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    by Bobit

    All over the forums I see people saying that the game is unbalanced. I agree, but in many cases I feel like these problems are fixed in a 3-hero game. Example criticisms and my response:

    "Big Monsters OP" : "Well of course they are, if you play with two of them! I mean, two big monsters is a huge jump from one big monster, even if the second one is weaker, so in three-hero game they're not OP at all."

    "Disciple OP" : "A pure support is bound to be overpowered in a party of four. But the less heroes you have, the more it makes sense to give them mixed roles that can deal some damage as well as supporting, so disciple isn't as strong. Also, there are less targets for radiant light to hit."

    "Knight OP" : "Same as above, except that it's more based on the fact that the knight gets bonuses for moving to allies and low-health enemies, and the fewer targets to choose from the less likely they will find a target that satisfies one of those conditions."

    "Runemaster OP" : "Well maybe if you didn't cram more monsters than the 3-hero game into the same space as the 3-hero game, blast wouldn't be so strong, would it now?"

    "Monsters die on the first turn and are just meat fodder" : "With four heroes attacking all at once, that's not surprising. With three per turn, it's not as likely. Granted, you get more monsters, but the same number of health, so it will still feel like they go down too fast, and heroes will always cut through the wave of monsters faster than 3-hero, even though they have a lot more ground to cut through with more enemies. In 4-hero, progress through enemies is faster, but finally reaching the end of enemies and then sprinting into open space is very unlikely."

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    by kovaltio

    if necromancer tarha uses army of death and gets an x can she reroll it by using her ability? is it considered a reanimate attack or a necromancer attack?

    by martfra

    Dear all,

    My partner and I are somewhat new to board gaming. We started by playing D&D AS Wrath of Ashardalon and The Legend of Drizzt. Although the concept of drawing tiles was new and interesting to us at first, we find it to be somewhat bland, repetitive and at times an undesirable experience.

    [o]To clarify for those that play own games as well: a few bad attack rolls in a row combined with some unavoidable damage from encounter cards ("you are on a volcanic vent tile, you take 2 damage") may be thematic but are just no fun at times. We have had some bad luck with our ~15 play throughs, many times being stomped on ending the game prematurely and at other times steam rolling through scenario's and winning in an anti-climactic manner. Other than that we have started avoiding some core concepts of the Drizzt version, just to avoid a bad experience. Draw a narrow passage or bridge tile? Avoid at all cost because nothing good comes from potentially drawing a feral troll whilst being stuck on those tiles. [/o]

    I do understand that as the story unfolds it is up to you to make the progression work for you and take risks and accept an undesirable outcome. But when the complete randomness of it all backfires it is hard to remain optimistic and enjoy what happens.

    So we are looking for a game that is more balanced and less based on luck, and more immersive (more flavour and a more gripping campaign). We are very interested in Descent 2 but after watching Rahdo's review (who admittedly is more into euro-style games) we are afraid the story progression is too straightforward and the dice rolling is too dominant. We fear the dice after D&D AS, basically. Specifically, D&D lacks variety in scenario's.

    We would very much appreciate some feedback on this, especially in comparison to the mentioned D&D games.



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    by Crossr1980

    Hello fellow gamers

    So I have just bit the bullet and bought Descent second edition (core) along with both large expansions (LOR & SON) and the campaign book (HOB)

    The plan is to play all the campaigns over the next few months.

    The question really is in your personal opinion what rating would you give each of the campaigns out of ten?

    Points to consider could include, overall play experiences, quest balance, quest creativity and variation and anything else you think may be important in rating a campaign.

    Obviously ever opinion will be different but it just helps give the heads up before I start the Shadow ruin campaign(hopefully next week!!)

    I look forward to hearing your replys.

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    by robininni

    How much can you 'level' your heros in a campaign? Increase their life, damage, etc.?

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    by Big Bear

    I've returned to college and I'm just not going to have time to play this for the next few years. I thought I'd put it up for sale here but need to price it. Ive got:

    Core, the two big expansions and 2 of the hero and monster collections.
    All the cards are sleeved in FFG sleeves. The game only has a few plays and I've made a foamcore divider set for the main box.

    What should I price this at to move it quick without cutting my own throat?

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    by Bobit

    I want to change a few of the cards on descent, for example changing the grey dice on Stoneskin to a black one. I already play this as a houserule, but it would be nice to put the houserules on the cards.

    So does anyone know a method of writing on/over the cards that could be very easily erased? Perhaps non-permanent marker if the cards are waterproof? Or maybe a very small sticky note?


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    by gregburbidge

    I have been googling around and haven't been able to find a list of the order that the quests should be played in. Based on the release dates listed in the BGG listing, this would be my impression, though I assumed Heirs of Blood would actually be higher in the list. Does anyone know where I could find a good list of the release dates/order to play them in. Or maybe have edits to this list?

    List based on BGG:

    Base Set
    Lair of the Wyrm
    The Trollfens
    Labyrinth of Ruin
    Nature’s Ire
    Guardians of Deephall
    Crusade of the Forgotten
    Manor of Ravens
    Crown of Destiny
    Forgotten Souls
    Oath of the Outcast
    Shadow of Nerekhall
    Treaty of Champions
    Mists of Bilehall
    Dark Elements
    Bonds of the Wild
    Visions of Dawn
    Heirs of Blood
    Stewards of the Secret

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    by OneOgre

    Some time ago I interested in the Terrinoth world. I shoveled a lot of staff to connect scattered pieces of information to one complete picture.
    Thanks to Stephen Williams (Stewi), he did the same things before, I used his work.
    Here is the first version of the map, that I built for my work:

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    by Screwee

    we just finished champain + manor of ravens and we want new champain. Which of champains is better Labyrinth of Ruin or Shadow of Nerekhall?
    Plus we feel that first champain is not really balanced in last missions Overlord haven´t even chance to do anything and just watch how Heroes kill monsters.

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    by hstanley

    So I've been considering Descent for almost the last year but can never quite pull the trigger. It's mostly my husband and I playing and we love co-op games like Eldritch Horror or competitive games like Arcadia Quest but 1 vs all games have fallen a little flat. We've played Claustrophobia with me as the Overload (aka "Demon Bob") and Level 7: Omega Protocol. I always end up playing the Overlord which often means that instead of a fully fleshed character I get nameless demon or nameless alien with a horde of nameless minions. Plus I always win. So this has stopped me from buying Descent even though I would love a fantasy themed dungeon crawl.

    I just backed Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition plus Legends on Kickstarter because of the co-op mode and the cute minis plus the RPG campaign. But $150usd is a lot to pay when the reviews for Forgotten King seem a bit lacklustre. And now I hear Descent has a co-op variant if I'm willing to print my own cards.

    So the result of this long post is: could Descent 2nd Ed plus the HOB campaign book and the Automated Overlord be the co-op, character-levelling, story-based, loot-filled dungeon adventure of my dreams? Any experience with SDE to compare to?

    by plolock

    Mind you, I only everything there is to own related to the game, down the new campaign book, extra dice, coop adventures, all lieutnants, mosnter packs, expansions and more.

    When I first bought the game, it was my first real board game.
    I was super excited owning a new and cool board game dungeon crawler.

    We played a campaign (base game only, but with the heroes and monsters from the conversion kit), and it took like 30 hours or something all sessions combined. The ending of the campaign was pretty dull with the heroes simply super slaying the boss.

    We played a few rules wrong all the way through - most importantly not gaining back the stamina until the end of the round when resting - heroes was way too powerful in other words. And also, many of the quests in the base game are poorly balanced or simply bugged.

    It all boils down to two things I'd like to get more in terms with in order to play a new long campaign:

    1. The game totally feels like a tactical positioning game, with big monsters simply delayed and/or blocking heroes, rather than epic fighting going on. Bottlenecking in hallways are SOOO common. Maybe just an issue with the base campaign, I don't know..

    2. When I win as the Overlord, the heroes-players get really let down. I enjoy Mansions of Madness more where it doesnt really matter if I win or not as the bad guy, as I can simply focus on the players having a good time instead, a role I accept and appreciate! (I'm the guy who owns all the games, and we have no real group that gets together frequently (at the moment). I can really make an effort to mess it up for the heroes - and I SHOULD in order to win, but they as players just become frustraded and the fun seems to dissappear.. :/

    Any words of wisdom that can make me feel more excited and in terms with the game that I will keep buying all the expansions and additions for? I love it, but I want it to be a better game too I guess?

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    by ellindar

    So my plan is to use the coop version that has been made and my son and I go against the game. That seems more fun to me. That said, I have a chance to get the 1st edition large box descent at a REALLY discounted price and has all of everything. Can I still use it with all the second edition stuff or am I really just sort of screwing myself by buying the first edition?

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    by edugon

    I've ordered the base game (no expansion for the moment). I will go to play with my kid and daughter, and I presume that I will have to play as the bad guydevil

    We will probably start directly playing a campaign. In that sense I want to know if all the heroes are balanced or there are some heroes that you should or not should have in 2 heroes team? Our reference is Arcadia Quest, in which some heroes are much more powerful than others.
    So basically, which two heroes should they start with? (even if whatever advice I could give to him, my kid will probably want to play with the archer or similar...)ninja

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    by fentum

    I am trying to get into Descent 2. Bought it on release but found it too gamey and a race rather than a dungeon crawl.

    Where can I pick up the official solo rules? Are there better home brewed solo rules out there?

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    by Rvd1ofakind

    So as I've read. There's pretty much no reason to play these cards for the Overlord AND even if the Overlord finds a reason, the heroes can just go "meh, I don't wanna". Are there any variants for rumor cards or some revisions that make them playable?
    I have all the monster packs and mini expansions so I would kinda like to actuality use them :<

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    by fentum

    I bought this when it came out. Thought it was cool looking with lots of great ideas but the gameplay was poor. It was a kind of race game with gamey play required to race through enemies and activate objectives. I actually preferred the Descent 1 gameplay.

    Not what I want in a dungeon crawl.

    I want to fight monsters, find loot, level up, create cool heroes.

    I lost interest and got on with Gears of War, Galaxy Defenders, Omega Protocol, etc. MUCH better 'dungeon crawlers' but they are all sci fi not fantasy. I prefer fantasy themes as at heart I am a very old school RPG Bloke.

    So I just kickstarted Gloomhaven, Gloom of Kilforth and Sword & Sorcery. Meanwhile, I am looking to while away the time by relearning / getting to grips with one of the fantasy games I already own. Looking at warhammer Quest, descent, descent 2. Noticed that Descent 2 now has a co-op mode.

    Looking further, the co-op mode looks much better than the base game. All I have for the moment is base plus the D1 hero conversion pack.

    I am a total Luddite, but I'd like to get hold of Redjak's co-op mode and random mode. Also the Forgotten Souls official co-op mode.

    How best can I get the stuff I need to get into this game? What should I aim to get hold of? How do I actually get printed copied of Redjak's lovely stuff?

    All help welcome!

    Oh, and don't mention Dungeon Saga. I didn't KS this due to some shocking initial gameplay videos but now it actually looks rather good.

    by Donk84

    Hi guys,

    We are half way through our first campaign, just finished the interlude, and I have just purchased Lair of the Wyrm and I also have a Lieutenant Pack (Vylandra).
    So my questions are, how do I include the Lair of Wyrm things fairly, and is a Lieutenant worth bringing in at this point? For the expansion adding the monsters is straight forward enough but what about rumour cards, should I get three or less. I suppose the shop gear and secret rooms are a straight forward addition.
    With the Lieutenant are they worth bringing in at this point or do they only make sense if you use them from the start and have time to build up the threat tokens? Any input you can provide will be helpful.
    Thanks, Sam.

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    by siddhig

    I recently got the Manor of Ravens expansion and decided to organize my components. The expansion box seemed to be the right size to store the cards and tokens, while using the base box to store tiles and minis.
    This insert is the result. It is a cardboard insert and not foamcore, mainly because foamcore took too much space and I wasn't able to fit everything inside. This is my first insert with pure cardboard and I'll have to see how it works out after heavy usage.

    The insert arrangement should have enough space for the other expansions also. The dividers for the small cards are moveable, so I can adjust that space as new classes or shop items are added with expansions. The insert also accommodates the extra large cards from the co-op expansions. The damage and fatigue tokens are just put in the bottom right. Maybe I'll add a removable tray there so that we can take it out while playing the game.

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    by Sebastian Crenshaw


    should not be the Ironbound Glaive classified as Exotic, Blade weapon like Glaive is (Glaive subclass)?

    by dunna03

    I've been thinking about launching into the expansion packs for Descent 2.0, which I own. However I've been reading that the campaign for Imperial Assault is hands-down better than Descent 2.0, due to:
    -Hidden Information / Events during missions
    -Better side mission selection
    -Story arc side missions for hero characters

    Since the release of Imperial Assault, we've seen Shadow of Nerekhall and Manor of Ravens released for Descent 2.0. Does anyone know if the campaigns in these boxes added the campaign features from Imperial Assault?

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    by Exupery

    Am I just being flippant?

    I don't know but personally I am quite fed up with swamps, bogs, forests, woods, deserts and then some more swamps.

    Please, FFG, make a Winter-themed Descent expansion.

    Remember Tomb of Ice (Descent, 1st Edition)? Yes, I want something like that (but better!) for the 2nd Edition.

    I am missing a Winter-themed Descent 2.0 expansion very badly.

    Thank you.


    by mjktheatre

    Hi guys! As the subject says I am looking to pick up Descent as a solo dungeon crawler. I don't have the finances to by everything in one shot so I was wondering what are the must have expansions for this?

    Hero variety gets my more excited than anything else, so packs that add interesting, unique heroes are a plus, as well as anything that works well with Co-Op(read solo) play.

    Thanks, in advance!

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    by _DNA_


    I'm looking for a good Samaritan to provide me with links to everything I would need to start my quest to paint everything in the base game. I need links to the most ideal brushes paints washes and anything else which you feel is needed. This is my first ever painting project.

    Thanks in advance! I plan on posting pics after I begin and then when all are done.

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    by Noahboa

    I used to own Descent, but sold my copy and haven't been paying too close attention to the new releases for the last couple years. There's a lot I like about the game, but the deal breaker has always been the way the game is totally geared towards a long multi-night campaign. The quests in the core set are totally unsatisfying for casual, single-evening play. I have played and enjoyed the Forgotten Soulds co-op mode.

    So my question is, now that there are a million expansions, do any of them include quests that are really suitable for casual, non-campaign, play? Would anyone recommend the quests in the Heirs of Blood book for this, or is that really just another campaign that's only fun if you play the whole thing?

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    by ThePettyTyrant

    I enjoyed Descent but storing the cards was driving me crazy because I couldn't find anything remotely workable. Since no one else seemed to have a great solution for this, I'm posting mine.

    A few weeks ago I found a company on Etsy called MeepleRealty that was starting to make a custom box insert for Imperial Assault. It had an interesting card holder for FFG style American Mini sized cards and American sized cards. So I emailed them and asked if they would be willing to sell them separately for a reasonable price.

    To my surprise, they were and had a direct web site off of Etsy. Each card holder was $9 which I thought was perfectly doable. I ended up buying 5 each of the American Mini and American trays.

    All my cards are sleeved with the yellow and green FFG supply sleeves and you can see they fit in the trays perfectly. You can see the Descent class cards have been divided out into neat sections.

    The American sized card holder also holds standard sized cards. Here are my Pandemic cards in the same trays:

    I really like these card holders. They are very flexible and allow me to put the dividers wherever suits me.

    * relatively cheap
    * sturdy enough
    * dividers are flexible

    * trays are not long enough
    * no labeling solution
    * not stackable

    I've sent an email to Lee @ MeepleRealty asking if they might make longer trays. My thought is a 22 cm length would be ideal. I haven't heard anything concrete back from them yet- they might be waiting to see how popular these are first.

    If these look good to you, check out their shop. I'm glad to finally have a solution for storing all these cards. It's cut game setup time down to minutes for me.

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    by Tarzul

    Can you play them effectively?

    In most of the maps you couldn't keep up with the rest of the group, or could you? Aren't they gimped too much?

    What's your take?

    (talking about Laughing Buldar, Mordrog, Krutzbeck, Varikas, Hugo) Even those with 4 Movement seem weak.

    Also, Tobin the ranger with 3 fatigue, how does that work?

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    by fresler

    When playing the Overlord I don't divulge the hit points of an enhanced master creature or my reinforcement locations. One particular group I was playing with thought this was cheating. They thought they should know how many hit points each creature has and where reinforcements will come in. I disagreed but played it that way in the next encounter.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    by fentum

    Played through First Blood and A Fat Goblin 1. Enjoying it very much.

    As I read the die results, the first statement is always 'Perform quest specific actions first.'

    I take that to mean that the goblins always run for the exit in First Blood and attempt to steal bundles and run off with them in A Fat Goblin 1.

    So they NEVER attack heroes as both actions will involve moving or picking up bundles.

    Is that correct?

    If so, then why, under specific rules for goblins in...

    NO WAIT. By writing this question, I now understand the sequence. A roll of 1 or 2 in First Blood will cause the goblins to engage / attack heroes.

    Excellent work Nerdook.

    I also missed the rule that the OL only plays one card per monster roll. Syndrael took four in a row...

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    by mikemarentette

    Pardon my ignorance, but I do not own the game and I would like to know what is required - rules and/or sets - to play coop. Thanks.

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    by Rochambeaux

    If you're willing to "re-purpose" existing minis would this be a worthwhile addition to a purely 2nd edition collection?