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    by revel911

    Have people tried not revealing/placing tiles and objectives on the tiles till the characters have proper LOS?

    I know that it adds a few more minutes of play, but any other negatives?

    I just feel it would add a bit more mystery to the game with players not automatically knowing where enemies and objectives are placed.

    Any additional positives?

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    by Leeko

    Which plot deck do people consider the best overall? I currently only own Alric plot deck. And I am eyeing Belthirs and the Barons plot decks. Another I am interested from hearing that its pretty good is Skarns. Does anyone know where I can see all the cards in that plot deck like the others?

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    by bhudson1972

    Due to the current Barnes & Noble clearance sale going on, I was lucky to find a copy of Descent 2.0 that lasted through the 50% off sale to the 75% off sale. So, I purchased it today.

    I'm really excited about this. I figure this is as close as my wife and two daughters will ever come to playing D & D.

    Once we get a few plays in of this, is there one or two "essential" expansions for me to keep an eye out for? I see some expansions on sale from time to time, but never looked into anything.

    I know I won't be buying much, if any, more to add to the base game but was wondering what I'd get the most out of?

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    by Nonje

    Hello guys, good evening everyone!
    I will go straight to the point : I got a new descent expansion so we are going through a new campaign, but before we do i would like to know, if there is , a "definite line of sight rule", since this is EVERYTIME a big issue when someone have to land a ranged attack. Anyone of you have a solution for this problem?

    by Leeko

    For example like how Merick Farrow is magic cards focused and Queen Araid is trap focused. There is a lot more event cards than an other type of overlord card, so I was just wondering if there is one. So far from what I've seen from this list, there isn't.

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    by timlillig

    I am considering getting one of the print of demand co-op expansions. There is not much about the later two on their pages, so I was wondering what are the differences between the three and if anyone considers one of them the best or a better place to start with them.

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    by bfrench

    Hi All,

    I'm planning on picking up Descent (looks like an awesome game) and I was curious about the Co-op expansions and unofficial community ones. I gave the unofficial ones a quick look through and they seem solid. Is that an ample substitute? Also, would this allow me to play solo? My wife isn't always into this kind of game. Purchase recommendations are very much welcome.


    by Todd Degani

    Is there any way planned to get these? I own all of 1E and all of 2E except for the generals and monster packs.

    by wookie1

    Hey all,

    I just got Descent 2.0 and with all of this LOS controversy....why not just do center of box to center of box like in the old Descent. Does it not work in the 2.0 version?

    by FriendFive

    Hi folks,

    I love playing Descent and my gaming group and I finally got through our first campaign (took about a year, but then, we didn't meet up for game nights very frequently). I was the Overlord and the heroes defeated me in the end.

    Anyway, our gaming group has grown over time and I was hoping someone could offer some suggestions of games that are similar to this one that could be played by up to 8 players. We all like the "D&D lite" feel of Descent but we end up having a few people sitting around watching, or play video games, or something else while 5 of us are playing Descent.

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    by RDewsbery

    I've just purchased the 4 Lieutenants from FFG that I thought that I would be most likely to use as Agents/wanted the plot decks for (Zachareth, Bol'goreth, Verminous and Mirklace). But I can't justify spending £8-£14 each to pick up the other lieutenants.

    So I've just ordered a big pile of Reaper Bones miniatures to proxy in the figures - because using the cardboard counters for *important* monsters never felt right to me.

    Here's what I ordered:
    77109: Fire Dragon (Valyndra)*
    77172: Malek Necromancer (Lord Merick Farrow)
    77086: Townsfolk: Strumpet (Lady Eliza Farrow)
    77148: Mangu Timur (Sir Alric Farrow)
    77184: Spirit of the Forest (Skarn)**
    77030: Danar, Male Assassin (Raythen)
    77180: Shaerileth, Spider Demoness (Queen Ariad)
    77175: Ghoul Queen (Ariad)
    77147: Mummy Lich (Tristayne Olliven)
    77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss (Splig)
    77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger (Serena)
    77040: Satheras, Male Warlock (Rylan Olliven)***

    * - almost as expensive as buying the actually FFG lieutenant.
    ** - possibly a bit large and OTT, on the other hand, large and OTT might be suitably intimidating!
    *** - possibly the weakest of the proxy choices, but what the heck.

    With the exception of Queen Ariad, Skarn and Valyndra, all of the figures are *significantly* cheaper than the official FFG miniatures. Queen Ariad and Skarn work out as being about half price.

    And the fact that they are white plastic will help them to be visible on the map - I have no intention of painting everything, thanks.

    I'll post some pics when they arrive.

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    by drjmcmillan

    Calling all evil ones.

    We've had a break from Descent for about 6 months. Last time we played Trollfens as a mini campaign. It's safe to say I did quite poorly as the overlord. I chose the basic 2 deck and the infector class along with the Queen Ariad lieutenant.

    It really didn't work very well. The infection tokens seemed a bit lame. Perhaps they were not best suited to a mini campaign.

    Now the players have , cunningly, convinced me to let them pick heroes just before we play the first scenario of the new campaign. So I can't prepare for them off the bat.

    However if anyone has good some tips I would most appreciate it.

    I have all the game expansions and lieutenants( but none of the monster packs)

    We will be doing the Nerekhall campaign with Manor of ravens added in.

    I WILL be using the original basic deck

    Any advice on what class to aim for and what lieutenant might be good.

    Thanks ,

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    by zaltyre

    I've uploaded version 2.0 of my glossary for Descent to the files section. You can find it here:

    Discussion thread:

    Version 2.0 includes an updated format, a space counting example, and a few corrections from previous versions. Please leave comments in one of the discussion threads or on the file itself. Thank you, and enjoy!

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    by HarryCanyon

    I'm going to be starting my first game of Descent with four other people. I will be playing the overlord and I have all of the expansions. I was wondering if it might be better to run through one of the mini campaigns like The Trollfens before starting a much longer campaign. This way everyone including me can practice and learn the mechanics of the game to see what kind of characters they like to play so that they have that knowledge before starting one of the longer campaigns.

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    by Leeko

    Does the ability make poison and disease do 2 damage a turn if they fail the attribute test. Or it only does the 1 damage 1 fatigue for people who have those conditions?

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    by thebalch

    hey all,

    I recently purchased a copy of Descent, only to find that one of the cave spiders was detached from the base. It seems to have snapped off; I can see where the abdomen of the spider should connect to the plastic disk. I went ahead and requested a new miniature from the component replacement service at Fantasy Flight, and it arrived today. When I opened the envelope, I found that the replacement figure was exactly the same way. Am I missing something here? Is it possible that it's supposed to come like that? Any help would be appreciated.

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    by Soldier

    So as is the case for many I have now gotten most of the Hero and Monster Collections and I now have a bunch of extra cards.

    It seems a huge waste to throw anything away, but I don't know what else to do with the redundant materials. It also doesn't seem like anyone would want to buy them.

    Any ideas for what to do with the material?

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    by Leeko

    I am confused how this quest works on the overlord side of things. The first part I am confused about is it says the open group is not placed during setup, but there is no indication the group comes out at all during that encounter. Another part I am confused about it says "the overlord replaces any 2 villager tokens on the map with 1 chaotic rift each, his choice of color." But then on the ritual part it says as an action, while adjacent to a captive scholar, Tristayne Olliven may test knowledge, if he passes, the overlord replaces the token with a chaotic rift of his choice.

    So which is it? Do I have to get 2 villagers to get 1 chaotic rift which is impossible to win the quest (need 5 rifts open) that way being that there is only 7 villager tokens. Or is it the description in the Ritual segment.

    The open group thing also bothers me if someone can clarify. I know there is an open group in the 2nd encounter, but it still doesn't make sense to have an open group listed on the first encounter and then never use it. The second encounter also says nothing about the open group from the first encounter being used.

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    by Soldier

    Has any one got this yet?


    Teaser pictures?

    Any goodies that come with it besides the book?

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    by Wallack

    Hi all.

    I store all the tiles in a binder, 4 per sheet, so tiles 1-4 in the first one, then 5-8 ... etc.

    For the base game is easy as in the quest guide you can see the number of almost every title.

    The problem is that sometimes a small corridor doesn't have a number/name written (only in the tile itself) and a token is covering it.

    I would create encounters with the Quest Vault and then add the numbers/names next to them but I was wondering if any of you already have this done or something similar.


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    by Sam and Max

    Introduction: I'll be posting a review in a few days, but thought I'd step BGG'ers through how to actually select which Game+Plus trays to purchase, as well as an example arrangement for the base game. If you've found the range of foam trays on the market confusing and expensive, Game+Plus trays are a reasonably priced solution. Since they're sold at Miniature Market, you can buy some trays with a boardgame, and reach the free shipping threshold!

    The trays are made of pluck foam. Just remove the foam pieces to make the cavities to store your miniatures. Removed foam can be glued back in place. Miniature Market, a popular boardgame OLGS, sells the trays for $7.75 -- taller trays are *not* more expensive! They actually fit short comic book boxes (and you'll only need three for the base game), so you don't have to buy the holding bag until you have a few expansions.

    Each tray measures 24 x 13 pieces of foam, and each piece is .5" wide. The trays themselves are 13" length x 7.5" width, with a 25" for rigid base. Tray heights are 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", and 4". I recommend using a spreadsheet program to make a template of 24x13 cells of .5" square size. Measure the height of the tallest miniature in the tray to determine the height of the tray to store a set of miniatures in.

    Here's the template with an example horizontal arrangement with the base set heroes and some heroes from Runebound and Descent 1st edition. You can store the figures either vertically or horizontally. Vertically lets you store more figures on a tray, and is better for the larger figures. Horizontally lets you see small figures better. Horizontally, the figures use a 1" tray. The heroes are in 2x3 cavities, and the rightmost cavities are 3x3 for the larger miniatures. (I've added a Reaper Miniatures dwarf for one of the coop expansions, and a zombie for the Reanimate.)

    This horizontal arrangement for the monsters uses a 1.5" height tray, because of the Barghasts.

    Because of the Shadow Dragon bases, you will need the 4" height for the larger monsters. If you cut off the Shadow Dragon bases, you can get away with the 3" height.

    More on the bag in the review (which will appear in the Game Accessories forum), but it's 1.5 feet tall.
    It sells for $35 on Miniature Market, which is on the inexpensive side for these bags, but could still be a bit of a sticker shock for boardgamers.

    And, while this is impressive, you're not going to need this many trays for just the base game.

    Because someone would probably try it, you could stick the base game box in the bag as well (if you use the 3" foam tray because you cut off the Shadow Dragon bases).
    However, a box full of cardboard may press down on the trays!

    So, instead, use the pockets on the bag. The holding bag comes with four pockets for storage. The front pocket has a velcro flap, and fits standard 8" x 11.5" rulebooks. The back pocket (not shown) has a zipper, and fits baggied items and small storage boxes.

    One of the side pockets also has a velcro flap, large enough to store a coop expansion, clamshell and all. I probably wouldn't use the clamshell, but it's nice to have a pocket that will fit the coop expansions. The other side, not shown, is a mesh drawstring, suitable for a dice bag or more baggies.

    Finally, without the box, after storing the rulebooks, baggies, and whatnot in the bag pockets, you can toss in the rest on top of the trays. The bag does have a shoulder strap.

    So, next time you're looking to reach that Miniature Market free shipping threshold, consider a few game trays!

    by Blood Bowl 4 ever

    Hey everyone,

    I have all the characters from the game and expansions Runebound (Second Edition) and Runewars and Dungeonquest 3rd edition.

    I like to slowly get into this game but just couple of questions:

    1. Are the hero`s of Descent same as Runebound ? most likely there are more Descent characters than Runebound as the result of more published expansion.
    If yes, so they are exact same mini`s ?

    2. The lieutenants are much larger , correct ?

    3. Are the hero`s of another FFG game Talisman (Revised 4th Edition)
    also become involved in this game Descent ?
    because we have all the Talisman 4th edition and all expansions.

    Your answers will mean alot to me

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    by drjmcmillan

    I have very little experience of the rumour quest system. However we are fairly experienced with the game having played Shadowrune, Trollfens and Lair of the Wyrm campaigns.

    I am aware that there have been issues with the rumour quests adding a level of imbalance against the overlord. I really don't need this against experienced players.

    However I am also picking up hints from BGG that the MoR rumour quests are more balanced in the event of a heroes win?

    Does anyone have some experience with them? The plan is to play MoR mixed in with a Nerekhall campaign

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    by Archmagus of Roo

    So with the six Hero and Monster Collections that are out/announced, there are only seven monster groups from 1st edition unaccounted for:

    Blood Ape
    Ice Wyrm

    Since they (so far) always come in groups of three in these sets, we'll either eventually be seeing a set with one remade group and two NEW groups, or one group will be left behind...


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    by mpenguin

    Hi all,

    Just started my very first campaign (I had previously only played one battle) with 4 others. I was hoping someone could link me to a PDF that contains all of the possible character upgrades that can be bought with experience. I didn't see any files that included that information.

    For reference, I'm playing Tinashi the Wanderer. Other characters include Rendiel, Ravaella, and Orkell the Swift.


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    by Corgano

    Is it correct that this game's campaign mode balancing is based on an unstable equilibrium? It seems to me that whoever wins the first quest is more likely to win the second quest as well because he/she/they not only receive additional rewards for winning the quest but he/she/they can also choose which quest is next. And if he/she/they also win the second quest which is likely if he/she/they won the first quest, then it is even more likely that he/she/they will also win the third quest, etc...

    I first thought that maybe the interlude and the finale are supposed to work as a counterbalance to this unstable equilibrium and that whoever loses most quests during part one / part two will have an easier time during the interlude / the finale. But that doesn't seem to be the case: According to the statistics the interlude which is played if the heroes won most quests during part one (The Shadow Vault) is easier for the heroes to win than the interlude that is played if the heroes lost most part one quests! And the same seems to be true for the finale: If the heroes won most part 2 quest, they will play "Gryvorn unleashed", which heavily favors the heroes!
    (statistics see here: Balance statistics)

    Am I missing something? Or is it really the case that there is no game mechanism that compensates for the growing power of the early winner and that the likely winner of the campaign is therefore obvious very early in the campaign?

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    by DuelistofAges

    So I want to get into painting these beautiful sculpts but I don't know if primer is necessary, is it? Is it just preference? What are te pros and cons of doing so or not doing so?

    Thanks in advance.

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    by ozDarchangel

    Hi guys,

    Not sure if anyone is interested, but I'm keeping a blog as I (admittedly slowly) paint all the miniatures from 2E and the expansions.

    I don't purport to be a great painter by any means, but I've been doing it a long time, and I'm documenting my specific colour choices and techniques so might be helpful for some.

    The link is

    Some pics:
    Tomble: http://4.bp.blogspot...Burrowell+1.jpg

    Cave Spiders: https://lh3.googleus...--597450899.jpg

    Belthir WIP (with NMM): http://1.bp.blogspot...phone_photo.jpg

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    by Wallack


    I wanted to post this but I was waiting to receive some more stuff but now I can say that I have everything I wanted to customize (for now).

    It started with the Lieutenants. I didn't like any of the minis from the base set (talking about lieutenants), only Eliza Farrow, so that's the only one I bought. I also bought Valyndra when I bought LotW (the miniature is probably the best in the game) and all the lieutenants from LoR (Serena, Raythen, Ariad and Queen Ariad). For the base game I just bought proxies from Reaper.

    But I had a problem then, I wanted to have all the plot decks from the base game. It was impossible to buy only the decks so I started creating a .PS template to recreate them. If the time I used to create the templates and the decks were used to work I could have bought the lieutenants honestly, took me three days to have the template in a good quality and to reproduce all the decks.

    This is a pic of the custom Alric Farrow from reaper (the one everyone buys) and the plot deck for him. If you compare it with the original decks I have you can see differences in colors but the result is overall pretty nice:

    All my miniatures use square bases, quick example:

    The next thing I worked on was a custom hero and a custom class, but never went ahead to print it and focused in a different thing, my Hybrid Classes.

    It took me a lot of time to create the templates. I know there are already templates for classes but none of them had the quality I needed to print them professionally, so I had to scan and edit everything in order to create a proper template, you can see it here:

    In my hybrid classes there are at least two familiars that use ranged attack and the print was out of the frame:

    It works okay but is a pity. Anyways, knowing that I will be ordering a new errata set with only the minor fixes I needed.

    Another closeup:

    I also created some items but never posted them because just wanted to try how they will print. The back has a different tone than the originals but is still ok. I also have some extra shop items so I can put them together if I don't want anyone to notice the different color on the back.

    Then I wrote some "Neutral" Classes which are more like neutral skill cards that can be acquired by anyone at any point paying the XP amount they cost. This was done to increase the amount of options each player has. Also with this order, the peril cards from Ruin of Darkness arrived.

    After that I wanted to play cooperative games but all the rules that RAOV has can be sometimes a little bit complicated so I created Incidents for RAOV, a small variant that eliminates OL and Plot decks and uses a new deck, called Incident, to automate everything and make it more coop.

    This incident cards are like OL cards but instead of played from a secret hand they are drawn from a deck.

    I used the same template as the plot cards:

    Close up:


    This is all I made for Descent and printed professionally to have a great look on the table.

    My next steps is to focus on more neutral class cards and balance some of them (some of them are really expensive) and add more to have a higher variety of options during the game. Also to fix the familiars and print them again to have the attack dice completely on the card.

    Also want to focus on playtesting Incidents and adding a couple of expansions to it. But I will be on holidays for one week so until I come back I can't playtest anything, and I'm dying to!!

    Hope you liked it!

    by jgortner


    I have the base Descent: Second Edition game and would like to buy the available cooperative expansion packs and any required lieutenant packs that would be required to play all of the cooperative adventures without having to use tokens.

    From what I understand, there are 3 cooperative expansion packs available:

    1 Dark Elements
    2 Forgotten Souls
    3 Natire's Ire

    Are these all currently available cooperative packs?
    How well do these play with just 2 players / heroes?
    What lieutenant packs will I need to not have to use tokens for these 3 adventures?
    About how long do these take to play?

    Thanks in advance!

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    by tootz

    been playing the game for about a year now and I have the core set plus nerekhall expansion...I was looking through the"heroes"cards last night.and it sawned on me...we haven't many true magic casters in the game.and I must admit the necromancer class was preety "meh" to be honest...would be nice to see a few more out and out spell dealers in the game..we seem to have lots of warrior and rogue types in the game

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    by AnimalMkIV

    Bought the core set, the H&M packs and the first 6 Lt's a few weeks ago and after browsing some of the images on here I was really inspired to give painting a go having never done anything smaller than a model plane or car.

    Picked up a basic set of Vallejo paints, watched a few painting tutorials and cracked on. They're not the best and I'm sure had I more patience I could have done a bit better, but I'm quite chuffed how they have come out. I just need to learn how to mix the colours I have properly as I am really struggling to get a purple.

    I've done most of the monsters now, getting ready to start on the heroes & LT's.

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    by mrsuitcase

    Hello all,

    Just looking to hear what your favourite one-off scenarios in the campaign were.

    I will be bringing this back to a group that played only First Blood a few months ago. Rather than repeat it, I thought we'd just do a new scenario and I would throw everyone some gold and XP.

    I've only played a couple of them so I was wondering which scenarios you thought were particularly good.

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    by mhutton

    Three years running I submit my list as the countdown clock hits 0s and three years I get shut out of any descent events. What is wrong with ffg that they don't provide enough events for people who go to gencon? They sell out immediately, so why in the world do you not add more? Ridiculous

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    by Mythologem

    Descent is a real masterpiece, I've never been so happy in years ("look at that huge wyrm over there!").

    So now that I have accumulated pieces for decades of play, I'm trying to spread the word and while talking with my sister (a huge Tolkien fan) I tried to describe it to her like this:
    "Think of it as a LOTR combat scene..."
    "Like what? An army assault, a small skirmish?"
    "Mmmh, do you remember the fight in Balin's tomb, when a Cave Troll breaks in..."
    "Yup, the battle of the chamber of Mazarbul!"
    "...yeah, yeah that one, precisely (...I hope)"

    Crazy fan knowldege apart, the link hit me in a blink. If I'll ever be able to bring to the table a scenario, or even a full campaign, with even a small LOTR lore, I know that I can totally sell Descent to my sister and gain a new hero to the table to crush under my evil Overlord-ish powers!

    I know that there is the online creator, and I'm already thinking of some designs, but of course it will be easier to use existing material. Does it exist? Not necessarily in the LOTR or the Hobbit era, just in the world of Tolkien. And if not, what are your suggestions for the best fitting monsters/heroes? Or scenario ideas?
    Thank you!

    ps. I can count on LotW, MoR and SoN expansions.

    by gilford

    thinking i might like this -- much more involved than D&D Adventure board games right?

    PROBLEM, I only play Solo.
    And this 1 player controls the board/baddies.
    I dont want another fidgety variant rules to try to make a solo game.

    I read that there were Official Solo Rules somewhere?
    An expansion or two made it possible?

    Can those rules be used for All Descent 2.0 expansions ?
    And where do I find it?
    (are there special cards etc that must be bought, or only apply to a particular expansion etc...) ???



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    by DSteak

    I absolutely love just about everything about Descent 2nd Edition except for, in my opinion, one glaring flaw - the lack of death.

    I know this topic has been done to death (pun) but here is a variant I've toyed with and it seems pretty cool. First though, here is my issue with the lack of death.

    We all understand Descent is not a dungeon crawler, but a strategic objective-based game, where each player needs to make the most out of his finite number of actions and moves. With that said, I don't see how me, as the overlord, killing a player does very much in decreasing the heroes' total number of moves, as they can simply stand up on their next turn.

    Also, I don't understand the point of healing another character. If Alvric spends 1 or 2 actions to heal a character, what is the point if a knocked down hero can simply stand up using one action?

    I, as most of you, grew up where in video games death was final. Just like in Final Fantasy 1, and now in games like Dark Souls. How can we implement this sense of danger into Descent?

    My initial idea, which has proven to be pretty fun, is this:

    Each hero gets three tokens (i usually use their hero tokens). These tokens can be used in the following two ways:

    - When a hero dies, he may use one token to stand up and roll 2 red dice to recover that amount of health.
    - A hero may use a token as a "revive potion" on an adjacent fallen hero, who then recovers full health.

    Once all three of a heroes tokens are used in a quest (encounter 1 results carry over to encounter 2) he or she may no longer stand up or revive another hero. However, another hero with a token may still revive that player.

    This system promotes heroes reviving each other because they recover full health, as opposed to standing up which just gives you the health of a two-red dice roll.

    I've also toyed with a dead hero receiving none or maybe half of the bonus gold upon the completion of a quest.

    My favorite aspect of this rule is it adds a sense of danger to the game for the heroes. One more thing to keep an eye on, similar to Imperial Assault. And it makes a healer's job much more important.

    I haven't yet taken his rule through a full campaign yet, so I am excited to see how it works. Any thoughts or things I'm missing? Thanks

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    by Drascin

    Well, as the title says, me and my friends have been playing a little of this game, and we're halfway into the campaign and loving it to bits (though years of GMing make me a terrible Overlord, I always softball instinctively!).

    So I was looking at maybe getting an expansion for some added stuff, monsters, quests, whatever. But there's a lot of them and I have no idea which ones are best bang for my buck.

    What would people suggest as a good order to get expansion material?

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    by gilford

    Are there any play videos for any Solo Variants showing how the Overlord part works?

    There are some for the official solo campaigns you can buy, but I'm talking about the player made variants.


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    by sdrewthomson

    Other than First Blood, which single-encounter quest offers the shortest playing time in your experience? Looking for something fun and short to play as a one-off quest.

    I have the base game plus LotW, LoR and Trollfens.

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    by Wallack

    Hi all!

    I recently bought from ebay the two game night kits to get the transparent counters and dice and also the player mats.

    I was wondering, is there any place where I can send one of the counters to get some similar ones? I really love the transparent ones.

    I bought the game kits after I had already bought the co-op expansions so I have extra expansions sitting there that I will try to sell for cheap.