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    by willdesigns

    Well, of course it´s just a question. But given that a while ago I asked also the possibility of an app for descent and the wish came true, why not asking again.

    Sea of Blood is a hell of a campaign for the first edition, difficult but a lot of fun taking the dungeoncrawl experience into the deep ocean with epic sea battles, island quests, and a whole new feeling of our heroes becoming slowly corsairs, facing pirates and ghost ships.

    Anyway, I know that both attemps to bring the high seas to the world of terrinoth weren´t greatly received (island of Dread for runebound and sea of blood for descent) but it would be awesome to have an expansion for the second edition with a campaign for the road to legend app.

    So let the wish become food for thought and hopefully it will become a prophecy instead of just a wish

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    by Zarco

    Hello everyone, I ve beer reading old threads regarding the use of IA LOS rules in Descent. fFrom what i understand it does not break the game and may even improve it, has there been any conclusive results in this regard? Do they need any houseruling or can be used as they are?


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    by borsook

    The taint mechanism seems to fix one of the biggest gripes I had with Descent - being knocked out feeling inconsequential, with taint cards once all your heroes become knocked out (and hence tainted) they cannot be revived on subsequent KO. So, I'm curious to know, do you use these cards in all your games?

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    by Braldar

    I'm sure this has been asked but there's quite a bit in this forum. I'm wanting to pick up descent and some of the expansions and was curious, can 1st edition expansions work with 2nd ed. base game? If so will they work with RtL app? Which expansions should I grab right first? Thanks in advance.

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    by FelixTheCrazy

    Just played a side quest in RtL that had us pull like 15-ish tiles, but we only used 10 of them in a dungeon that basically was a straight shot with no options. We exited successfully having explored each tile place but 5 tiles never used. Is that normal?

    The side quest [o]started with a treasure room and rooms collapsed behind us as we went.[/o]

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    by RayneUltimate

    Just wanted to say as i tried it again to get into FFG Quest Vault,
    Now it is actually working. Really insane how u can create new maps and rules now!!!

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    by Atrusni

    Anyone has thought of what variants would be needed to make Descent a legacy game?

    It has a lot of the elements, but it is more of a campaign game than a legacy game.

    For example, there is no permanent game snd the scenarios remain the same when they are repeated.

    Anyone has suggestions ?

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    by Beristian


    I want to buy Descent 2nd edition, however I'm hesitating to buy a cheaper first edition used copy, since the SECOND second edition contains the Heirs of Blood campaign, which I otherwise would have to buy separately. Right?
    Also, is HoB on top of the campaign in the first edition, or does it replace the original campaign? Any other important differences between 1st/2nd edition (of second edition) I should know about?
    Any advice is much appreciated!


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    by malkave

    Will FFG ever release the official quests from D2E for use in the app?

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    by Ronatola

    Anybody in the above area looking to get together to play Seeds of Corruption? I have the complete Descent collection professionally painted except for about a dozen heroes.

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    by valle1

    The small expansions seems to be the old heroes and monsters frem descent 1, is this correct? It says that the conversion kit cant be usod in the RTL rules as far as i remember, but if its the same figures, why is that so?

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    by andlord

    Hallo dear Geeks,

    I was looking for a nice dungeon crawl with a nice compaign and decent minis. So of course I came across Descent and I was wondering how much gameplay I can get out of the core game alone? The interesting part for me is playing with the app against a AI-driven DM.
    Also do I miss a lot if I focus on just the Big Box expansions?

    Regards Andreas

    Ps: sorry if this has been asked before. There are a ton of threads and I checked the first few pages but did not find the answer

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    by dkearns

    With all the expansions, Descent needs one.

    Just sayin.

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    by Zarco

    Ive got two questions regarding movements that came up during a Rtl playthrough.

    1) Whenever a large monster is blocking a hallway and has heroes adjacent to it, im not sure how to activate the other monster groups (i.e. fleshmoulders). Considering that the large monster is blocking LOS to the heroes, the fleshmoulder cannot attack through the large monster nor move past it due to the heroes blocking movement. I understand in this case the only option is to skip the turn as the monster group cannot do anything besides retreating a couple of squeares.

    2) My second question is regarding using 2 movements actions. In the diagram below, Hero 1 has 4 movement points and would like to move to square T. If it uses 4 movements points it will end in Hero 2 square, thus it owuld need to use 2 movements actions.

    1 2 T

    My question is, if this would be a legal move or if the 4th square (occupied by Hero 2) has to be empty in order to transition into the 2nd movements action.

    Hope Ive been clear enough, thanks!

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    by couteaupapillon

    Hi, I'd like to know if the miniatures from runebound 3rd edition are the exact same than those contained in some of the descent expansions , from someone who own both perhaps?

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    by ThatGuyMontag

    I'm basically complete in big and small box expansions (and *ahem*, lieutenants whistle) up to Nerekhall, but the completionist in me feels the need to keep on adding more, if only so I can have more minis to paint, so right now *feels* like the right time to add my first H&M pack (probably Crusade of the Forgotten).

    Except of course Manor of Ravens is singing its siren songs at me, mostly due to Alys and the Marshall class and the looming prospect of my first campaign as a player instead of as OL (I *SOOOO* want to troll this one by being annoying rather than overwhelmingly effective).

    So, opinions: is the rest of Manor worth the relative lack of diversity in heroes and monsters?

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    by giulibartolucci1204

    Ok, search button helped a bit but far from satisfied...

    I've just received the game and completed tutorial
    Now since I have 3 complete campaigns to play (plus The Delve), I wonder if, instead of purchasing game expansions, wouldn't be much more interesting to buy 2/3 miniatures collection boxes in order to increase variety of monsters, classes and Heroes (instead of new mechanics and tiles) of the core game.

    Anyone willing to help?
    Please share your concerning on the matter

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    by oxox

    Hi all new to this forum as recently decided to pick up where I left off over 30 years ago - and looking for a dungeon fantasy world type game I can immerse myself in. Finding painting figures and researching a fantasy world distracts me from a load of current real stressors and having just retired looking for something to do late at night instead of watching TV. My question is - is Descent a game I start now with or will I find it is currently at the end of its production life and will be difficult to find expansions in the near future? or is there some other game that fits the bill -I was drawn to the computer app which I understand would allow myself and the wife to play without needing to press gang unwilling friends into playing? . I am based in the UK. Many thanks for any help / advise .

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    by Sn4tcH

    I, like many others have started getting back into this thanks to RtL. I've ran across the Descent Community wiki, and the CRRG, and found them invaluable.

    So, what are some other community items that you couldn't do without? I'm looking for apps, trackers, randomizers: Whatever has made your games more enjoyable and easy to run.

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    by esqulax

    Hello everyone. I was looking at getting the game, but I am a bit confused. I am mostly interested in the co-op app after having bought Mansions of Madness and loving it.

    So my question is, how many campaigns are there currently for the app ? And is there any info on new releases?

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    by borsook

    Before Rtl app FFG has published 3 Coop expansions, Rtl is based on many of their concepts and in some respects (especially Delve) substitutes them while offering a wider choice (e.g. all the monsters in your collection instead of just 4).

    However the reliance on an device can have its faults (e.g. bugs - like the monster activation bug, thankfully fixed now) and whereas Rtl does use a time element it is obfuscated from the player while PoD Coops keep all the info visible, which can be an appeal at least to some players. So I am curious to know, how many players still use them?


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    by Titeman

    Getting ready to start a 3 hero campaign. My son wants to be the Bounty Hunter while my friend wants to be a Warrior (probably Marshal.)

    Do I "need" to be a Healer for us to do well? Because I'd rather be a Mage...

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    by skies


    One of my gaming group wanted to play descent recently, and it wasn't very popular at all. Actually, the game really wasn't very fun, which was surprising with how high of a rating the game has here on BGG.

    It's possible that we were doing things incorrectly, but there were a few things really killing the game for us:

    1) Somebody was always not doing much. Due to the narrow hallways movement/line of sight blocking, it was really easy for players to have turns where not a lot happened. As those added up, the game got boring.

    2) For scenarios where the overlord just had to move units around to complete objectives, it seems impossible for heroes to win unless overlord throws the game. Most monsters move faster, and the only way you can attempt to stop them is to try and completely obstruct movement, else they can just run between and past you. But for some scenarios, the game is decided before the heroes can even reach said monsters.

    3) Monsters with abilities like knockback are too effective at exploiting terrain, to the point where certain rooms might as well not exist because heroes can't go there.

    4) For the reasons above, ranged attacking were king, melee attacking is trash; though depending on how you pick a team many characters are melee.

    5) As far as campaign progression is concerned, winning and losing is meaningless compared to looting, so the game devolved to not caring about the scenario because looting is 10x more meaningful.

    So yeah, are these common problems, or did we do something wrong?

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    by Yttrenolv

    Hi community,

    I am finally done with my guide to OL cards, which you can find as a geeklist at the following link:

    Guide to OL cards

    Hope you will find this useful. I would encourage readers to post eventual comment on the geek list rather than here, so we can centralize discussions in one place.

    Happy reading, and happy overlording.

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    by jdeleski

    As I started collecting Descent and it's many expansions, I quickly found myself looking for a good storage solution. I became tired of sorting through baggies of cards and tokens, prolonging my setup and takedown. Unfortunately, when I scanned for storage solutions, the searches came up empty, but the good news is that I did find a solution for a game of similar size and components and that I'm very happy with -- the Broken Token organizer for Imperial Assault.

    Attached are a few photos that show my organizer layout. Here are a few things that are worth noting:

    1. You'll see blue tape on some of the trays because these photos were taken while I was waiting for the wood glue to dry;

    2. The Imperial Assault game box is the same length and width as the Descent second edition box, but approximately one inch taller than the Descent box, so you'll notice in the photo that the Decent box lid sits higher on its bottom. But the box lid does rest solidly on top of the wooden trays and is quite stable, and this also provides the benefit of extra space to allow me to pack away additional expansions.

    3. The photos show that I've stored all components from the Descent second edition base game plus the Lair of the Wyrm expansion. I see that I have plenty of room for even more cards and 25mm miniatures and tokens, but I am almost out of room for large miniatures.

    So that's it. A nice organized Descent game that I think saves approximately 15 minutes of setup and takedown.


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    by nlanners

    In my area, it is quite difficult to find people who want to play a campaign of Descent (or any campaign-style game) in person. I use to play D&D and thought that'd be a neat place to play Descent with people from anywhere. What I need are PDFs of the map tiles to load them into the site to use. Does anyone know of a place where I could do that? Images of the dice sides would be useful too, to set up the dice tables in Roll20.

    Thanks for the help!