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BoardGameGeek features information related to the board gaming hobby
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    by CptMuffincubes

    Is there a site that details lore for the shared universe of Descent, Battlelore, et al.?

    There is a wealth of information concerning video games like Dragon Age, but I can't find any resources concerning these popular table top games.

    I frankly have no idea what a Daqan or Urthuk is other than the archetypes they represent.

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    by Cazzmataz


    How does the app work?
    Does it run all the scenarios in the game or is it special scenarios?

    Is it good for solo play?

    Is there some kind of random dungeon generator?

    How does the app work with expansions?

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    by Frozan

    Hi guys, im looking to purchase this game, mostly because i like the one evil,and the other the good one. How the game is player with 3 players? goes well? really hard for me to get 5 people, my group is mostly 3.

    Also, is really campaign driven as arcadia quest? or its more standalone quests/level? Arcadia quest for me is heavy campaign driven an i dont like it, i sell it, because its difficult for me to make my group play continuously same game. Take in place what i told? Would you recomend me this game?

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    by Erotic_Walrus

    I'm curious about Descent but it seems like there are profound differences between the first and second editions of the game. In fact, much of Descent's player base appears to be somewhat polarized by these differences. Overall, I've noticed what appears to be a stark preference for the first edition here on BGG; however, Descent 2nd is rated MUCH higher, on average. This is quite confusing to me.

    Is anyone here willing to break down the differences between editions for me, to help me make an informed decision about which one, if any, I might prefer? Thanks in advance!

    (Cross-posted to Descent 1st General forum, for visibility and to ensure diversity of perspectives.)

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    by Cazzmataz

    If i buy an expansion like labyrinth of ruin, will all lieutenants from that expansion have a chance to spawn in my games?
    Or do i need to buy the small blisters?

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    by Cazzmataz

    Ive just read the rulebook in the road to legend app, is there any need for me to read the regular rulebook also?

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    by Icehawke

    I have had this sitting on my shelf for way too long. So the other night, I cracked it open and played the intro scenario via RtL.

    My question is regarding the attack dice. On the character cards (and monster cards), it looks like the attack is silver + red/yellow. Now going by the rules and looking at the dice, this is evidently wrong. It should be a blue die, correct?

    Are my cards misprinted?

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    by ComtriS

    I'm currently just playing through the campaign of the base game, and I'd like to know what the expansions would do for me. I'm not interested in knowing what they would do individually really, but more like a description such as "the Lieutenant Packs add an extra Lieutenant that you can use for X purpose."

    These are all the expansions I could find that aren't "Lieutenant Packs":

    Labyrinth of Ruin (2013)
    Lair of the Wyrm (2012)
    Shadow of Nerekhall (2014)
    The Trollfens (2013)
    Forgotten Souls (2014)
    Heirs of Blood (2015)
    Manor of Ravens (2014)
    Road to Legend (2016)
    Oath of the Outcast (2014)
    Crown of Destiny (2014)
    Mists of Bilehall (2015)
    Crusade of the Forgotten (2014)
    Nature's Ire (2014)
    Guardians of Deephall (2014)
    Bonds of the Wild (2015)
    The Chains That Rust (2016)
    Visions of Dawn (2015)
    Dark Elements (2015)
    Shards of Everdark (2016)
    Treaty of Champions (2015)
    Stewards of the Secret (2016)
    Fall 2014 Game Night Kit (2014)

    I listed these, because I don't know how or if these can be grouped together in any way.

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    by tootz

    having got both Massive darkness and Sword and Sorcery.this is still the one to beat!!
    what helps this stay ahead of all the amount of good expansions and other a good community modding wise etc

    S&S...just too heavy going ruleswise lots of vague areas.and just too much to keep track of for an enjoyable experience.

    Massive Darkness...great variety of minis [got ks of course!].but just not used to full potential.but,easily moddable like Zombicide.which this is really Black plague evolved but just not evolved enough. enjoyable but should have been a lot better.

    so, Descent is still the best Dungeon crawler experience IMHO

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    by Stybart

    Dear All,

    I wanted to play "Without Mercy" quest from the Shadow of Nerekhal expansion.

    I have one question here:

    What are these three white tokens for? They are not mentioned in the quest description. Anyone any idea?

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    by zaknazaaar

    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know what type of plastic are 2nd edition miniatures made of?

    We have played several games with our group and I decided to try to paint the minis. I bought Citadel primer, paints and some brushes. I also purchased a multi purpose varnishing spray which, however, is not recommended for polystyrene in particular. I associate polystyrene with food containers, but I have no clue really of all these plastic/polymer types.

    Thanks and best regards,

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    by Bouncy

    I've just got hold of Descent and Shadow of Nerekhall for co-op games using the RtL app.
    If I activate the SoN content in the app when playing the core game campaign, what content from SoN will get merged into the campaign?
    Is it just the monsters that get swapped in, or does it also make use of the map tiles etc. as well.

    I'm just curious if I'd need to take both sets with me, or whether I can just throw in a reduced set of components into the core box (monsters and cards).

    I'm not aware of whether the app allows it, but it'd be a nice feature if you could just activate heroes from expansion sets rather than the rest of the content to give a larger party selection pool without the rest of the content.

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    by tootz

    whats the best and/or worst mini in the game..can include expansions and H&M packs..

    love the dragons abd the demons...but the worst one I think by far is the Medusa..its awfulyuk

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    by Barking

    Hi all,

    I really enjoy the RtL app and also the co-op expansions, because they add exploration and give a stronger dungeon crawling vibe than the normal game. However, both have limitations.

    The co-ops only use a small selection of game components (both tiles and monsters), and can become repetitive. Also, the dungeon is quite linear, and the tiles might not actually fit.

    The RtL app only offers two campaigns (although more might come), but also single quest play is not really supported. The Delve adds a lot of variety, but misses the exploration aspect.

    So I started thinking of an alternative, and made a quick implementation that, given a set of tiles, creates a random dungeon that can be revealed part by part. The idea is to use it in a similar way to RtL, but so far it is an empty dungeon (tiles only). Unfortunately, I could only program it in MATLAB, which is not ideal for this kind of thing and also does not make it very portable.

    So my hope is that the expected addition to RtL is something similar, or that Bruce would consider adding it to Valkyrie. I'll PM him later.

    Anyway, here is how it works with some examples. The dungeon always starts with a entrance, it then adds a chosen number of random tiles at random open edges, it then adds an exit if you want, and finally it adds end caps to all open edges. Because of the random nature of dungeon building, it might sometimes not work (not fit). However, since generating a dungeon only takes a second, the routine can just try multiple times until it works.

    The routine can be called with 3 input arguments.
    ntiles - the number of tiles excluding entrance exit and caps
    addexit - whether or not to add an exit
    traits - some traits that you want the dungeon to have

    The traits influence the random parts of the tile selection and edge selection. Increasing the probability that certain tiles (or open edges) are used. Traits that can be used are the monster traits like 'Building','Cave','Hot' etc., which I tried to match to the tiles. I added 'Room' and 'Corridor' (following RedJak DD). As well as 'Tunnel' (favoring tiles with only two edges) and 'Crossroads' (favoring tiles with multiple edges. And I added 'Long' or 'Short', which influences whether the edges close to the entrance or far from the entrance are favored.

    The routine also outputs the number of loops in the dungeon, which can be used to accept the dungeon or create a new one. So examples:

    5 tiles, 1 exit, 0 loops, 'Hot'

    12 tiles, 1 exit, 0 loops, 'Corridor','Tunnel','Long'

    12 tiles, 1 exit, 1 loops, 'Room','Crossroads'

    Very interested in what you think!

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    Looking for clarification please.

    It takes an action to create an reanimate.
    Does the reanimate stay on the board until it is killed?
    It does not take any further actions, or stamina if you want the reanimate to move/attack?

    It seemed a very powerful option to me, and you could effectively just keep re spawning once it was killed.

    Any house rules to balance this? Maybe it costs stamina to get the reanimate to attack. Simulating the effort of maintaining a spell?

    Thanks all

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    by Siar

    Was wondering: do exist any fanmade cards which allow to use 1st edition lieutenants (I dont count Farrows) in 2nd edition?

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    by Taiglander

    Hi everybody,
    we've just started the campaign Heirs of Blood in the base game and we're enjoying the game very much. Next week it's our OL's birthday and we're going to give him a lieutenant as a little present... Could you confirm that Baron Zachareth has a major role in this campaign? I understand that having played 3 scenarios already it will be complicated to use his plot deck but with his miniature and summon cards we're fine. Actually I like Belthir better (I mean aesthetically) but what we're looking for is a character with a major role... is Zachareth the right choice?
    Please note that we're not currently thinking about buying bigger expansions in the future, so it's just a matter of how this lieutenant fits in the base game. Or how often he shows up (till now we've encountered Splig and one of the Farrows).
    Your help and advice would be appreciated!
    Many thanks

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    by eddieharr

    I just ordered the base game. There are so many expansions. Is there a good list on where to go from here?

    I assume the shadow of nerekhall expansion should be next?

    Anything a "must have" before we begin to play?