of the original components (overlord cards, monster cards...) and stays very true to the original game.
    +the monsters dont act in a predictable manner. Every turn you draw a card for each monster to see how it behaves this turn.

    - the rules are a little bit more involved/longer than the monster variant.
    - the rules have a few special cases and priority lists which you have to know by hard if you dont want to flip through the rules all the time.
    - you need to keep in mind all the overlord cards in the overlord's hand and make sure to check if they will be triggered during the game. Also, the overlord cards dont come as a big surprise since you know they are in his hand and are ready to play.
    - you have to flip a lot of cards from the AI deck during the game. Everytime when you activate each monster and every time you have to make a random decision.

    Redjak's automated monster variant (RAMV):
    + shorter/cleaner ruleset.
    + the rules are almost all on the cards, you dont need to keep a lot of rules in your head.
    + the events are triggered at a regular step in the turn and you dont have to check constantly if events are triggered by hero actions.
    + this variant uses a custom event deck which results in a little bit variety and unpredictability from turn to turn.
    + changes turn order to alternating, like in imperial assault. This promises to be a more tactical and dynamic approach to the turn order.

    - you will have to print out a lot of cards. I think all in all there are over 300+ cards you will need if you want to use all monsters / campaigns.
    - the monsters act in a predictable manner. You can always see the different actions and conditions after which a monster manages its actions and you could counteract/exploit this.
    - You can not use the overlord cards. In this variant, custom event cards are used.
    - changes turn order to alternating, like in imperial assault. This changes the ballance and flow that existed in the core game.

    Nerdook's D6 variant (RAMV): - Text is Coming soon

    I personally like that RAOV stays very true to the original gameplay. I like the smaller footprint and the unpredictable monster behaviour of RAOV better (although the events are more unpredictable in RAMV), even if it means that you have to remember some more rules and take care not to forget something important. If you plan to play this coop with other players, i think this is not such a big problem, but if you plan to play this solo with 4 heroes, it might be a bit much at first. It gets better over time though.

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    by CaptLudd

    Looked all over but nowhere does FFG state how long "coming soon" means. Not familiar with this company in that regards so ask what I am missing? Hell I don't even see any speculation as to how long it will be! I guess I won't be holding my breath. However feel free, speculate at will, personally I am hoping for something pretty quick....

    :edit: oops, I am inquiring about the companion app of course..

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    by cfrun02

    Playing Descent for the firs time. Just wondering what is the best way to experience the RtL? 2,3, or 4 characters???

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    by cranky_hobbit

    Anybody aware of whether Road to Legend will be on Steam?
    I saw in early news posts that it would be.
    I emailed FFG almost a month ago asking if they could confirm if they are releasing it on Steam.
    Anyone have any news on this?


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    by Egghead Hobbies

    Greetings Descent players,

    I recently launched a model building and miniature painting channel on YouTube and got a great suggestion to visit the BGG Descent Forums and share the channel with everyone here.

    The startup channel is mainly focused on model making and miniature painting, and currently the main focus is a large project for Descent Second Edition. With over 230 of the miniatures for the game ready to be painted, this undertaking will cover the entire library of miniatures by showcasing groups of painted miniatures, spotlight videos on the occasional miniature of interest, and how-to videos along the way.

    Here's my latest offering... the painting of the Bone Horrors:

    I welcome everyone who's a fan of the game, as well as fans of miniature painting, to visit the channel and take a look. Feel free to leave comments with your questions and suggestions. I'm no master painter but I enjoy what I do and have already seen improvements in my skills, which I hope to see continue over the life of this project. Over time I feel the archived videos will range across various techniques and appeal to beginners and veterans alike. It may also inspire people to paint their own miniatures, or finish the task they may have already started.

    In addition to the Descent project, a series of videos will be made covering the complete Star Wars: Imperial Assault miniature collection, as well as other game miniatures and Star Wars models and diorama projects.

    I look forward to your input and and thank you for checking out Egghead Hobbies.

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    by Lemonpips

    Can anyone tell me at what points the RtL app saves your progress? Thanks!

    by Shady Bits

    Looks like a lot of people are getting rid of this game, is there something new and better that people are buying to replace it?

    0 0

    by Enroth186

    Hi guys!

    I have not bought any lieutenant pack. In the Redjak's solo/coop variant "RAMV", there are cards in the dark influence deck that can summon agents into play during a normal campaign scenario. I would want to use them nevertheless, hence my question:

    Are the lieutenants way more powerful then agents are?
    Could i use the stats from my lieutenant card for the agent?
    Would this unbalance the game too much?
    I have seen pictures of the Eliza Farrow agent cards and they are identical to the lieutenant card. Are there other lieutenants which are way stronger than their agent counterpart?

    Greetings, Enroth

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    by Burnham

    I just finished the mini campaign.
    When I got to the throne room of the final quest I had zero "lives" left (if another hero got KO'd I'd lose).
    In the throne room was: Splig, Goblin Archers, and Hybrid Sentinels. The characters that could, fought the sentinels. The other's fought the goblins (just to reduce the number of enemy models on the board).
    At the start of the next turn, Queen Ariad showed up. I killed the master Goblin Archer (which removed the two remaining goblin archers).
    I somehow survived a turn (I finished off the master hybrid sentinel and did a couple points of damage to Queen Ariad (since she was blocking the way so two of the heroes couldn't even get into the throne room where all the action was. Anyway, after that round, a new goblin archer tribe showed up, and Queen Ariad promptly beat the ever living daylights out of my heroes and I lost.

    tl;dr Splig, Goblin Archers, Hybrid Sentinels, and Queen Ariad all at the same time (at the end of the quest after my characters were already bruised and beaten).

    Now I'm sure all I HAD to do was defeat Splig himself, but there was too much crap going on and only my healer was even close enough to get at him without spending a whole turn just moving.

    (I had a similar experience with one of the rumor quests too (I didn't do the other rumor quest because I didn't realize this was the final quest).

    I REALLY want to love Road to Legend but it's just SO frustratingly difficult!

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    by Callidus

    We recently launched our first Mists of Bilehall campaign and I feel like sharing our impressions so far. I am really interested on how other groups of puny little heroes fare in the Mistlands, as MoB seems to be a place quite different to the amusement-parks that came before it ;-)

    We consider ourselves a fairly experienced group (went through everything released so far except MoB at least once), use all the expansions, use plot decks, banned the conversion kit, play only 4 vs 1 and rotate the OL role between campaigns. The usual experience is, that the OL is challenged much more than the heroes, due to less total play time in that role and the min-maxing potential in the HE party.

    Despite that, we have a healthy 65:35 HE:OL quest win ratio and a 50:50 HE:OL campaign win ratio. We believe, this is due to the fact that we agreed to restrict hero party optimization when selecting character/class combos for a new campaign and we never picked heroes/classes with quest requirements in mind. Optimization is only done after launch of the campaign (situational picking of skills and equipment).

    This approach served us well in the past, but with MoB came to a crash landing. So far, we played the intro quest, sanguine lord and read the two successor quests.

    The intro was well balanced and challenging and all HE escaped alive with 3/4 searches despite 2 knockdowns scored by the OL. The high mobility of the party and one essential OL mistake made this possible.

    However, after a lousy shopping step, it went downhill from there. Sanguine Lord and Song of Bone seem pretty much unwinnable if the OL isn't stupid and the HE party is not optimized and wasn't lucky during the shopping step. The HE lost Sanguine Lord horribly despite some OL mistakes and pretty much optimal play (consensus).

    For the next 2 quests in line, things seem to be not much different. The sheer amount of negative effects, quest mechanics acting as pure HE action sponges, almost act 2 worthy lieutenant profiles and the overwhelming amount of monsters and reinforcements simply seem too much for a non-min-maxed group. Never before has the difficulty objectively been so high. Killing things fast is objective number 1. Sub-par HE/class combos are not advisable for this campaign.

    Just for reference, the far from optimal party we picked (intent was, to pick stuff that saw none or only minor amount of play before):
    - Grey Ker as Treasure Hunter
    - Zyla as Hexer
    - Jonas as Prophet
    - Orkell as Skirmisher

    We think, the Prophet and Skirmisher hurt us the most besides the fact, that we did not manage to find any new useful weapons during the shopping step and in the treasure chests Grey Ker unearthed.