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    by xsilver7

    Hello there. I was debating on which Lieutenant pack to choose. I don't know how good any of the plot decks are. But I did make up my mind that I want to get one that I can use him/her model in my collection without using the plot deck. What will be the best choice?

    I have the base game, the chains that rusts, and the conversion kit, (Only base 1st edition though.)

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    by Hampel


    Has anybody already successfully transferred their savegame data from one Android device to another? Just bought a new tablet and am wondering how to transfer it.


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    by Misterloki

    I know there are several threads discussing this topic, but i want to know, if minds has changed over the past months. Did people come back from imperial assault to descent, and why? Did people left descent for imperial assault or do people just play both?

    Is there enough value for an imperial assault owner to make this huge investment (i´m a completist cry) and go into the descent universe too?

    I remember people saying, imperial assault has better line of sight rules, player turn order is better, overall more streamlined. But sometimes streamlining lead to the losing of "soul", games, that are streamlined are in danger to get clinical, souless. From my perspective ia is fine, when it comes to that, but what do descent-players think? What are the advantages from descent over imperial assault, is it just the "road to legend-app"? How is the charakter development in descent compared to ia? In ia you ve the items with the attachments, the special heropowers and of course the skills.

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    by RedJak7

    It may be a bit big-headed of me to make this announcement. But, I know a good number of you use my variants, and I didn't want to leave you hanging.

    It's been two and a half years since creating my first variant (a re-imagining of Nerdook's d6 variant for Descent). I've had a lot of fun making stuff for the community since then. I never expected that the ideas I came up with would be so popular. It felt very good to have something I created be so appreciated by others.

    I want to thank everyone for your support of my work. It's quite something to have a thread about one of your creations reach nearly 500 posts, and to have a couple thousand downloads of the files. Some of my variants had reached the point where I didn't have to answer rules questions, other BGG users jumped right in to help. I think that was one of the signs for me to accept that it was OK to let go of my pet projects.

    As much as I would like to continue on, I will no longer be updating my variants. I've shifted my energies to original game designs, and simply don't have room to maintain my variants. I have only so much spare time to create. And that time is less than it used to be.

    This was a very hard decision for me. Being an active part of the BGG community was very rewarding. And it was something I needed during that time. I'm certainly not leaving. I just won't be active on the creative end here.

    This doesn't mean that my variants are dead. I've taken steps to make sure they can continue on. I've placed all my templates on my Google Drive. Anyone can use those templates to fork off my variants as they wish. All I ask is that you attribute me somewhere in the work. You can even keep the variant names if you like. The current variant files will stay on my Drive as well.

    I use GIMP for design work, so the template files are in XCF format. The rulebooks are in Libre/OpenOffice ODT format (yes, I'm an open-source kinda guy). I've also included the font files. The templates contain all the images and symbols, as well as card text. It may not have been the most elegant way of doing it, but it worked for me. The templates are sized for the hi-res cards. I used FastStone Photo Resizer to mass-resize the hi-res images down to 675x1050 for the card sheets.

    And here is the link:

    Feel free to contact me with any questions. I'll still be here; I'm not leaving BGG. Just going to be a bit less active.

    Thank you,

    Note that I posted this only in the Descent forums. I am making links to this post in all my other variant threads and file sections.

    I put this in the General forum, because I wanted everyone to see it sooner than later. Apologies if you feel it should have gone in the Variants forum.

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    by sumanye

    I'm sure this has been asked a lot and so I apologize. I have tried searching, but I'm afraid I don't know enough about this game to understand the answers (road to legend is an app and an expansion??).

    My wife and I are interested in getting this game to play ONLY as a 2 player co-op, which I understand there is an app that allows this functioning similar to Mansions of Madness 2nd edition (which we have and enjoy!). But it also seems the game content for the app is quite limited compared to the normal game. I got the impression that most of the expansions would not be useful for the app.

    Is there enough content with the app to justify getting into this game to only play co-op? If so, what is a good place to start? I also read there is a fan-made app (RedJak?) that turns most of the content into a co-op game, is that correct? Neither of us have any interest in playing the overlord, so I'm trying to understand if these apps remove that role, and in so doing, still make the game fun and worth playing.

    Thank you! Any help is very appreciated!

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    by jdludlow

    I wanted a simple, compact list of the expansions so I made one.

    If anyone sees an error or wants to add to it later, feel free to submit a pull request.

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    by Cheeseburger

    Does anyone know if FFg plans to continue releasing more expansions or just keep updating Road to Legend?

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    by M0uFa

    Each H&M pack add one side quest in the app. That's correct, isn't it?
    I've played 2 times Kindred Fire and 1 (and a half) Seeds of Corruption and i've only seen 8 (+1 from Nerekhall) side quests that came with the Base Game (in every campaign,the same 9 side quests).
    I have 7 of the H&M packs, shouldn't be shown to me at least one of those side quests?

    Thank you in advance!!!!

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    by Ben_Bos

    Hi. I am for the first time playing a Delve scenario in RtL with some added expansions.

    In the 3rd stage I am apparently set up against Zarihell with some monsters supporting her. So she gets to used the I level specs.

    I have seen that there is a difference in the back of the cards (abilities) between what is in the box and the cards that come with the small Lieutenant pack...

    I didn't start the stage yet, only the set up, but which card should I use ?

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    by cmagnollay

    I know that Descent normally supports 5 players with 4 heroes and 1 player as overlord. Does the companion app bump the number of heroes up to 5, or does it remain at 4?

    How feasible do you think it is to play with 5 heroes? Impossible? Game breaking?

    I have a 5 person group I typically play with so I don't want to purchase this if I'm going to have to constantly leave somebody out.

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    by Endevor

    We just transitionned into act 2.
    How many story mission left?
    Is is 2 story mission then finale or 1 + the finale?


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    by carkara

    more soon to be added

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    by Registrau


    I just went through the info here at BGG but I can't find the exact number of cards contained in each box. I'm looking to sleeve it all, and need the exact number of mini and chimera cards for the core game and the expansions.

    If anyone has the numbers please let me know meeple

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    by RowleyBirkinQC

    Hi All,

    I've bought myself Descent 2nd Edition base game, Shadows of Nerekhall, Labyrinths of Ruin and Chains That Rust. I don't feel that I need another expansion with tiles etc, so I was thinking to look at the monster/hero packs.

    Have you guys got recommendations for which are better and why? Or a purchase order that you would recommend, any advice appreciated.


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    by Vehementi

    The turn order in imperial assault is way better as I'm sure everyone knows - has anyone tried using it in Descent? Does it break the balance (somehow)? Or is it just a great upgrade. I know the app uses it, but I wonder if it somehow breaks the real campaigns when playing with an overlord.

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    by jaypeedaylee

    Hi all,

    I bought Descent 2E way back probably the day it was released.

    Looking to get back in to it again and picked up the Nerekhall expansion and looking at the Road to Legend app. Lot's of cool new stuff and hoping to get my friends excited to try this again.

    We had stopped a while back due to some confusing rules and card text being frustrating to understand, as well as the Overlord being way too powerful or the heroes being way too powerful with no middle ground.

    One thing I'm noticing is there's been a TON of clarifications and text changes since I bought the game years ago.

    My question is: is there somewhere I could go to print off updated card text for my base game and expansion so that I'm using the latest errata? I'd print these off and tape them to the original card or sleeve them together. I'd hate to have to keep referring to the errata sheet or buy a new base game altogether to get the updated cards.

    Thanks all

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    by Exelor

    We just finished the Seeds of Corruption campaign on Hard. With quite a bit of Descent experience, the first few story quests were very well balanced for our group. We barely managed a few of them but never lost one, which we thought perfect. By the time we transitioned into act 2 things started getting easier and the entire act 2 was really too easy.

    I have not played the first campaign, but I did not enjoy our last few sessions due to the imbalance. Maybe we were too lucky with combination/gear in the first part that we were too far ahead come mid campaign? Has anyone else seen this problem where the difficulty changes through the campaign?

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    by pincher

    I've been buying a few expansions lately, with the appearance of the co-op app for Descent being available. My question is, with the app doing a very good job apparently (I've still not had chance to play it) is there any point in picking up the print on demand co-op packs? What do they do differently, and has the app completely superseded them?

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    by zaphoduk

    We've been playing a 3 player game using the RTL app on Normal, with little success.

    Campaign 1

    Played the tutorial, won two side quests, and got wiped out on the Splig encounter.

    The final quest was extremely punishing with the Peril going off left right and centre. We had zero morale by the time we got to Splig himself. We got down one Goblin Master only for a second group to spawn. Wipe.

    Seems highly unfair that no matter how much damage you do to Splig, only 1 damage goes against the Master Goblin.

    Campaign 2

    Skipped the tutorial and went straight in to side quests. Lost them both so had no XP to buy additional abilities for the final Splig encounter.

    Again with the Peril zapping us all the way through. Managed to get to Splig with 2 morale in tact this time. Couldn't even get into the room, we were stuck in the doorway for 2 full rounds. On multiple rounds throughout this mission, Flesh Molders and Goblin Archers were essentially getting 3 actions. 1. Engage, 2 Attack then retreat. With their movement points in the region of 7-9 because of the surge advantage it mean we couldn't move up to them and attack, we had to spend both actions just to move. Due to the earlier deaths we had no stamina to expend for extra move points.

    Finally the Lady Vampire and a giant Elemental spawned blocking the doorway entirely. Wipe.

    Campaign 3

    Disheartened we decided to try the Kindred Fire scenario.

    First map tile contained water terrain and Razorwings, second tile contained a row of Zombies. At the end of round two, and repeated for every round thereafter, take 1 wound, test Knowledge and take 1 more wound if failed. Even without the monsters on the map, there is no way we could have traversed through the water, and all the way through both tiles and through a closed door to avoid the Peril. As it was we had two groups to deal with.

    Enter the corridor to have Bane Spiders and a Master Ettin spawn. Spiders are getting that wonderful 3 action cheap trick with attack and retreat in the same action. Open a door, Flesh Molders spawn. Flash Molders getting the cheap 3 action trick too. There are 4 monster groups on the map at this point and peril is triggering every round.

    Open another door with a boss elementals who heals up for 3 every round and the final boss dude (can't remember his name). These guys were either rolling 2 white or 1 black defense dice. It's also worth pointing out that all but 1 of the groups were rolling red and blue attack as opposed to blue and yellow. While 2 of our 3 heroes were only rolling blue and yellow.

    Cue some cheap attack on behalf of one of the monsters which hit everyone within 3 spaces of him, wipe. I lost count of how many times we were stunned or immobilised during this map.

    Now this was the first mission of the campaign, we had no extra XP or equipment to take into the fight with us, we were base level characters, and this was on normal??? I'd understand if we'd chosen hard, but normal???

    We'd even disabled lieutenant packs but still it was stupidly hard.

    Our experience over the last three weeks tackling these campaigns has left us feeling completely chewed off with it, to the point where two of the three of us wouldn't care if we never played it again.

    I'd expect a challenge on later levels, but not on the opening mission of a new campaign. It's not even a challenge though, it's down right unfair. If you stand your ground and fight to clear rooms, you get peril'ed to death. If you run through rooms, ignoring monsters to avoid peril, you just get over-run with monsters....and still the peril takes you.

    I had intended to buy the Nerekhall expansion to play the third app campaign but i don't think i'll bother now if the first two are anything to go by.

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    by GrandMasterFox

    I'm wondering if anyone basically has gathered what the outcome of each travel events choice from the stuff in the app

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    by edugon

    I bought Descent early last year to play with my kids. As I read that the campaign "the shadow rune" was too hard with two heroes, we decided that each of my kids will control 2 heroes, so 4 heroes in total. That was a big mistake, because the game become tedious and not epic... So, we play two scenarios and my kids put the game in the black list...
    After almost a year my kids accept to give it a second chance. Now we play only one hero each one, and we added the new rule that allows each of the heroes to perform an extra attack action (and if the do not use it, they can eliminated 2 wounds. The game went very well, and they are enjoying. But, we agree that the game was now too imbalanced in favour of the heroes. We skyped the initial quest and went directly to the one of the goblin and they won too easy. Now we have done the first encounter of the third scenario and it was the same history. Now for the sencond part of the scenario allowed me to have more monsters (the number I will use if I would play a 4 heroes scenario, to make it more challenging. Will see what happen...

    So, my question is the following: Are we playing it correctly giving each hero an additional attack action, or should it be one attack action for just one of the heroes? Have you seen this imbalance with the new rules?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

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    by christizzz


    I am getting Descent Second Edition from a trade. I guess it is the Second Edition first printing.... But i saw there was a second printing in 2016. Is there any differences ?

    Thank you

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    by FelixTheCrazy

    Keeping track of which monster has which wounds is challenging sometimes. So I glued numbered beads to each figure and we started using the Monster Health Tracker:

    That was great and then kobolds came in and made a mess of it. So I started adding color rhinestones to designate which #1 minion was which. So now things are a bit less confusing.

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    by dewey1181

    I KNOW this has been asked before but I can't seem to find any posts when I search. So....has anybody waited to place monsters on the board until the heroes are in line of sought of them? Just curious if that was a nice twist on it out if it was just rubbish.

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    by FelixTheCrazy

    My daughter is playing Ravaella Lightfoot and having a blast as Conjuror. I'd like to have actual models for the image tokens, any suggestions?

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    by Sadgit

    The CRRG v1.0
    It is done. Version 1.0 of my Community Rules Reference Guide is finally complete.

    When I started this project (in an over-enthusiastic and fairly naive way), I never imagined the time and effort it would cost. I also never imagined what I would learn on the way. And I definitely never imagined the help and the encouragement I would receive from friendly, dedicated and generally fantastic people who I would get to know. I cannot thank you guys and gals enough for this. For me personally, this project is as much about the journey and the things that I experienced on the way, as it is about the final product. And, in my opinion, this is exactly as it should be.

    My aim was to create a comprehensive resource for all Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition rules in PDF format. In its current form the CRRG includes:

    • Rules from the base game and all released expansion boxes
    • Rules for Road to Legend including The Delve in separate text boxes
    • Official Errata and FAQ published by FFG (version 1.6)
    • Approximately 400 FFG answers to specific player questions (unofficial FAQs) integrated into the text
    • Visual examples for "Movement", "Line of Sight" and "Special Situations in Combat"
    • Tables with overviews on the content of Descent expansions
    • A glossary with hyperlinks and page numbers

    Here are some sample pages:

    CRRG version 1.0 (interactive) (print) (home print)

    • The "interactive" pdf is mainly for electronic devices. Format: DIN 4 (297 x 210 mm).
    • The "print" pdf is for professional printing. It is 6 mm larger (bleed) to allow for trimming after printing to get rid of unprinted, white edges. It does not include any hyperlinks. Format: 303 x 216 mm
    • The "home print" pdf does not include background images to save ink when printing at home. Format: DIN 4 (297 x 210 mm).

    I am planning to update and improve the CRRG. I need the help of the community for this. Please use this thread to report errors, typos and additional uFAQs not yet included in the CRRG. Other comments are highly appreciated as well.

    Many thanks to Zaltyre, any2cards and Atom4geVampire for their continuous support.

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    by Asmor

    Let's say two players were playing two characters each, using the app on a phone. Would a 3' square be sufficient table space?

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    by Psymia

    Hi everyone

    Almost as if Sadgit had planned it, the release of the excellent CRRG was two days before my planned release of a new Descent Wiki.

    So here it is at

    Why a new Wiki? We already have one.

    * I'm right now with 1500 edit gap to the next the most active committer on the already existing descent wiki at wikia.
    I wrote lots of templates to make the pages look uniform and changed almost all of the pages. However wikia doesn't allow access to the site-wide css and doesn't allow changes on the skin-css.
    This limits severely what i can do. Since i'm basically the only one actively working on it i could as well just move to my own wiki.
    * Wikia is overloaded with advertisement. 3/4 of the page is advertisement. Adblock fixes parts of that but it still is unbearable. My main problem is that wikias focus is on the adverts and not on the content.
    I want to have a wiki without any adverts.
    Running different website testing software, a given descent-community wiki site is consistently about 1/4 the size of a comparable wikia site. (~800KB~1MB vs. 3.5MB~5MB depending on advertisement)
    * The mobile skin of wikia is broken.
    Like... really unfixable broken.
    My goal is to be able to visit the wiki with my mobile phone to look something up fast without the page being broken.
    * Removal of the visual editor. It just doesn't work. Whichever page is edited with the visual editor contains afterwards broken code and has to be fixed by hand. Better not enable it at all than have to cope with this mess.

    * No advertisement
    * Working MobileSkin
    * Access to backend (css, extensions, layout)

    Current State
    * The descent-community wiki is a fork of the wikia wiki (content wise).
    * It uses MediaWiki 1.27.1 (update to 1.28.0 is in the pipeline)
    * New Look-and-Feel (skin, layout, etc.) is complete
    * Most of the cleanup of the conversion-damage is done (i keep finding small stuff...)

    Next Steps
    * Currently doing cleanup on stuff which wasn't possible on the wikia (e.g. proper gallery)
    * Add support to the Card Template for Monsters and Lieutenants
    * Add a template for Heroes
    * Convert all the missing pages which aren't using the templates yet (mostly plot-cards, i could use some help on that)
    * Convert the existing templates to use classes instead of inline-css (this allows the templates to look better on mobile since i can have skin specific classes)
    An updated list can be found here:


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    by pretzel76

    I'm thinking of diving into Descent 2nd edition since the app came out. I have Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and a really liking the app!

    But I am worried about the replayability of the app "Road to Legend" and all the expansions.

    1) How is the replayability? When you play, for example, Rise of all Goblins a second or third time; will the tiles be different or will it be along the same path each time with minor changes in interactions?

    2) How do expansions alter the app? I understand that you have a couple of "weeks" before you start your main quest and in that time you can do side quests. Is that what most box expansions do add side quests? Do expansions alter the main quest? Are expansion tiles added into the main quest?

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    by MGAC


    Forgive me if this was brought up before. Our group is getting ready to jump into Descent. We have the app, and the base a couple expansions.

    We want to start with the base game only (for now). My question we need to all know how to play the game first, and then integrate the app, OR can we use the app to walk us through and teach us the game?

    Thank you.

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    by Nivanor


    I watched a few videos and did some reading on descent but I'm a bit confused about the co-op part. So What i understand so far is that in normal play someone takes the role of the overlord and the others take the role of the heros. In co-op play with the app no one plays the overload as it is replaced with the app but what about the other co-op expansions? Do those use the app? Also I see that this has a campaign is that playable as co-op? How long are the campaigns? How long is typical game play? I'm obviously interested in co-op, 2 player game. This reminds me of the video game diablo which I love so I was interested in learning more about the game and what it has to offer in a 2 player co-op campaign.

    Thank you.

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    by foxreinard

    I have uploaded all of the content I personally own to the Roll20 Descent game in the form of images I have both found around the internet and from scanning my stuff. After this was finished and many revisions and polish to make everything look and operate better, I feel the game is ready for the general public. To this end I created a copy of my primary game (with its existing player population removed to make managing that group easier in future branches), and anyone who wants to check it out can make a Roll20 login (if needed) and join the game.


    * Everything implemented from each expansion, except the quests from Hero and Monster packs. All quests are simply pre-made map tile sets with a library of images to represent Figures, tokens, doors, and everything else one needs to apply to the map.

    * Dice are implemented in two forms. One is a purely text form, the other using dice face images.

    * Random monster, quest picks for those who don't want to sift through everything or if you're like me, lazy and don't want to think about it.

    * Each "Figure" object comes with attribute tests where applicable, defense dice, and in the case of all monsters, attack dice automatically through the use of an "Attack" button and a "Pick a target" function, along with a "defense" button so you can perform a Blast attack or other multi-target. The code for this is something I learned recently, and was what I determined to be the finishing touch.

    For those who saw this in past and joined, I'm afraid rejoining will be needed, as the game I had created was destroyed as an unfinished product. A beta test if you would. I will be making no further overhauls, and any content that FFG provides in future will be implemented in multiple Roll20 games.

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    by willdesigns

    Well, of course it´s just a question. But given that a while ago I asked also the possibility of an app for descent and the wish came true, why not asking again.

    Sea of Blood is a hell of a campaign for the first edition, difficult but a lot of fun taking the dungeoncrawl experience into the deep ocean with epic sea battles, island quests, and a whole new feeling of our heroes becoming slowly corsairs, facing pirates and ghost ships.

    Anyway, I know that both attemps to bring the high seas to the world of terrinoth weren´t greatly received (island of Dread for runebound and sea of blood for descent) but it would be awesome to have an expansion for the second edition with a campaign for the road to legend app.

    So let the wish become food for thought and hopefully it will become a prophecy instead of just a wish