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    by DreamReaver

    Hello all. New here, and I'm starting with what I know. I don't have much experience with board games and never knew how big of a community orbited the love of board games. I guess I should've known. Anyway, as a teen, I played HeroQuest and still own two sets of the game. Five years ago, right before I got married, I purchased the base Descent JitD 2nd ed. in the hopes that I'd be able to teach my wife and I something new. For five years it sat, and when we moved, it got packed away even deeper. A couple months ago, I found it and started to get the adventure dungeon crawler board game itch again.

    Long story short, I'm not a mini painter. Never have been, never tried it, and never knew it was a "thing" until I discovered Sorastro's work (and several other painters) on YouTube when searching for info about Descent and its expansions. I never knew that minis could look so good when painted...I don't game with a group and have been out of the board game scene for over 20 years. What a surprise! I was looking around to see how much it would be to get them painted, but was let down by the immense cost of going that route. I asked my wife if I could try my hand at painting them myself, and so that's exactly what happened. It's a lot less expensive that way, a far more gratifying. Included below are a few results of my recent work.

    Bear in mind, please, that these are the first minis I've ever painted. I know my technique isn't perfect by any stretch, and I'm learning by video tutorials and some tidbits of advice from Sorastro. I bought a set of Vallejo Game Colors and Vallejo washes, and some Rosemary & Co. brushes after some bad experiences with cheaply made brushes. I definitely don't have a huge collection of paints and brushes yet, but it's building slowly. I'd appreciate any feedback about the paint jobs and the game in general, if you have it. Thanks all!

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    by primtim34

    So we have game night tonight. One of the players would like to do a Descent scenario, but doesn't want to start with weaker characters that we have to spend a bunch of time building up. Is there any way, using the app, to start with characters who are stronger and are facing stronger monsters?

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    by phillipsjr2

    I wanted to do some research on what weapons to be on the lookout for.

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    by mae68it

    I'd like to order from Printerstudio the cards for playing this game solo.
    If I understood well they have Redjak's ROAV v.4 and RAMV systems cards.

    Can anyone please provide me the link to the latest version to print?
    Do these versions cover all the released expansions so far?
    Are there other solo systems that can be printer from Printerstudio?

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    by spaced2020

    Picked up a copy of Descent and although the miniatures are pretty good in most cases I felt like I wanted to add additional miniatures from other ranges. Having a quick look in the BGG files I found this amazing template, many thank yous to crackbone for creating it.

    So a few hours later and courtesy of some inspiration and artwork from CMONs Massive Darkness miniature line I made a few trial Ratlings.

    Bear in mind I have yet to play a game so any thoughts on balance or modifications to abilities/stats etc. much appreciated.

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    by marcogpl


    so, finally I decided to give a try on Descent.

    My situation is the following:

    What I have
    the base game (second edition) and the liar of the wyrm expansion

    How I want to play:
    solo play

    From what I understood I have 2 options, that are starting with the app with the free campaign(s) or going through the base game campaign using the RAOV or RMOV rules.

    What's the best way to start to play this game?

    Side question:
    I've not decided yet if I'm going to use 2 or 3 heroes. I would like to go with 2 because of the easiness of run only 2 characters, but I'm not sure if it becomes too difficult.

    Last question
    I see that there are 3 coop expansions and 1 extra campaign that can be played solo too. Considering that if one of these could be the best way to start, I will have no problems in investing something more. Just please let me know.

    thanks in advance to everybody who will gently support me with this though decision

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    by ihasaflvaour

    Just like the thread title suggests, I'm seriously considering buying this game or Imperial Assault, with the caveat that it'll only be me playing solo. Both games have the apps which is why I'm looking to you, my friends. Is it worth buying this game if I'll only ever play solo with the app? Thanks a bunch!

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    by ihasaflavour

    If you only play Descent 2 solo as well, what's the next expansions/character packs I should buy? Also, it turns out Shadows isn't available on Canadian Amazon. Any other place you guys recommend buying from? Also, my local shops only carry the core set. Thanks for the replies. Thanks!