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    by Hullstar

    I recently bought Descent because the Road to Legend app offered me an option for solo play.

    I want to paint the miniatures, but I was planning on painting them in the order I'd use them. So, I'd just paint the ones I need for the first scenario, play that scenario, then paint the ones for the second scenario, play that scenario, etc. This is mainly because it takes me some time to paint the figures. The less I have to paint before playing, the soon I'll get to play.

    I seem to have, however, come across a problem with this. Once a scenario offers an open monster group as an option, am I right in assuming the app randomly generates this group from any of my available monsters? So, if I paint the zombies because they match the scenario symbol, the app could instead generate the barghests (which I haven't yet painted) because they also match the scenario symbol?

    It's not the end of the world, as I could simply play them unpainted, but I would prefer them to be painted. And I will paint them all eventually.

    I'm just curious as to whether all my planning on which figures to paint first is actually in vain.

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    by icechamber

    Which is the best pack to go with if you only can afford 1-2... Playing with the app of course.

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    by sennaho


    I am going to buy Descent to play it with Road to Legend with my gf. We are thinking about buying just the core box and the figure that FFG suggested to go with Kindred Fire.

    Will this be enough to enjoy the campaign? I feel that the expansions doesn't really add that much when playing it with the app, and I am wondering why you only get one side quest from a really expensive expansion, when the actual expansion comes with many quests.

    I understand that I will get new heroes, items and monsters, but is it worth it, or is it enough to have the core box to play it?

    Thanks for the help!

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    by InfinityBlack14

    Doesn't have to be great, but i'd like to see other's playstyles


    Plot: Valyndra

    Basic I

    Call of the Ravens

    2x Unholy Ritual
    Word of Pain
    Diabolic Power


    Heroes: Trenloe (Marshal), Mok (Bard), Jaes (Beastmaster), Vyrah (Bounty Hunter)

    Description: Willpower isn't a good angle unfortunately, so i'm left with slowing them down aggressively with movement traps and giving monsters lots of defensive bonuses from airborne and aurium plating. I win races that require monsters to get from A to B, but have much more balanced attrition matches. Unfavorable quests are the attrition ones with bad reinforcements. I have yet to get Valyndra on the board.

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    by ymd_fallen

    Just a simple question: do you use material (i.e. market/traveling/Overlord/etc cards) from all expansions when playing or do you stick to a single box?
    At the moment we're playing the base game with just the material from the base game. But I don't see a problem with mixing in all the material from the expansions. Are there any?


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    by Vitezslav

    Hi everybody.
    Does tempest inflict 2 damage tokens on all enemies in 3-radius or it is nerfed same as blast?

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    by pocoloco

    Not sure if everyone checks the second-hand threads for the Spiel fair in Essen, but thought I'd make a general inquiry to Descent-owners going there.

    I am interested in buying used expansion material for Descent (second edition), except for Lair of the Wyrm. I recently aquired the game myself and would like to beef it up for a longer campaign.

    Just message me if you have some stuff lying arounf that is not in use and we could make a deal! meeple

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    by Egghead Hobbies

    Hey gang, in this episode of my ongoing series I paint the Descent Second Edition miniature for the hero Ispher.

    A simple miniature overall, I chose to put my focus into a nice 3 color gradient on the skin laid down with my airbrush, and then combined that with an intricate transparent dot pattern to achieve the mottled flesh effects.
    I think it came out well and am very pleased with the end result.
    Let me know what you think of Ispher, can't wait to get everyones input.

    Thanks everyone for all the continued support!

    You can also follow Egghead Hobbies on Facebook & Twitter!

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    by ninomili05

    Hello dear boardgamers,
    I am big fun of Descent, I have in my collection core game+ all expansions+ all liuetanents+ campaign book. Becouse I need to buy all figure protections, need to sleeves cards, I paid for painted all of figures (meloras- he really know how to do job ), buy new expansion+ liuetanents every 2-3 months, I am very interesting when FFG will announce that series will end? I do not play game anymore, just buy things becouse collectionar value. I hear some rumor that Chains That Rust will be last in series, does anyone know its that true?

    Thank U dear friend for any info...
    Have a great day,

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    by Phil77

    After playing a lot of Road to Legend we are thinking about returning to RedJak's Automated Overlord Variant (RAOV) to give a try with it to the Labyrinth of Ruin Campaign. We already played the Shadow Rune campaign this way and in my experience it was fun but rather easy. So I started to think how can the difficulty be increased and one idea was to use a plot deck from one of the lieutenants packs. Currently I don't own any of them so I started to research which one would pose the biggest challenge. I tried to use this thread as starting point:

    But when I checked out Zachareth's plot deck on the wiki I realized that even though it might be one of the best plot decks for "normal" play it wouldn't be that strong for using with the automated overlord as there are multiple cards which manipulates the overlord cards which would either require us to make decisions for automated overlord -something I would rather avoid- or execute the manipulation randomly in which case the plot card is basically useless.

    The situation is made difficult by the fact that the wiki actually does not contain all the plot cards, so I can not just check all of them and decide.
    So, perhaps somebody has experience on the topic: Which plot deck would pose the biggest challenge while playing RAOV?

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    by gusjustgus1

    My current Miniature/token storage is a Molded Plano Stow-n-go:

    It was great to hold the main game and some items from the cooperative expansions, but once I purchased the Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Treaty of Champions expansion I realized that it's too shallow for some of the new miniatures.

    Does anyone have any storage recommendations that will be deep enough to hold the large figs and large enough for my plans to buy future monster expansions?

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    by thom1414

    Very interesting.

    I wonder what it is going to cost?

    (Article mentions in-app purchase)

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    by Mishenka

    I'm looking to print out some quick reference sheets for Descent, so looking for suggestions as to what are the better ones available. I looked a the Universal Head ones, but am not to crazy about it since it organizes everything by expansion instead of keeping all thing together by category (Ex. conditions, token descriptions, etc.) Thanks in advance for your help.

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    by Mightyjim

    I want to get into this game, but I'm slightly alarmed by the sheer number of expansions.

    We'd be looking to play this fully co-op, so I know we'd need the companion app. Am I right that the basic app is free (but has extra content as in-app purchases)?

    Is there anything else we'd need aside from the base game to get started?

    Once we do, how limited is the play experience with just the core box? Is there reasonable variety, or does it really need a load of expansions?

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    by Ringl

    Hi folks, I want to play RtL solo. But I am not sure how many heroes to take. Is 4 always the best number for more diversity or are 2 difficult enough to handle for a single player? Thanks for your answers.

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    by Necksnappa

    Does anyone know why the designers didnt use those in the app? To me, loot and gear treasures is an essential element in evey dungeon crawler. Sure, buying new items in town is cool, but finding a new axe in a corner or maybe from a boss monster feels so much better and in tune with the genre.

    At least i hope this returns in 'the delve'

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    by foxreinard

    Does anyone know the purpose of these in quests (Introduction being an example rather than the focus) when there are no Open groups to choose from? I haven't yet come across any game elements that interact with these traits other than choosing Open monster groups.

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    by borsook

    To all those who know such things - are there any 1e edition monsters left that were that re-released for 2e? I can't think of any, but I might be missing something...

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    by c0ntinuum

    I've only played Temple of Elemental Evil but it is one of my favorite games. Descent is immensely popular, so it must be good, but how do these two games compare? I'm only interested in solo RTL play, even though I am far from sold on the app idea. Only because the reason I got into this hobby was to get away from video games.

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    by foxreinard

    Link to Google Docs

    I made this for those who don't have every expansion in their collection, inspired by Redjak's randomizer.

    I'm not perfect with spreadsheets, but by design this will select a monster group (shows all monster traits currently at all times) from the entire collection, including only those expansions you tell it to include.

    While the data and presentation ranges are protected, anyone visiting the document will be able to input what they have. Feel free to make a copy of this for your own use to avoid interference from other visitors.

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    by laying_low

    Hey there campaigners,
    I recently went through and created a Google Sheets Campaign Log for Star Wars:IA and I played Descent in the past and its a vary similar game. However, I don't own the game and I was wondering if there was any interest in making a Campaign Tracker for use in Google Sheets as I had done with SW:IA.

    Here is the link to my campaign log I am just curious what interest if any is out there as well as I would need the appropriate data to make such a product.

    Let me know your opinons

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    by thom1414

    Just curios, are there any monster types that you would enjoy seeing in Descent that have NOT been released yet?

    Personally, I would love to see Descent's take on a Gelatinous Cube. Also, would love to see a Purple Worm (one of my favorites from D&D)

    Is there a Descent version of a Beholder?

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    by El_Tonio

    New to Descent but have played a lot of Imperial Assault.

    I got Descent in trade since I really wanted to give the app a try. We ran the first app adventure... Rise of All Goblins. At the end of the third quest, the campaign was over. It seemed like we just did two side quests and one main quest.

    Is that it? Are there just three parts to this campaign? If not, how many are there supposed to be (and is there any flow chart to show you what they are and how they are connected)?

    It was a little anticlimactic as is, so I'm hoping there is more to it and we just messed something up somehow.


    EDIT: Is the second campaign the same length, or is it longer? Thanks again!

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    by Egghead Hobbies

    Hey gang! In this video I paint the Ettins. These guys were not too difficult, but I found ways to make them more interesting by using blood splatter techniques on the giant turkey legs, umm... clubs, I meant clubs.

    I also played around with using pigment powder for mud & dirt effects on their hands, legs & the bottoms of their feet. I hope you guys like the way the Ettins turned out and if you did, give the video a like. Let me know your thoughts on the Ettins in the comments section and we'll see you in the next video!

    Thanks everyone for all the continued support!

    You can also follow Egghead Hobbies on Facebook & Twitter!

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    by Necksnappa

    Would it work with one character with 2 turns (including the extra attacks for 2p rules) and double life?

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    by Garret123

    Hey everyone,

    I just picked up Descent base game along with two expansions in a trade. This will be my first time ever playing the game. I've watched a ton of how to play videos on it and I am reading through the rule books now.

    Playing with the app, does the app act as the Overlord? If so,that means we can play with the 4 of us as heroes against the Overlord app?

    Also, with everyone that has used the app. Would you say its better to play with the app? Or to follow along with the quest guides from the quest books?.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    by Necksnappa

    Who else miss the chance of finding random loot through out the dungeons? Going to town to gear up is fine and all, but i really miss the loot aspect of this dungeon crawler. In fact i think item treasures is a must in any fantasy dungeon crawler. I would love to find bows and axes or maybe those trinkets that are nice to have but you just never buy because weapons and armor seems to be the better pick in the shop.

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    by BillyBabel

    I honestly feel like LoR is probably for the OL, the least fun and worst of all the campaigns. The sunstone is vastly more helpful for the heroes than the OL, giving the OL a relic usable only on LTs, or an extra OL point, as compared to an extra green die for every encounter. The new allies help the heroes quite a bit, and the overlord doesn't really get much to compensate except i guess for some extra monsters in some of the scenarios, but it never feels like enough because they reinforce so slowly.

    This campaign coupled with me being gullible enough to play the noob trap side quests from Lair of the Wyrm giving the heroes mountains of gold to try to get a shitty relic for the LT that hardly shows up or a medicore OL card, made for the worst Descent experience of my life.

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    by Sadgit

    Hey guys, I put together an interactive Excel tool that calculates Damage and Surge probabilities for a set of dice (4 max. atm). It also allows the user to put in additional modifications such as surge modifiers from weapons, skills, etc as well as fixed modifiers that sometimes come with hero abilities, skills, traps, familiars etc.

    Using it you can easily compare different weapons and determine the odds to hit an enemy at a certain range. No typing needed - all input via buttons.

    Here is what it looks like:

    It comes with a short user reference in the first tab of the Excel sheet and the calculator itself on the second tab.

    Get it from here.

    Suggestions, bug reports, etc. are greatly appreciated!

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    by impish1234


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    by InfinityBlack14

    iOS- 6.99
    Steam- 5.49
    Android- ?

    I'm probably buying steam as it appeals to me more to play with a tv as a monitor. Does anyone else have price differences?

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    by phoenixandy

    I've seen comments that Heirs of Blood has now replaced whatever was there before as the campaign in the core set, and the consensus seems to be that this was a Good Thing, but what was the campaign originally included, and where can I get a copy now?

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    by BruceLGL


    (In case anyone missed it Valkyrie is an open RtL replacement, available here:

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    by Haim6130


    I always wanted to buy Descent, but I didn't because we are just 2 players (me & wife) and we like fully co-op games.

    We really like Mansions Of Madness Second Edition because the app takes control of the Keeper (the Overlord) and let us play fully co-op against it.

    To my question: Is the app of Descent fully takes control of the Overlord? Me and my wife can play it fully co-op?
    If so, why the box says 2-5 players and not 1-5?

    Thanks a lot!

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    by Aldor

    Does anyone have a list of the icons for all the Expansions?

    I am wanting to write a document that contains these but can not seem to find them anywhere.


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    by Palamino

    Hey all.

    I've been searching for some FAQs with regards to the Delve that recently got released, and I haven't found anything yet. Would anyone know if damage and/or fatigue are recovered between rooms? And if used Search items are automatically shuffled back into the Search pile, or if the search is finite.

    In any case, loving the Delve so far. Easily my favorite of the releases that they have for Road to Legend. Though setup is a big pain since there's a lot of Monster shuffling if you've got a big collection.

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    by bpmasher


    I'm very interested in this game, but I find the "overlord required" part of the game a bit annoying. Would it be possible to play the game with two players and alternating the overlord role every turn, or does the overlord player have a hidden hand of cards or orders or something like that?

    This seems to be the most liked dungeon crawler game out there, but I find the lack of co-op play a bit disappointing. Should I look into another game or would this still work with two players?

    My other options would be to:

    1. Buy another game, ideas?

    2. Spend time using rpg rules and buy dungeon tiles and miniatures and craft my own games with those, but that would be time consuming and lacks the niceties of high production values that these games tend to have.

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    by PhilBrillant

    descent lieutenant packs

    Which would you recommend for the heirs of blood campaign book and also playing solo with the app. Looking to pick up 3.

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    by Gios77

    Looking for an Heirs of Blood PDF so my original does not get damaged.


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    by Haim6130

    Hi guys!

    So,I've decided to buy the game but only to play it with the app.

    I'm checking the various expansions for few days now, and really needs your recommendations.

    I'm looking for 2-3 expansions that will add the most interest, diversify and fun to the game with the app.

    I'd love to hear your recommendations and follow them.

    Thanks a lot!

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    by thom1414

    At what point do you suppose FF will offer tiles from different expansions to be mixed in their Road to Legend app? I know this is not an absolute deal breaker for many, but I would love to see the variety of going from one terrain, into a vastly different one in the same campaign.

    If the app determines what sets you posses, then you should be able to create a bunch of campaigns based on that variety, yes?

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    by Linio

    So there's basically one mission in the first "campaign" of Rise of the Goblins...

    Is there more in Kindred Fire?

    It was kind of a letdown for us, we're wondering if we should continue playing.

    I see now paying content, what is the volume there?


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    by tootz

    is the Delve played solo or can the delve be played solo like the 2 campaigns already on the app..i know its just a dungeon crawl basically.not a campaign as such.

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    by Silopolis

    My wife and I just started Kindred Fire today and we really enjoyed it, so I wanted to drop the $5 to get The Delve... but my Kindle version of Road to Legend says it's unavailable. I've updated as far as I can, but it's still unavailable.

    I see others are having this issue, as well. Any word on when this might get fixed?

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    by ChicaLoca

    Playing Delve with only core set, and the app instructs us to take Jinn's Lamp from the act one shop deck. This card isn't in my set. Is it missing, or is it a mistake in the app?