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    by IanHancock

    tldr With all the talk of RTL vs OL being "competitive" products, in my experience it seems that RTL is a gateway drug of sorts to traditional Descent.

    So I like many others have been looking forward to the Road to Legend app and the new options that it gives for getting Descent onto the table. To be honest, this was the biggest "pro" for me, irrespective of how much I liked playing descent with an Overlord player, the argument was mute simply because of the people that I was playing with; it just didn't get out often enough to make it a "fair" competition.

    So much so in fact, that I started taking my Overlord responsibilities in much the same way as I took my DM responsibilities in our RPG; my job was less about beating the player than it was about facilitating an environment where people were able to enjoy themselves and feel that they achieved something. Sure, it didn't scratch my competitive itch but if I can get fulfilment out of being an RPG GamesMaster surely I can dive on the grenade in a game like Descent and "let the wookie win" right?

    Anyways, after playing through the Kindred Fire campaign with 3 family members who haven't ever played Descent before and they loved it (so did I by the by). Interestingly, the first thing they said afterwards was that they would love to play with an Overlord player and it got me thinking about my previous forays into introducing Descent to new people and how difficult it was to juggle the role of Overlord as well as teaching game mechanics. After doing the RTL campaign, these guys know how hero actions work; they know that monster groups can activate in different orders and can behave in unexpected ways (ie OL cards) and they've experienced the whole getting KO'd thing so they don't get all despondent when it happens (I've had a few hero players spit the dummy when they get targeted repeatedly for the KO/OL card).

    Long story short, these guys are ready for a "real" game of Descent now. I don't know I'd ever be able to get them as prepared as they are now by "throwing them into the deep end" as I would by simply playing through the RTL campaign, even if it was only the introductory one.

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    by Born_cz

    Based on your playthroughs, what kind of "encounters" did you came across when activating search tokens? We´ve played through Rise of all goblins (4 quests) and only outcome of search token was either certain amount of gold or "draw a search card".

    Did you have any other outcome? Like finding some specific item (since Treasure chest is removed from search deck)?

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    by Jonathan68

    Has FFG said anything about how frequently they will publish campaigns? I'm hoping there are at least a couple a year or something but I have no idea how much work goes into creating the campaigns so maybe once a year is all we can hope for.

    Also, I only just got the base set and hope to pick up some expansions. Is there any indication that FFG will publish campaigns that require an expansion? If so, I may just hold off getting anything new for a while, or at least hold off on getting a lot of expansions

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    by Registrau


    With RTL released this game finally seems viable to enjoy solo, and I might take the plunge.

    I've never played it, but I love dungeon crawlers.

    I don't know how the game & app work. Does the core game provide enough content? Which expansions (there are so many) would give the best bang for my buck to use with RTL?

    So far I see there are small box expansions, big box, monster and heroes, and lieutenant packs. So I'm quite lost.

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    by scourn1

    Got the base game. I was wondering if the best value to add to start the Kindred Fire Campaign is Shadow of Nerekhall and Labyrinth of Ruin?

    Seems like they add 2 heroes each, along with a new class each plus everything else, being big box sets

    by nheather


    I have seen plenty storage solutions designed for packing away the game after use. I have even seen the excellent v1.1 foamcore trays on the Esoteric Order of Gamers website but that is designed for the base game only.

    What I'm looking for is a solution that covers all the boxed expansions when they are mixed together. In particular I want something that holds and presents the cards and counters whilst playing a game - not too concerned about miniatures and map tiles.

    Of course I could design something myself but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if it has already been done. Anyone seen anything like this.



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    by neo.colpaert

    I've finally found on Ebay the 10 Lieutenant packs I've been looking for quite some time:
    Alric Farrow
    Merick Farrow
    Eliza Farrow

    However they are in Italian. And my Italian is as good as my Chinese. Can someone help me with some kind of PDF of the 2 Lieutenant cards and the 10 plot cards in English for each of these 10 lieutenants, please?

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    by mhalowel

    Hi guys,

    I've been interested in getting a big dungeon crawl game, but feel that playing through a campaign is probably not very realistic for how I play games. Which is why I've been leaning towards a game that allows you to play one shot missions like Level 7 [Omega Protocol].

    Can descent be played in that one shot mission style? Or is it purely campaign?

    Are there any other modes of play included with the game besides the standard campaign?


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    by kypatzer

    I am a miniature painter and a mostly solo gamer. With the addition of the App you can now play this pure solo I was considering jumping in with both feet... Then I saw the Massive Darkness kickstarter. While on one hand Descent is much better established with a ton of expansions the minis in Massive Darkness are frickin incredible. Any thoughts?

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    by dophin26

    Can you add a character to the app after you've started a campaign?

    My friends and I started last week and this week another person would like in.

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    by bravefencer

    Trying RTL for the first time this weekend. Gave up on Descent years ago with my group. This app brought me back!

    Reading through the rules guide for RTL...very curious about this part under "Decision Making" (comes after all the instructions for monster actions).

    How the decision-making is approached is largely up to the play group. New players or players looking for a easier experience are free to steer the monsters toward choices that favor the heroes. Players looking for a true test of skill should steer the monsters toward the tactical maneuvers that a skilled overlord would employ.

    Yup, makes sense.

    Regardless of how players approach them, these decisions need to be made as quickly as possible without excess deliberation.

    This doesn't make sense to me...why mention quickly as possible and not have excess deliberation to consider the monsters best move?

    Is Peril increasing per second of app running time in a dungeon? The rules imply Peril is determined by round...

    For those you who have played RTL already, is Peril round based or real-time based?

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    by Bucho22

    I'm thinking about giving buying a lieutenant a try, who should I get? Who shows up a lot in their campaign?

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    by starburstq

    I've heard several ways people choose characters to play:

    1) Minmax. Take an hour reading through everything and pick optimal
    2) Reduced minmax. Randomly choose X heroes and Y classes, minmax from those
    3) Random. Random draw of heroes & classes = your character
    4) Randomish. Random, but with X # of redraws

    I'm curious which option provides the most fun for your group (especially if you use something besides these)

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    by stumpersthecorgi

    Hi there,

    I've been looking at some Heroes and Monsters/Lieutenant packs and was wondering, which provides more fun/replayability to the game?

    Also, how does one incorporate the quests in the Heroes and Monsters pack to the game? Do you guys usually play it one off/or...?


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    by voidofopinion

    Hello everyone!

    I just finished my Descent 2nd Edition Collection, All Expansions, All LT's all Heroes and Monsters. Now that I have begun to paint them I find my current solution of cardboard tray inserts woefully lacking.

    Is the Plano 7771 still the go to for storage and if so, how many will I need to store my collection without cramping? I already have tokens and map pieces taken care of so I really just need something for the minis.

    Does anyone have any experience with Feldherr? Is it worth the additional cost over the Plano? Are there other good, reasonable cost options available?

    Thanks for the advice!

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    by dophin26

    Wow, we just finished a second outing in the RTL app / co-op. I thought it was hard the first time around but it is like an evil DM/GM the second time out. We slowly fought our way through the goblins in the final quest and got slaughtered. Okay, lets try it again, but not waste as much time fighting- let's get to through the rooms. Works great for a while and then suddenly, as we are completely surrounded and the goblins are coming out of everywhere, an mother nature gets pissed at us too and an elemental pops up out of nowhere right next to us and, of course, the odds are now once again insurmountable.

    I got a little disillusioned with the app after that. It was like an old DM I had way back in the day that was always out to get us. The experience turns from an enjoyable experience to a frustrating, uphill battle (slaughter). Not too much fun.

    by Jonathan68

    I’m only going to talk in generalities and won’t give up any spoilers. I got absolutely trounced in my stage II side quest yesterday. I had just equipped my guys with all the best equipment the town had to offer but it wasn’t enough. I’ve played about 15 RTL scenarios now (about 10 different ones with some repeats) and my initial assessment was that some scenarios were much harder than others. However, I’m beginning to think it’s more a matter of approach. Some scenarios might seem harder because I’m not pursuing the objective correctly. I still think that some scenarios are harder than others but I’m starting to suspect the gap between them isn’t as far as I first thought.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    by ObsoleteThree

    Is there anytime in the game where you place monsters and don't place the rest of the group? Playing through the tutorial quest and when the app tells me to place a master monster (or the unique monster) I should be placing the rest of the monster group in addition to that guy right?

    by InfinityBlack14

    I'm looking for an image of the advanced quest card (reward side) for ToC, and the overlord reward card too. It's not on the wiki and google. A simple snapshot would be appreciated.

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    by nicoga3000

    I am fixing to purchase the base game to use with RtL and one of RedJak's variants for solo play. I'm a BIT of a completionist and hate the idea of missing out on things. Assuming I enjoy the game enough to purchase expansion content, is anything at risk of going out-of-print entirely that I should purchase first?

    I see people suggesting the monster and big box expansions first, which I'm all for...But if certain lieutenant packs or something may disappear forever and become prohibitively expensive, I'd prefer to purchase that stuff first. Thanks everyone!

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    by chedz23

    I'm looking to store all my Descent mini's in pluck foam trays, and was wondering if there was an existing list anywhere that had the dimensions for all the figures released to date? I know I can print out a grid sheet and manually place each figure on it to plan how many trays I'll need, but I'd rather just design it directly on my computer.

    Searches on this forum and through Google haven't turned up anything, so I wanted to ask here. If there isn't one, I may start my own as I work through the grid sheet method. I'll post it here if I do.

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    by GFWD

    I have all of the campaign books for Descent now.

    My son, who is 8, has told me that he would rather be the Overlord than play a character with me in the RTL app. He wants to create his own dungeon maps and run the monsters against me. However, he doesn't really understand balance yet and I am pretty sure will just throw so many monsters at me that he will destroy me

    So, I have suggested that he try being the Overlord for one of the pre-made campaigns first to learn how to play as the Overlord.

    Which brings me to my question: of the different campaigns in Descent which would you say is the simplest to run as the Overlord?

    Thanks for the help.

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    by Anarchosyn

    Just curious. I'm about to pick up the base game, and planned to include one big box expansion in the order. I'm primarily purchasing the title to use with the app, however, I anticipate my group coming around to the Overlord play after a session or two.

    Anyhoo, based on my limited familiarity I would assume Shadow of Nerekhall to be the expansion I'd want, what with its investigative / mystery elements, but I haven't followed the other expansions close enough to feel confident in this assumption.

    Thanks for any advice.

    p.s. And yes, I am aware that all Descent campaigns are combat heavy. I would just like one that tasks the players with other elements as well, if possible (investigative, stat tests, diplomacy if that is ever a thing, ect). Failing that, one with a smashing and unexpectedly twisty story.

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    by steantera

    I currently only have he base game, any recommendations monster/hero packs, expansions etc to get some variation in the game? I heard good things about Labyrinth of Ruin.


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    by Morph Mode

    I have been lucky enough to play through 3 Descent campaigns with the same group. I had bought Imperial Assault and some add-ons and so we started up the IA campaign after our last Nerekhall campaign ended. I had thought that the some of the improvements in IA would make the game more fun but so far it has been just the opposite -- we are struggling to maintain our forward momentum with IA.

    Since RtL came out we have been having a ton of fun with that. And one fringe benefit with it is because it only handles 4 players we can play a lot more often. One of the reasons we have only played 3 Descent campaigns since 2013 is we won't play until all 5 of us can make it so sometimes it is 3-4 months between games. T

    Hate to say it (because I spent a lot of time painting my IA set) but I think for us the old standby of Descent is going to fight up the uprising from its flashier younger brother (at least for our group).

    Anyone else coming back to Descent after the initial draw of SW:IA faded?

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    by Anarchosyn


    I just purchased into Descent (I'm riding the Road to Legend wave into this amazing title).

    Being a bit of an over-purchaser, I nabbed:

    the core box,
    The Trollfens (for more junk),
    Shadow of Nerekhall (for a different approach to the traditional play when we decide to switch away from co-op).
    Heirs of Blood (for a better campaign with core-box components)
    and Crusade of the Forgotten, based on the advice of somebody on reddit.

    However, I feel like adding one more Hero and Monster Collection to my initial set. I could use some advice on what people felt were the better options in this collection, from either the hero or overlord perspective.

    I get anything shared will be little more than a subjective opinion, but I welcome it all the same.

    Thanks in advance!

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    by Anarchosyn

    Just curious,

    Should a new group (entirely new to the game) include Lieutenant Packs, or should one gain some familiarity with the game before the tweak of peril gets added in?

    I don't want to make the environment unduly hard for the heroes, grappling with the core rules as they might be, but I also relish the idea of adding depth to the overlord's strategic options.

    As I mentioned in another thread, I recently pulled the trigger on:

    the core box,
    The Trollfens (for more junk),
    Shadow of Nerekhall (for a different approach to the traditional play when we decide to switch away from co-op).
    Heirs of Blood (for a better campaign with core-box components)
    and Crusade of the Forgotten, based on the advice of somebody on reddit.

    So the players will already be benefiting from all this content (and likely Heirs of Blood will be the first campaign approached). Would a pack or two spice this up positively, or just be too much (I get that only one pack can be played per campaign).

    Also, I'm considering adding Labyrinth of Ruin to the purchase order. Too much, or a nice edition?

    Thanks again.

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    by Anarchosyn


    I stumbled into a few references to Heirs of Blood coming in the core box as of half a year back, but have been unable to find more than forum chatter to substantiate this.

    I have no doubt those commentaries were factual for the time, but does anybody know if this is still the case?

    If so, I'll have to cancel a rather large order so as to not repurchase what might already be coming in my core.

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    by familygaming

    I just started playing Descent yesterday, and I'm enjoying it enough that I'm researching all the expansion content for the game.

    As I am looking at all the content (!!!), it seems like all the heroes are the conventional white fantasy races (e.g. white humans, white elves and white dwarves). Are there any heroes of other ethnicities?

    I know Magic: The Gathering is starting to break away from the white-dominant fantasy archetype. Just wondering if Descent is making any similar moves.

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    by ThatGuyMontag

    At the moment I'm waiting on a pre-order of some lieutenant packs, but the order is being held up while they wait for the Splig lieutenant pack.

    Does anyone know what's happening with the reprints? Fantasy Flight's update tracker doesn't show any of them in the queue.

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    by simpsonps121

    Playing through part of the campaign last night with some friends... it hit me that there seems to be an over arching story in all of this. I have read Blood Heirs... and that concerns Aleric. So did the campaign last night.

    So... is there an over arching lore to this world? It is the RuneBound system... but are there books to learn about the history of this world?

    Weird question... just wondered.

    by Atrusni


    i was playig RTL and i was doing a sidequest, when i started noticing that the app was asking for tiles that were not on the core set. it also asked for monsters that were not part of the core set.

    i checked the collection option in the tab, and it was correct, it only showed that i owned the core collection, so i am not sure what happened.

    anyone has seen this issue as well? is this a bug of the app?

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    by ralterma

    Hi. It seems to me from recent posts that the quest vault is still active. When I use the link I am able to enter login details only to end up in the community forums (see screen shot below). I am wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. Thanks!

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    by Aekold


    0 0

    by Altasia

    It's not the first time, but I have forgotten my hero was immobilized. And this time I moved him to push a door, there is no backspace/rollback button to undo my progress... how can we get a hold of the devs?

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    by Codo Kamiyatchi

    Hello, sorry to bother folks 'round here, but I made a box-edit that can basically hold almost EVERY last expansion and all the things it has... Except for the map pieces and the figures.

    Now the figures, I can do without, because while I love them, I can still just use tokens.

    But when it comes to the map pieces... Try as I might, you can't really place the tokens easily enough onto the book, and make sure that line of sight is good, boundaries for spaces are proper...

    I already own every expansion, and DO own the actual map pieces, but have no access to a WORKING scanner (Believe me, I've been looking around.)

    So is there any place I can actually download printable copies of all the map pieces? I travel a lot, so carrying the map pieces and figures is kind of an issue, but I got all the booklets, all the tokens, and aaaaaaall the cards all in a single box that I can carry easy. But printable paper versions of the map pieces, I can still fit into the box, due to the flatness of, ya know, paper.

    Does anyone have something along this line? If not, alright, I'll try and copy the map pieces by hand or something, but if I -can- save myself some time, I'd be very grateful.

    by burningecho

    I only did the tutorial mission and went to get back into it, but all I'm getting is a blank screen and ambient noises. I've tried beginning new campaigns, reinstalling the app, restarting, everything I can think of. This is happening on my tablet AND my phone. I cant be the only one, can I? Is game night ruined?!

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    by Anarchosyn

    One of the central complaints regarding Descent 2e, at least in regards to the core experience, appears to revolve around the search mechanic -- most people seem to feel it was a bit tame. Reading loads of impressions throughout the four year history of this title, many have made the observation, at least in regards to the unexpectedly repetitive and lackluster options that appeared.

    One thing that is very difficult to ascertain, however, is how this may (or may not) have changed over time.

    My Question: Provided we can agree that the core experience was a bit lack laster, have the expansions gone to any lengths to address this? I know the small box expansions removed the "you find nothing" cards in lieu of hidden room options, but were steps taken beyond this? Maybe better cards in almost every expansion, or other tweaks I may have missed?

    Just curious to see if FFG turned a deaf ear to these complaints or not.

    by El_Tonio

    Just traded for the base game and a few expansions:

    1Oath of the Outcast Hero and Monster pack
    2Alric Farrow, Zachareth, and Kyndrithul Lieutenant packs
    3Forgotten Souls & Nature's Ire co-op packs

    I read through the rules and I think I get most of the basic concepts and mechanics, but I am not quite sure how you incorporate the Hero and Monster packs or the Lieutenant packs.

    Part of the problem may be that I'm a regular Imperial Assault player, and these seem to work differently in IA vs. Descent. That said, here are my questions...

    (1) Questions about Hero and Monster packs

    Guessing you can use the heroes in any adventures, correct?

    Can you use the monsters as open groups in any campaign?

    What about the scenarios that come with these packs... are they meant to be one-off missions, or can they be included in other campaigns?

    (2) Questions about lieutenants

    Seems their key role (besides replacing some tokens for minis) is to select JUST ONE lieutenant (with threat deck) to add to any campaign. Is this correct?

    Are there other uses of the lieutenants? For example, since Alric Farrow is in the base game campaign it says I cannot use him or his threat deck in that campaign.... is that correct? So, I'd have to use him and his threat deck in another campaign?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    by kypatzer

    Help - RTL crashes everytime I try to open a saved goblin campaign after I have previously exited the app. I am running the IOS app on an Ipad, has anyone else experience this? I guess maybe I just need to not close the app until I am done with the campaign.

    by scottytx

    I'm a little bit confused about the rules on this one. I've only played one game so far, so it might just be me not understanding the larger scope of things.

    After the familiar is created there is no cost (that I know of) to activate him each turn- you just have to announce it before or after your main character's actions. It turned out to be pretty OP in our game, as that player basically controlled two attacking characters (him and is familiar) each turn. The familiar has no shield roll and can die pretty fast, but then he just gets recreated again at the start of the next turn so nothing really changes.

    So is the familiar meant to just follow you around the whole game at no cost after he is created?
    If that is the case there would be no reason to not always it activated, so why even bother having to announce that you are activating the familiar each turn?

    It feels like I am missing some kind of penalty or rule to offset that power. Or maybe the game just gets harder as you go on and you need it?

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    by Anarchosyn

    Very simple question I'm surprised I haven't been able to answer on my own:

    Are rumor cards from different expansions (Small box and/or H&M packs) intended to be mixed together in one campaign, or is the intent for the OL to pick a specific line, saving unrelated narratives lines for future campaigns (akin to how the Overlord is restricted to picking one plot deck from their collection for a specific campaign)?

    Reading through some threads has left me scratching my head in this regard -- I had assumed they were mutually exclusive since any one campaign is only a small number of Act I and Act II main quests. But others have suggested mixing at least the Hero & Monster pack rumors with those from a small box expansion.

    Ultimately I ask because I'm awaiting my sole small box purchase (Trollfens), and am curious whether I'd gain much on the rumor front from ordering a second.

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    by Anarchosyn


    Recently I decided to jump into Descent per all the Road to Legend chatter. Cooperative play is my aim, but am looking forward to running through the competitive campaigns as well (if I can convince my co-op loving group to get behind that style of play).

    I pulled the trigger on the core Descent 2e box, and -- as an afterthought -- grabbed:

    a Hero & Monster pack (Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Crusade of the Forgotten),
    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Shadow of Nerekhall, and
    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – The Trollfens.

    After an brief order mishap with the online retailer, I then added:

    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Lair of the Wyrm,
    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Forgotten Souls,
    Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Nature's Ire and
    two lieutenant packs (queen spider lady and Merrick Farrow).

    This is naturally a lot, and I'm running the risk of burning myself if my group doesn't take to the experience (though I'm somewhat confident I'll find players, myself solo via RtL at the least). Beyond the wasted money if everything goes south, there will be a lot of mechanical nuance dumped into the learning experience, though I can't tell how weighty these additions actually will be (I lean more to assuming they'll enrich our initial playthrough).

    My Question!

    So I was about to pull the trigger on Mansion of Madness 2e when I noticed I was tantalizingly close to getting free shipping. My first thought was, "well, I can just included Lair of the Wrym, and maybe the final co-op expansion" which would basically complete Descent for me, save the last two big box expansions. My second thought resulted in this post.

    Is Lair too much too fast? Knowing it as you do, worth the extra investment?

    Thanks for indulging this ramble.

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    by Egghead Hobbies

    Greetings Descent players!

    As some of you may know, I've got an ongoing series for painting the miniatures for Descent Second Edition on YouTube at Egghead Hobbies.
    The channel is growing steadily and I'm pleased to announce Episode 6 - The Elementals just posted.

    There was some trial and error involved to get them to turn out like I hoped, but they came out better than I could imagine!
    Take a few minutes, check out the video and feel free to leave your comments and subscribe to the channel to see new videos as I get them posted.

    Thank you to everyone for helping make the channel a success!

    You can also follow Egghead Hobbies on Facebook & Twitter!

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    by Mordliss

    Hey all,

    So I have purchased absolutely everything that Descent has to offer, and my wife and I are such huge fans of Descent that we have decided to tackle making some custom expansions of our own.

    We have several miniatures that beg to become part of this amazing dungeon crawl experience as monsters, however we do not paint our miniatures, I would love too, but I simply do not have the time to sit and paint when we could be sitting and playing!

    My question is this: What color spray paint could we use to mimic the natural plastic minion and master colors?

    Simply buying any miniature and then spraying them a solid Cream? for minions and a burgundy color red for Masters would merge them into the game world flawlessly with the professional templates that are available.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has ever done this before, or knows a spray paint that could be used well for something like this with a color scheme.


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    by willienue

    I am thinking about getting this game and use it only together with the road to legend app and play fully co-op. Two questions comes to mind:

    1. From what I can gather there seems to be little to none impact to the campaigns of how much content you own for 2nd edition. Is there anything "must have" I should buy besides the start box to get a rich experience playing the two campaigns?

    2. I own the first edition of this game. If I get the conversion kit will I be able to use anything from first edition when playing with the app?

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    by Noahboa

    When I set out to build a custom insert for Descent I had three criteria.

    It had to be inexpensive.

    It had to be simple to build.

    Most importantly, it had to organize the tiles in numerical sequence. Most storage solutions I have seen are very handy when it comes to organizing cards and tokens but the map tiles are typically just tossed into a compartment, so you still have to rummage around through them for the ones you want.

    Using materials from the scrap booking department of my local craft store, I made a binder for the tiles, which can now be sorted in numerical order. The binder sits on top a very simple 4-compartment insert that stores all the other bits.

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    by Ravepig

    I've owned Descent for a number of years. And in that time, I've tried playing 5 or 6 times. And in every instance, we get 4 or 5 adventures into it and everyone just sort of fizzles out. I want to like this game, I really do. I love dungeon crawlers. I love miniatures. I love fantasy. The mechanics are good. But every time I've sat down to play it, I find myself silently wishing we were playing something else.

    I honestly don't understand the appeal. Of all the dungeon crawlers out there and of all the miniature games out there, what is the appeal of descent to those of you who love it?

    I'm sincerely asking as I personally find the game boring and lacking any real consequence from adventure to adventure that makes other games so much better in my opinion.


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    by Sargeras777

    This is for the first edition, right?

    So it's of no use to get it for the new one?

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    by zaltyre

    After many questions and discussions about these concepts, I'm happy to announce that I've put together a tutorial document for range and line of sight in Descent. I hope this will be helpful for new players as well as for journeying veterans with questions.

    All of the information in the guide represents the RAW as best I understand them. While LOS in particular has many house rules floating around, I think knowing the RAW is an important step to deciding whether or not to implement house rules, and for determining how abilities are intended to work.

    You'll notice that this is version 1. If you've got questions, comments, or feedback, please let me know. Thanks!

    BGG Filepage link: