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    by Budapest

    I'll be playing the game night kit version (co-op) of Descent this weekend. I have the base game only. I thought I'd pick up some other heroes. Which Heroes/Monsters expansion should I get?

    by tlee33

    People have always asked which lieutenant to get, which is your favorite, which one is coolest, which one has the best stats, etc. So I just though I'd put a poll together to see what everyone thinks of each lieutenant pack to help out.


    by rafal100

    So Imperial Assult will have rules for 2 person tactical skirmish.
    What do you think, will such rules forr Descent be released?

    by zwara81

    As far as know, there was no new descent stuff in the star wars inflight report.

    Did anybody catch some news or rumors?

    by HarryCanyon

    There are a lot of threads talking about how the overlord is too powerful or that the heroes are too powerful but I was wondering if these issues have been addressed now that many expansions have been released. Of course there are many factors that could lead to imbalance but generally speaking, is the game becoming more well rounded as more expansions are added with the overlord vs the heroes or has it stayed the same or gotten worse?

    by jgortner


    Now that Descent: Second Edition finally has cooperative support I would like to buy in. However, a search for "descent second edition" on CSI or otherwise generates a ton of results - wow!

    I believe much of what is out there I will not need but I wanted to write and get a better understanding of what is out there.

    - The Base Game
    Obviously I need this

    - The Cooperative Expansion: Descent Second Edition: Forgotten Souls
    I believe this is the only cooperative expansion available right now that I can purchase. And I believe it only references / uses resources from the base game.

    - Lieutenant Packs
    Am I correct in saying this is only used for non-cooperative game play as the cooperative expansion pack story / game play does not reference any of these.

    - Other content expansions
    Like Trollfens, Oath of the Outcast, Lair of the Wyrm, etc. Again since the cooperative adventure cards and story do not use these resources I will not need them.

    I am guessing that eventually cooperative adventures will start to use other game components from expansions and will list them as pre-requisites.

    Any information on this front would be great! Thanks.

    by achasteen

    I was going to ask for the $40 Shadow of Nerekhal expansion this Christmas.

    My son loves Star Wars, but we also have had great times playing Descent together.

    Episode 7 hysteria is on the horizon and I'm gonna feel like I killed a cute Ewok if I don't get Imperial Assault. Someone needs to give me the skinny on this?

    How do the number of missions compare?

    The original Descent campaign I think had 20 quests? Imperial Assault has maybe 30 with side missions tailored towards specific characters? Very cool. How many quests does Shadow of Nerekhal have?

    What about the quality of gameplay and balanced level design - Imperial Assault vs. Shadows of Nerekhal?

    It feels like a silly question, but could the Shadows of Nerekhal story be more engaging and entertaining than a Star Wars themed story?

    Finally, a simple question, where does the Imperual Assault price tag fall? Hopefully no more than $80...

    Thanks for your responses.

    by zolrac01

    Hi everyone, was starting a campaign with my wife and son and wanted to get your opinions on something. I've read about all the cheese tactics and repetitiveness of the overlord picking the same type of monsters to be the most effective when choosing open groups.

    If I limited the open group selection to once per campaign until they were all chosen, would that severely handicap the overlord? I own base Descent, conversion kit with all D1E monsters, and am waiting for Trollfens and LotW to arrive. Thanks all!

    by Magallian

    First of all : great community for the Descent boardgaming! Useful forums and downloadable files! Big thanks to all contributing members!

    Never thought of actually considering painting and airbrushing miniatures for one of my boardgames, but after seeing all the great paintjobs some players did on the Descent miniatures (blaming for that too..), I have decided to go and increase our Descent experience.

    So painting miniatures is one side of the story. The other side is what is missing in the whole picture. Like replacing cardboard tokens for miniature chests, barrels, townsfolk. And let's not forget miniatures for familiars.

    There is not much of this to find via Google. We have townsfolk and familiars at, and some dungeon accessoires too. However I came across Dungeon Details from CastleKits :

    Quite a number of dungeon details useful to increase our overall Descent experience. After ordering these and exchanging E-mail with Castlekits, the question was raised what else as dungeon details would be useful, but isn't currently available.

    Now friends and I have not completed our first base campaign yet. And I have not looked into the recently acquired expansions, so I do not know if there is certain craftable dungeon furniture missing. Dungeon objects which are currently represented by a cardboard token. Any suggestions from more experienced Descent-players?

    by Wuyley

    Finally had some time to crack open my Manor of Ravens box. Unfortunately I will not be showing Skarn the LT pack as well because it was not available for whatever reason.

    Random question, has the mini expansions only came with 3 tile sheets or just this one? I don't recall. Anyway, enjoy









    Bounty Hunter












    Misc Cards


    by Pooter1998

    I was thinking of buying Descent just to play with one other person, is it fun? and would you recommended it? We were mainly thinking of campaign play.

    by Mistborn

    Are the stand alone coop packs that are coming out now exactly the same as the ones included in the game night kits, nothing extra?

    Thanks in advance.

    by Sly master9

    I plan on getting this game at Essen this year. I want to buy a lieutenant pack to go along with it. I have a few questions about them. (I tried finding threads answering these specific questions, but I could not find any)

    If I do not plan on getting any other expansions, which one will be used in the first campaign the most?

    I read about the lieutenant decks, they sound like a very fun addition to the game, but I also read that a lot of them cannot be used in the 'base campaign' (Shadow Rune right?) Is that true?

    If so, would I need (or would you advise me) to get two lieutenants? One to use for it's deck, and the other because it's figure will be used the most in the Shadow Rune Campaign?

    Thanks in advance!

    by Pooter1998

    I am playing the game with someone who has very little understanding of English. I plan on buying the game in Czech but I was thinking of buying the Lieutenant packs in English JUST for the figure, not using any of the extra cards, is it worth it?

    by The Sacred Voice

    I'm talking specifically about the shop deck rather than anything else because I've played quite a bit of Arkham Horror where we just shuffle all the expansions together and so the decks can get a bit streaky and weird or you can draw loads of utility items in a row. Is the balance of items such that you'll still get reasonable draw options with lots of expansions thrown in? Does this effect apply to any other decks (only the shop deck really sprang to mind but there might be others I haven't thought about)

    by Jjiinx

    Our group just finished Death on the Wing recently in our campaign and it seems that the heros are scaling in power MUCH faster than the overlord. We're ready to do the Interlude, but we're a little concerned at how easy the game is getting for the Heros.

    We've only lost one encounter so far and Death on the Wing E2 was by far the easiest victory, we were able to kill the 2 elementals and Belthir on the first turn before the overlord was able to do a single thing.

    Our classes are Bard, Hexer, Thief, and Shadow Walker.

    I can give more information if it's required, I'd really like to find out what's causing our insane power creep, I'm starting to feel bad for the overlord and I have the most fun when an encounter is close or difficult.

    We're playing with all expansions (excluding lieutenants and still waiting on manor of ravens shipping). We decided since the overlord is so underpowered in our game that we'd allow him to rebuild his 15 card overlord deck with his choice of cards between Basic and Basic II (we're hoping this helps him). We're also not playing with rumors, I don't know how much of a difference that makes for the Overlord.

    by Spendrik

    I'm trying to think of other examples of board games with a 1 vs X structure, where X is the number of asymmetrical roles playing cooperatively.

    In essence, a group of fellas teaming up against a GM, or big bad.

    The other one I could think of that's close to this was Descent ... are there any other candidates, O BGG hive mind?

    by JBTheChamp

    Is the multiple paths around the dungeon and to the final objective. The party could split up and explore different paths, take risks and re join once they had found the objective. It made for excellent gameplay and avoided the feeling of following the yellow brick road that so many other dungeon crawlers suffer from.
    So, the question is, does Descent offer the same variation in dungeon layout or is it simply a matter of the whole party following each other down a single path ?
    Thanks, I am looking for a dungeons crawler and this looks to be the one to buy

    by heislegend

    Hi guys,

    A group of friends and I finally picked descent after deciding we wanted to try some type of complex board game. (drinking adventures)\

    Anyways, was curious if it's possible for us to swap out who plays the overlord every quest? We'd each have our hero character and then roll to see who randomly plays the overlord (you can't be picked twice until everybody has gone once). We'd give whoever was playing overlord each quest's hero the appropriate XP. This allows us all to feel like we are overall on the same team, but give everybody a change of pace every so often.

    It seems like this would work but I haven't actually played through any campaign yet so I don't know if there is something I'm missing that would be messed up in the long run?


    by saxon1974

    Is there one anywhere? I'm curious where the various cities and locations are from the different releases exist in the world.

    by Jjiinx

    I'm just wondering this simple question, since the overlord keeps all cards in his hand between encounters and doesn't have a maximum hand size is it a generally common tactic to not play any cards in encounter 1 and waiting till encounter 2 before you play them?

    This seems like the best way to win as overlord, so is this the intended way to play him?

    by ryno80

    Personally, when it comes to a game like this with as much setup time as it takes for the overlord, I like to either not have my players come to the table until I'm nearly ready or give them something to do or play with.

    People may tend to judge a game negatively if it has a long setup time and start to check out pretty easily (ADD?)

    This is why I (shameless plug) made and maintain my class selection guides, available here: For those that may have used this guide I was wondering, how did it go? And any feedback for improvement?

    I would love to know what other methods or tools are typically used for archetype/class/hero selection?

    by Cador83


    i want to play this with my wife! but she is no gamer, so at least the game has to be coop.

    my question is how much fun/challenge do i loose when i play the OL AND the heroes.

    is the OL doing really unexpecting things to the heroes ?

    i know that there is a d6 mod to auto AI the OL, but i think it woulb be easier if i play it with the goal to make it as hard for the heroes as possible...

    so is there any hidden action that would make it impossible to play both? (i mean like poker, where it is not possible to play against yourself )

    by Unclechawie

    For those of you who liked my previous campaign tracker found here:
    I've retooled and updated it with all the newest information including Manor of Ravens. I am however missing 3 cards from the Skarn Agent deck. If anyone has Skarn, could you please list the names of the cards in his plot deck. Once I finish that I will be posting the new tracker for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much for the help.

    by Wallack

    Hi lads.

    I'm planning in adding some custom items to add more variety to the game.

    The thing is, I found sites to print custom cards of the same size of the big cards, but none for the small cards which I think is around 1.6 x 2.5 inches or 4.1 x 6.3 cm.

    Does anyone have had any experience printing custom cards for their campaigns? If so, I would appreciate any advice.


    by petercox

    So, I'm thinking of getting this. Why? Because I love a game that has a strong story arc.

    I've heard a lot of comments though: this is really a tactical miniatures combat game, with a little bit of story veneer.

    Is that true or not? I guess to some extent the fact that you keep your weapons and experience etc gives the game a narrative arc as you follow your character.

    But I guess my question is: is the story compelling? Engaging? Interesting? Or is it really about having a fight? At the end of a session are you keen to see what happens next?

    by WonderSlug

    So, Skarn is the tallest miniature released to date for second edition. I wanted to show him next to the two hero miniatures from Manor of Ravens to show the scale. He's a very impressive figure, for sure. Great level of detail.

    by reidmchap

    Hi I'm a long time descent player but I haven't gotten around to keeping up with he expansions since Lair of the Wyrm. I'm getting back into the game and I was wondering which expansions the community felt added the most, were the best balanced, etc. I do intend to pick them all up eventually.

    I have Descent 2, Lair of the Wyrm, All Descent 1 expansions and the conversion kit

    I can't find the co-op expansion (and am disappointed by its inability to use any of the monsters from my massive collection)

    I don't really have any interest in the overlord kits or the hero and monster kits

    by johnboyjr

    Or do you just get the one? Seems like I woukd get board replaying the same campaign

    by Artaterxes

    Hi everyone,

    I have played a lot of Descent with four heroes, but I am getting slaughtered in a 2-hero campaign. Just the core set. No conversion kit or expansions.

    I tried Act I with Syndrael (Knight) and Widow Tarha (Necromancer) and lost every quest. Then I tried Act II with Avric Albright (Disciple) and Leoric of the Book (Runemaster) with XP converted from my previous heroes and still lost.

    Avric had Prayer of Healing, Cleansing Touch, Divine Fury, Elm Greatbow, and Ring of Power. He even found the Grinding Axe. Leoric had Runic Knowledge, Exploding Rune, and the skills that let him add a surge for free and recover more stamina with surges. He also had Sunburst and Demonhide Leather.

    AND, I even used a house rule in Act II whereby standing up after a KO costs only one action. Still we got destroyed.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is it unusual for both of those groups to lose so much?

    by Wallack

    Hi folks.

    I want to add heroes with special abilities (like undead hunters) and I was thinking in using reaper miniatures. I own some warhammer miniatures and I saw that the heroes in descent are smaller than wh ones is like WH uses 28mm while descent uses 25, not so sure. Monster doesn't really matter as they are not humans.

    Was looking to buy some miniatures for new heroes, and also for the reanimate token and villagers and militia ... but I was thinking ... will that break the scale?

    You know any good miniature brand that respect the descent scale? to add new heroes and such?

    P.S. sorry for my english

    by Kyur

    Hey dungeoneers,

    like the thread title says, I want to find a clever and easy solution for keeping track of all the monsters on the board.

    Wound tokens for unique monsters can be kept at the corresponding statistics card, but various minion level miniatures can become really problematic once they are standing close together.
    I also want to remove unnecessary tokens from the boards to just keep the board "tidy and clean", as big amounts of (additional) info tokens pretty much ruin the visual appeal of the game for me.

    At first I thought about placing a numbered tokens near to them and a second one in front of the Keeper for book keeping, but that's just silly. Placing all wound tokens under the miniature is also no solution, as the information will be hidden and tough monsters will eventually be standing on a nice tower of tokens.

    Any helpful advice is welcome, thanks !

    by Kyur

    Hey everyone,

    well, it's that old storage solution discussion about Descent 2 again, so sorry about that.

    What I'm planning to do is getting 1-3 Plano boxes for placing them inside the game's box, as I am pretty sure that this can be pulled off with a bit of training in Tetris and knowledge of the available types of Plano boxes.

    Now, I'm no expert at advanced storage solutions like some in the community are - actually I wish I could do custom foam inserts, but I don't have the time getting into that at the moment. Which leads me to Plano boxes, which I also have not used at this point, but thankfully, there are different standard models so people can indeed guide me here.

    My main focus for storing will be on the miniatures, as I might transport the game in the future and don't want to damage them while doing so. Cards and tokens are already bagged and way more flexible at storing here, in my opinion.

    So if anybody could come up with a clever Plano box setup for the core game, I would be very thankful - and the people I can bring the game to in the future probably also.

    by percepter

    I have purchased these sets as proxies for familiars:

    Necromancer Reanimate -

    Pico, Skye, Wolf -

    They are cheap and well made.

    I am yet to find a set for the Geomancer's stones etc.


    by heislegend

    I've been trying to get a group of friend together to start a campaign for a couple of weeks now. We thought we were gonna have a good group for this weekend but ended up with only three. My question is, should I go ahead and do it this weekend with 3 people or wait a week when I could have 4-5?

    Something feels like 4 would be a lot better than 3 but I'm not sure why.

    What do you guys think?

    FYI we plan on swapping out who plays overlord every quest.

    by jeavis

    I've been very interested in getting this game for a long time but the only person I really play games with on a regular basis is my wife.

    My first question is, is it worth buying the game if I'll only get to play the fully co-op games?

    Second question is what are the names of all the co-op only expansions for this game? There are so many expansions it's hard to wade through them all to figure out which ones are for full co-op.

    Thanks in advance,


    by soccastar001

    I am the overlord in a a base game campaign and I finally won our last quest (Death on a Wing). It's my first win in 5 quests (including the introduction and 2 rumor card quests). We've already played Fat Goblin and Death on a Wing and I get to choose the next, and last, of the Act I quests. Are there any suggestions for one that gives me, as the Overlord, a little bit of an edge? The heroes have been mostly dominating me besides the second half of Death on a Wing and I'd like to at least be a little competitive going into halftime.

    by Hoosteen

    Hey guys!
    So I recently bought Descent after playing it with friends for quite a while. My wife and I have really enjoined playing it with friends, but neither of us ever needed to be te Overlord. Then we moved away from those friends.
    Now that one of us needs to be the OL in order to play, we looked into a few of the fan-made co-op variants, but are really interested in the "Forgotten Souls" expansion. But I have a few questions about it:

    (1) Is it compatable with the rest of the expansions? I'm not sure I want to pick it up if I can't use maps/monsters/whatever from the other expansions to add to the co-op feel.
    (2) What is the replay value like? I thought I read somewhere that it gets very mundane after a while.
    (3) Is it possible to use the Overlord AI in the original/expansion campaigns/quests?

    Thanks for any info you guys have!!

    by achasteen

    I found this 'Epic Drama Adventure Music' playlist on Spotify.

    I hit shuffle and listen to it everytime I play Descent. It works perfectly. Very cinematic and grandiose.

    My son and I like to imagine how the music relates to Terrinoth...

    "That sounds like Baron Zachareth's music!

    Aww, we're walking in the forest.

    Ahh! Splig's goblin archers are attacking.

    Equip your weapons!!"

    Fun stuff.

    by olegbl

    I wasn't satisfied with keeping track of my descent campaigns using pen & paper. So, I made an app for myself. Decided I'd share it:
    * Stores data on dropbox (so, data is synchronized between devices)
    * Targeted at mobile phones (so will look best there)
    * Has base game + the five largest expansions coded in
    * Some campaigns and most overlord skills are missing for now, but it allows adding custom skills/items
    * UI not final, so it can be hard to know what's interactive - just try tapping things to see if they're buttons or not

    Open Source:

    by nadamor

    I'm looking for some advice from the veteran Descent 2E players.

    My group is starting a Shadow of Nerekhall campaign this weekend. Because I have all the expansions released to date, I'm wondering if it's a good or bad idea to include all of those rumor/treasure/shop cards into the campaign. I bought them so I want to use them....but am afraid if it's going to flood the shop cards in a negative way.

    What do you do if you've got so many cards to pick from!? Include them all without thinking about it or pick and choose based off of the campaign and classes the OL/heroes pick?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


    by ravenclaw77

    Just got Descent 2nd edition and am loving it. I'm an old HeroQuest fan, but I like this much better -- the overlord has more options, a sense of progression between sessions, and the asynchronous goals are great. I enjoy painting the minis too, so it's two hobbies in one, three if I try to design my own campaigns which is likely.

    Anyway, what I'm wondering is -- is there an optimum order in which to purchase additional content? Eventually, I want it all -- the big and small box expansions, monsters and heroes packs, lieutenants. It will take quite some time to get it all because money is a bit tight. I mostly play 2 player (1 hero and the overlord) and I think I'm looking for more depth than breadth at this point (so monster and hero packs are less of a priority, I think).

    I think one of the expansions allows for a completely co-op game and an automated overlord. I don't know if this is awesome or if being the bad guy is part of the fun for me. The same person I play this with also enjoys Pathfinder ACG with me, so co-op is what we're more used to.

    One of the expansions adds 'rumors' to the game... I think this is the kind of thing I'm interested in, more types of cards / added complexity.

    Lastly, is it worth trying to hunt down 1st edition things and the conversion kit if I'm just getting started now? Are they still in print / easy to find / not super expensive?

    by ryanjamal

    Last night I had quite a memorable gaming session, but at the end I am left with a question about how to resolve an issue and thought I'd see what others thought.

    We were playing our last Act II quest of the LoR campaign, Tipping the Scales, and due to some horrible luck and occasional poor play, I was against the ropes and the heroes were near victory. The heroes need to add weights of equal amounts to two different locations, and they only needed to place the last weight and they would win. Logan took the weight from another hero and moved into position. Next turn is all I'd have, and I need three lucky breaks.

    Luck favored me, at last, and I was able to eke out a win. However, after we had packed up we were discussing the quest and something occurred to me. I looked at the quest rules again and realized that Logan could have placed the weight in his last turn (we had thought that taking the weight from the other hero was an action, but it wasn't, leaving him a last action to place it). Cursed by honesty, I conceded that we had misplayed and we looked over if there was anything I could have done. I talked about playing grease trap to put Logan out of the way or out of commission, but we realized that even if I had been successful, the trap wouldn’t move him enough away and wouldn’t kill him (side question: can heroes move through other heroes with a grease trap, assuming they have enough movement to end in an empty space? We assumed that they could.). But we never had him roll the dice, but if he had and had passed the test, he would have had to suffer a fatigue, which is what he used for his final movement point to be in place to drop the weight.

    The issue is that I didn’t realize this until this morning, after looking at the card again. So, is it fair, in your minds, for me to ask for a roll of the dice to finally determine a victor?

    Arguments for:
    -I did concede defeat after we had packed up the quest, so perhaps the heroes should be similarly lenient.
    -We didn’t actually play out the results as we should have last night, and if we had and the card had been in front of me as I played it, I would have (I think) caught the loss of fatigue.
    -It’s not like I’m wanting to play any extra cards or anything new. I just want to play out what we talked through as we should have originally.
    -I hate losing :-) 

    Arguments against:
    -In the words of one of the hero players, this is essentially Monday morning quarterbacking. The statute of limitations on dealing with this ended once they left the house (In response, I would say I would have conceded defeat whenever I realized it).
    -I should have forced the roll last night and noticed it last night. Not doing so is on me.
    -The heroes haven’t won many quests, and this gives them a chance for winning the campaign, which makes for a more competitive and perhaps more enjoyable finale.

    Ultimately, whatever I and my other players agree upon is fair, if we can come to an agreement. And I’ll probably concede if I can’t convince one of them to vote my way (they’re a fair group, but of course this is a hard issue to decide without personal interest clouding both sides). But still, what do you guys think? What would be fair in your eyes?

    by johnboyjr

    when you play a basic game with just the starting cards and you do encounter from act ii do you still use the act 2 monsters?