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    by unwohltaeter

    To my fellow german gamers: Does anybody know where I can get those sleeves in Germany? -> Ultra PRO 4" x 6" Sleeves
    I wanted to buy TBG sleeves but unfortunately he doesn't respond to my messages.

    by TylerDLutz

    All of the expansions, lieutenants, hero and monster packs (preordered), and even the extra dice.

    Did anyone else fall into this?

    I don't even have the money for it. Thanks but no thanks Paypal BillMeLater...

    by mpin

    This is driving me crazy.

    In the Shadow of Rune campaign, in the first encounter of the Cardinal's Plight, there is the word "wot" in the flavor text. What the hell does this mean? Anyone know?

    by relequestual

    Hi all!

    I joined BGG a while back now, and only recently discovered how awesome board games are! =] I have Descent 2nd edition and a few expansions now, but I don't have as much free time in one go as I'd like.

    I've joined the queue for PBF (Play by forum) games, but I feel like it's going to be ages before I get into a game.

    Is there any rules against me offering to be mod and play with others using the forum here? I can't see how I can sign up to show my interest in being a mod. I signed up for the waiting list with the (recent) Civ board game, but estimated waiting time is 120 days... I'm impatient.

    I'm guessing because of the way dice rolls and random card draws can work, and the way you can put the vassel save in a dropbox and take turns, the game could be played with the mod taking part?



    (I hadn't thought about posting this question till I saw the forum was actually active, unlike the Civ board game forum...)

    by MCollier

    anyone have the boxes for Lair of the Wyrm or The Trollfens they don't want/would like to get rid of?

    by DA_Maz

    I recently started a new campaign and the 4 heroes chose "death on the wing" for the first quest.

    In the second turn they searched only one treasure-token and immidiatly draw a treasure chest and then drew the ranged weapon with a blue and a red dice which is worth at least 150 gold I think.

    As it truns out, this weapon practically won them the quest, because the healer dealt 4 damage from 3 spaces away, killing the big giant and being able to move in its place with his last action.
    In the end they didn't search for more treasures in this encounter and to this point in the campaign only got a total of 3 treasures and still practically start with this powerfull weapon and maybe win the whole quest, because of this lucky draw (because I heard this quest is pretty much decided in the first encounter).

    Now I'm thinking about removing both the miss and the chest card from the search deck to make it a more constant factor.
    A friend suggested to just draw for equipment as long as something on par or under 100 gold comes up, when you get the chest card (ofc only for act1).

    Do you have any expirience with those extremely lucky or totally unlucky chest draws and how they influenced your campaign?

    Do you think there is a need to houserule the search cards or not and what's your reason behind it?

    by gspeager

    So, I'm on the final stretch of the Shadow Rune Campaign. We have one story quest and one Lair of the Wyrm quest left before the Finale. Over the course of the campaign my heroes have managed to get some pretty good gear and skills, and are now having a pretty easy time dispatching a good chunk of my monsters on the first turn. The problem that I'm having is that most quests only allow me to bring back a single monster as a reinforcement. Usually when I bring back a single monster they're strong enough to either remove it immediately or ignore it without too much worry then kill it off later. I can see how reinforcement rules would play a huge part in 2 or 3 hero games where there are fewer actions to go around, but once there are four players I feel like they (at least my heroes) can easily control the monsters while still being able to make significant progress with the objectives.

    The heroes I'm working against are Leoric the Runemaster, Syndrael the Knight, Averic the Disciple, and Tomble as a Thief.

    So are reinforcements a bit weaker with more people or am I just a bad Overlord that can't manage my monsters?

    by Exulion

    I am over-lording a game, we just finished a game when this one started so we saw the Epic rules and thought that it sounded fun. One of our players decided to pick up one of the converted heros 'Okaluk and Rakash' so despite having the stone armor that he picked up, he is still quite mobile, and he still gets 2 actions a turn on top of moving. I haven't been able to do much more than one or 2 points of damage to him as he just clears out all of my smaller minions in 2 turns as a spiritspeaker, he uses tempest combined with ancestors spirit.

    This is my first time over-lording and I am at a loss, has anyone else had a similar problem or does anyone have an idea on how to deal with it?

    by robbydee

    I've never been to any convention, let alone the monster I've heard Gen Con is.

    Question: I wanted to play Descent, but all of the play events are sold out.

    Is there any other way to play (any) game at Gen Con outside of these official events? And how do I find unofficial games?

    I'm finding most game events are sold out

    by Horror Leader

    Does anyone have a file of some sort that has a list of all the heroes currently available (none of the 1st Ed converted heroes) that includes an image of the hero as well as maybe a brief game-relevant description.

    This would greatly help me coordinate a weekly Descent session.


    by RomanLegion

    So played through the intro quest and one other quest and so far we are 1-1. It has been a blast, a little more straight forward than Level 7[OP] but possibly not as much tension. So my quest is where to buy any of the expansions and which are must haves and which could wait. Also if any should be incorporated now or until after we finish this campaign.

    (Note, while I own the games I am not overloading).

    A side note, what are peoples thoughts on getting others to contribute to expansion purchases?

    by WonderSlug

    I had some time today, so I threw together a card to aide myself, as Overlord, in keeping track of hero stats.

    I spend way too much time standing up, glancing around the table while planning to use trap cards and the like, so hopefully this will help avoid that in the future.

    I've uploaded two versions, one filled in as an example, and another blank for you to print and hand write the data. I'm going to attempt to get permission from FFG to host the editable file here in Adobe Illustrator format, but for now, this will have to do. Enjoy!

    The card dimensions should be the same as standard Overlord cards, 2.25 x 3.5.

    by smytty94

    So I'm getting a little bored playing the same type and skill level games and always thought this type of game was too much of a leap for me. I've been introducing friends (originally started with my wife and I) to casual games of Small World, Pandemic, Carcassonne, TTR, and games like that the last few years. I love them, but I'm ready to play something more deep and involved.

    Now I'm looking more into the fantasy realm and games with quests. (I don't know, maybe Skyrim peaked my interest level). So now I'm researching the living card games, the D & D board games, and now Descent (it looks very interesting)

    What do you guys think? Too much of a leap at this point? Maybe there are other games to use as a stepping stone?

    by turtleback

    So, I have all the large expansions, most of the lieutenants, the monster/hero expansions plus the conversion kit and original Descent heroes and monsters. Should I mix everything for our first campaign?

    by ottrod

    Can I use LoTW and Trollfens to add onto the base game campaign at same time?

    by tgamir

    Hey all,

    As the subject suggests I'm looking into getting some battle-foam for my descent minis, the are unpainted. The main reason being I would like to just have a nice way to organize and carry my minis.

    As I have pretty much everything so far, all the minis from the first edition and everything in second edition except for a few lieutenants.

    Was wondering if someone could give a list of the size of the minis from small to large cause I don't know what the difference between the battlefoam grids are.

    Also anyone know a good website in the uk?

    Worse comes to worse would just by the block of foam and pull out and make the sizes I need for the big models

    Thank again!!

    by atsgamer

    Curious to learn how you most often play this game.


    by Snemonster

    Hello BGG.
    I was looking for a full list of all the tile used for every encounter. I could only find a list for Shadow Rune Campaign on this homepage. Imo its not that "well" made, and using 8 pages with really large letters. But what the hell, im making another one myself. Now i wanna include the expansion tiles in my list. I cant seem to find any list on the internet, or on this homepage. Or have i missed something?

    What i am after is a list for which tiles to use in each encounter
    (fx. The Masquerade Ball)
    Encounter 1
    6b, 8b, 13b, 16b
    Entrance, exit
    2 ends, 1 single connector, 2 doors

    So its basicly the numbers on the tiles im afte.

    Any idea's ?

    by SparkingConduit

    Hello, everyone. I'm considering getting out of Descent, but I don't want to do it for too low of a price. I've sunk a good amount of money into it and I only want to quit if I can get decent value for my set. Otherwise, I'll just try harder to find consistent players.

    My set consists of the base game, Lair of the Wyrm, The Trollfens, Shadow of Nerekhall, and the Labyrinth of Ruin expansions. In addition, I also have three Lieutenant packs (Ariad, Rylan Olliven, and Valyndra) as well as an extra set of dice.

    What do you think would be a fair value to sell this set as a lot? I have a number in mind that I'd definitely sell at, but I don't want to say it in case it undervalues what my set is worth.

    by robbydee

    I missed out on the scheduled events, but I'd really love to play a Descent campaign, especially with people who know the game better than me (I've only ever played with my son).

    Anyone here planning to attend Gen Con who would want to devote a few hours to a 4 or 5 player campaign? Pretty please?

    by Artaterxes

    Do you replace the cards in the CK with the ones from HMC?
    Or do you allow a choice between the CK version and HMC version?
    Or do you allow both versions to be used in the same game?

    I know the logical thing to do is replace the CK cards but I can't bring myself to do that XD.
    So I just allow a choice between the two...

    by kelann08

    Forgotten Souls, a cooperative adventure for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition, is now available via FFG’s in-house manufacturing!

    Previously announced in January for Organized Play, Forgotten Souls is a new cooperative adventure, allowing up to four heroes to play a fully cooperative variant of Descent: Journeys in the Dark. In a normal game of Descent, one player takes the role of overlord, commanding monsters and the forces of evil in the game. Up to four players combat the power of the overlord by playing heroes who gain experience and new items over the course of a campaign.

    by chiefsachem

    I just opened my new copy of this game and was hoping if someone can share what the average game length is for the first few scenarios. Is it really two hours? And does the game length significantly change from 2 players to 5 players? Typically I would be playing with at least 1 or 2 players who are already familiar with this game.

    by RomanLegion

    So, we are doing the Labyrinth of Ruin campaign and I have Valyndra as a Lt. and just finished Honor Among Thieves with the heroes giving up/forfeiting (I am overlord) with 6 or 7 fatigue counts in my area. granted I had knocked out two heroes that turn and was on my way to probably taking out Corbin with an overlord card (end of turn if surround by 4 monsters test willpower, fail and a monster attacks, in this case a giant). (Laurel and Jaes were already down).

    Setup, I had Giants as my open group with Guardians of the Hoard Lt. card having 4 threat tokens on it. I had also won the first encounter of the quest with the time limit and the heroes having a 50/50 chance and guessing the lock combination wrong.
    Also using the basic II overlord deck and going warlord.

    Is the Ruin campaign just a lot harder? or are the heroes just rolling really bad (one hero got three misses in encounter 2 to my single miss). or a bad composition? or are we playing wrong?

    Jaes the Exile - Runemaster
    Laurel of Bloodwood - Wildlander
    Ulma Grimstone - Apothecary
    Corbin - Champion

    Side note, I am running two campaigns at the same time. This one I overlord other I am a mage so we were trying to keep some classes/heroes different so as not to keep a record of who had what skill/items.

    by Ludus Rex

    I'm playing as the Overlord in my first campaign. We started a couple weeks ago. We're almost through Act I in the base game.

    I've already purchased The Labyrinth of Ruin and Shadow of Nerekhall expansions.

    My roommate is going to run a game for me on weeknights, where I play multiple heroes, and I'm going to start Overlording for a second group on Friday. I am soliciting some other friends to play a game, so that'd be campaign number four.

    I think I've got a real problem. Is there a support group for this? Is anyone else having similar issues? Why is Descent so addicting? It's scratching that dungeon delving itch in just the right way for me.

    Fantasy Flight Games is the real dark Overlord. I am clearly in their nefarious grasp.

    by Eldil

    Caveat: This post is all about hypothetical fluff. I was tempted to post this as a "variant," but it will have no impact on gameplay. If fluff seems like a waste of time to you, this will be a huge waste of time.


    So I've been thinking about the "Stand Up" and "Revive a Hero" actions, and I've come to two conclusions:

    1. I think the Stand Up/Revive a Hero rules make mechanical sense, encourage tactical play, and I wouldn't change them.

    2. The thematic implications of the Stand Up/Revive Hero rules are a little wonky.

    I think the intention is that these actions thematically represent moments of "stand up and shake it off" or "let me help you up and slap the dust off you, buddy." And if that makes sense to you--or you've never felt the need for it to make sense--then more power to you.

    But let's be honest: you can recover a lot of health with these actions. More health than the Disciple's Prayer of Healing, more health than the Apothecary's brewed elixir, more health than the Spiritspeaker's Healing Rain (at least, individually).

    I mean, let's imagine poor Tomble gets caught in the open and takes a one-hit kill from a rampaging Ettin.

    "I swear upon the Holy Gods, I shall heal you with the Radiant Light, the most powerful art of my order!" Avric shouts.

    "If it's all the same to you," Tomble whispers through bloody lips. "Just help me up and slap the dust off me instead. I'll probably be better off."

    Suggestion: The Runebound

    So what makes heroes so heroic? Why can they shrug off wounds that would kill a lesser warrior?

    My suggestion: The heroes are rune-bound.

    You know those "hero tokens" that each player uses? You've probably noticed that each one has a distinct rune on it. Which makes total sense, since the world of Terrinoth is nuts about runes.

    I'm suggesting that, somehow, each hero has become bound to their rune. Maybe one hero went through a secret initiation ritual to have an ancient rune bound into her flesh. Or maybe another hero woke up after an ale-bender to find the rune mysteriously glowing on his stomach.

    The runes mark them as heroes, destined for a special purpose. And the runes won't let them die until they've had a chance to fulfill that purpose.

    Whenever a runebound hero falls, the rune brings them back to life. And since the runes are linked, one runebound hero can awaken the rune in another more easily (hence the "revive a hero" action is more efficient than the "stand up" action).

    Of course, the runes can't do it all. Once the heroes reach the final encounter, it's up to them. The runes only guarantee heroes a chance to fulfill their destiny--they won't fulfill that destiny for them.

    I'm not sure if I'll actually mention this fluff to new players. They've never seemed to have any issue with the non-perma-death rules. But this is the way I'll imagine it in my head from now on, as I kill them over and over and over, only to watch them rise again.

    "Curse those blasted runes!"

    by shnar

    I've finalized the TileSet plugin for Descent 2nd Ed and uploaded in the files section: Descent 2nd Edition Tileset plugin for TileSystem map editor

    These set of ZIP files contain a complete TileSet for the TileSystem Map Editor, displayed here:

    The TileSystem Map Editor is a relatively simple tool used to create maps. You click and drag items from the menus on the left to drop them on the map in the middle. Right click and drag will rotate the image. Left click and drag to snap it in place. It was originally created for DOOM: The Boardgame, however since it is very open ended and customizable, this Descent: 2nd Edition plugin will sit side-by-side with Doom (or Gears of War or Space Hulk or Castle Ravenloft whatever other TileSystem plugins you have installed). The TileSystem application is included in the Base zip file (with permission).

    There are 10 separate files to download for the Descent 2nd Ed TileSystem plugin. This is the first of the files that make plugin for the TileSystem application. All of the files combined is roughly 46MB, so I have broken it apart into 10 different ZIP files.

    The first file 'Base' is the main tileset plugin and some GUI images, as well as the EXE for TileSystem itself. Extract it into the TileSystem folder. Extract all the other files into the 'Descent2' folder that is created with the first Basic extraction.

    I use the TileSystem to help moderate PBF games. You can also use it to create custom missions, such as this:

    Once all 10 files have been approved, you'll be able to download and enjoy.


    by dmuerto


    Totally new to descent, gonna get it soon and saw all these expansions. Are there any must have expansions that one should buy with the base game?


    by The Sacred Voice

    Could someone explain this apparent contradiction for me?

    [q=Lair of the Wyrm Rulebook, page 7] If one or more Act I Quest cards are still in play immediately before playing the Interlude, the heroes must choose one of them to attempt (before proceeding to the Interlude). After completing this quest, all other available Act I Quest cards are discarded from the game without effect.

    However the FAQ says:

    Q: If any Act I Rumor card with an available quest is still in play, are the heroes and overlord forced to play it before the Interlude?

    A: No, but that quest will no longer be an eligible choice after the Interlude has been completed.

    Is this merely a straightforward case of FAQ overrides rulebook? If so, why was this not put in the errata section as it is not ambiguous as to what the original text meant, merely that the actual rule is completely different to as first written?

    by dmuerto

    Hey again,

    Already ordered the base game and the conversion kit and as soon as the game arrives I thought that I'll paint the "base rings" of all the heroes so that it will be easier for new players to see which figures are which class. In addition the figures with the colored base will be more nifty to use with the conversion kit hero cards. So first question, what is Your opinion about "class colours":

    -warrior / red
    -healer / blue / purple ?
    -mage / yellow / gold ?
    -scout / green

    Got some citadel paints and lots and lots of different shades of red etc. If anyone has painted the base of the heroes with citadel paints, I would be interested to hear what paints did you use?

    Another question about base game heroes since don't have it yet in my hands: so there are 8 heroes, two of each class. Are there male/female versions of every class in the base set? Asking this because of conversion kit hero card usage.

    Thanks in advance.

    by keanpedersen

    After playing the first part of a campaign (Nerekhall) yesterday, we ran into a small issue. When we had to decide on the next quest after the introduction, there were 8 quests to chose from. The heroes (who had to make the choise) wanted to read through all the available quests in order to make the decision on the best possible foundation, taking into account their chosen classes to ensure maximum probability of winning the next quest.

    After having read through the first one, and discussed it a bit, we had already spend 20 minutes. Not wanting to spend the entire play time reading through quests and trying to pick the best quest, we decided to simply choose one based on the coolness of the name of the quest.

    My question is, how do you generally choose the next quest, when faced with multiple options (not just the Nerekhall campaign)? Do you read them all, do you pick randomly, or a third option?

    by APaulV

    In my group we only played 4-5 times and we are trying to get a stable group to go through all the campaign. This being said im uncertain of what rules apply to hero selection.

    To be more clear - lets say i want to play Grisban the Thirsty; now is he a berserker or can i choose to play with the knight set of cards (skills)? And one more thing - can there be 2 warriors? As in 1 knight and 1 berserker? Or must there always be all 4 "color types" in the game?