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    by Qonas

    Please see above. It is literally impossible for the heroes to win this game. Every scenario involves a timed chase of some sort. It also allows the Overlord to choose monsters. Say hello to having to defeat Shadow Dragons in order to give chase to an evil character who gets to start a room ahead of us. In the five rounds it took for that vampire lady to exit, we collectively did a total of 3 damage to the dragons. We were killed en masse.

    That is only one scenario. Every timed scenario takes place in very tiny maps which the Overlord can block off with monsters, while also being given a massive headstart on their win condition. We are forced to spend numerous turns clearing out monsters just to move, while in the meantime the Overlord has already completed their objective (most likely using Dash cards). Should we get lucky enough to actually start moving, here come the tripwires and pit traps. Every encounter ends in utter defeat before the heroes have even moved a quarter of the way through the map.

    If this game was actually play-tested, that is shocking. It is horribly unbalanced and leaves no room for victory.

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    by saxon1974

    I had trouble getting the white on the bottom of the Merriod's to look right, for some reason it came out looking like clouds at first so I had do redo them but I think they came out pretty good.

    The Barghests were pretty easy

    I think the colors are kind of plain on the Ettin's but I was trying to go with the look and feel of what Ettin's being stupid giants would wear.

    I have more painted just not taken photos yet.

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    by heislegend

    Hey guys,

    I've seen more than a few comments on here mention that the expansion campaigns are a lot better than the original campaign. I'm about halfway through the first campaign and we're having a great time, I'm just curious what differences make the expansions better than the orginal? More units, b etter quests, more balanced?


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    by Horror Leader

    Maybe this is already widely known, but has anyone else noticed that the miniatures from the base set (specifically the heroes) are at a slightly smaller scale than the heroes from all the expansions? I usually notice this by comparing the heads or hands of a miniature. I know this is common for models that are kneeling or in-motion, that if you were to theoretically stand them up, they would be giants; but this seems to be the case for all of the non-base minis.

    Is this just my copy?

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    by BillyBabel

    My stupid dog chewed up my Valyndra miniature, so I'm just left with the plot deck. I'm going to order a new one, is anyone interested in just the plot deck?

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    by Jjiinx

    I was just wondering, since zombies are quite weak, if there's any way to make them more useful and desirable to choose as an open group by using certain plot decks or overlord classes, or are they forever just a monster there to be purposely weak?

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    by veector

    I was just about to order all the big box expansions from Cool Stuff Inc.

    Are any of the Lieutenant packs worth picking up? I'm not a huge Descent fan anymore, but my son is getting into the game.

    I was about to just order the Valyndra pack for the cool dragon mini.

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    by thom1414

    It is another small, then large? It that correct?

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    by hackberd

    Hey guys, a while back i made a simple los checker for ios after continuous fighting in my bg group. I decided to quickly tidy it up and release it on the App Store. So here it is:

    us app store: (LOS Checker)
    german app store: (Sichtlinien Checker)

    (or just look for "LOS Checker" on your country's App Store)

    It supports the edge-to-edge system of Descent 2nd edition. I also included center-to-center, but did never actually test it, due to not owning any games utilizing that system. If you find any mistakes (including spelling errors!), pn me and i will fix them. This is an iOS App only, sorry to all Android users.


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    by AMBoggs

    I now have three expansions and I'm already looking at storage options. I already made the foamcore storage for the main game (except making it from mdf). This is a great option for just the base game.

    I am now in the process of making an expandable storage box. The goal is to have drawers to keep the tiles organized. Trays to organize cards and pieces. And foam trays to store painted figures.

    This is a prototype of the drawer. The idea being that the thick sides will be slotted to accept the drawer runners. In the picture it is holding tiles 15-30. This could be reduced some. I can get all of LotW in one drawer. I may start with 10 drawers.

    This is really more work than is needed with all the viable storage options out there, but I like building stuff like this.

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    by Mr_Dove

    I enjoy the base game but don't have any expansions yet. I need one more item to complete my next order. Which of the small expansions is the best?

    Manor of Ravens looks fun to me because I like the idea of exploring inside with rooms and whatnot.

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    by KingLz


    Except the lieutenants and monster addons, I own pretty much every Descent 2 expansion, including D1 base game and conversion kit.

    Usually I would just complete my collection and get every lieutenant available, but on the one hand it doesn't feel necessary and on the other hand there isn't much swapping lieutenants around during a campaign anyway.

    So which lieutenants are worth getting if I want to buy around 1-3 of them?

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    by JonBen

    While separating my Descent First Ed. from Well of Darkness and Alter of Despair I ran across this figure which I can't seem to place. It doesn't seem to belong to Descent at all. I check my Runebound stuff and she doesn't seem to belong there either. I own Runebound Second Ed., Midnight, and Mists of Zanaga.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    by veector

    This is a sad story with a happy ending.

    I bought Descent (1st edition) as soon as it was available for pre-order from my friendly online retailer. I had been to GenCon when it debuted and I was a huge fan of the DOOM board game, it's predecessor.

    I tried to get a few gaming friends in to it. Everyone was either a RPG guy or a board game guy. Nobody wanted to play.

    Road to Legend came out and it was the same thing. Even with the campaign play style, it was really difficult to get anyone engaged with the game.

    Years passed.

    Then the second edition was announced. I was skeptical. I had started a Pathfinder RPG group and was doing fairly well. Would they enjoy 2nd edition? I didn't know, but I gave it a shot.

    They enjoyed it. They even brought in lots of roleplaying, BUT...

    It didn't last. The repetitive nature of the play style got to them. There wasn't any strategy, only tactics. There wasn't any roleplaying, just the limited engagement of the chase once a scenario started.

    I tried finding a different group, but it was much the same as the first time. People would play occasionally, but not consistently.

    In the end, I gave up on Descent.

    Over the years, my son had always been too young to play. I showed him how to play the introductory scenario with the troll a couple of times. He enjoyed it, but he still wasn't old enough to handle some of the reading.

    Finally, as my board gaming interests changed to other, more strategic games, my son asked if we could play again. I dragged out all the tokens, dice, and cards. Brought out the fully painted minis from 1st edition and the core set of 2nd and we played.

    He's got it. He's excited. He's all over it. His reading skills had really improved so much and I hadn't even thought about it. His tactical skills had really improved and he was analyzing which monsters would be better for a given scenario.

    All in all, he's a true Descent fan now and he's making me one again.

    This evening, we had one of his best friends from school over to play. It took some explaining to help the new kid get the gist of what was going on, but once he did, he was in to it just as much as my son.

    For a present, I guess for the both of us, I bought him every boxed expansion, four of the villain miniature expansions, and the co-operative play module. Our Descent cup now runneth over. As for me, I don't think of it as my game anymore.

    This is his game now.

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    by veector

    As a guy who has all the Descent 1 monsters and heroes, how much added value to the game am I going to get out of the Hero and Monster Expansions that are out to date?

    I know the scuplts are different, but are any of the cards different from the conversion kit?


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    by bigeeh

    I made an insert following the plans posted at the Esoteric Order of Gamers Here are the results:

    The top layer holds the cards & tokens:

    Remove the top layer to see...

    When the 2nd (1/2) layer is removed the map pieces are revealed.

    This holds both the 2nd edition of the base game and Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) – Forgotten Souls.

    After completing this, I also designed & built an insert for my Gears of War: The Board Game game. I'll add a link when I've added pictures of that insert.

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    by Kovaks

    My children and I are having a great time playing through the Descent 2.0 base set. To keep me honest and keep me motivated, I've decided to post weekly updates showing our progress. I've also added in some adventure style text in an effort to spice things up a bit. We've finished First Blood and the first portion of The Cathedral's Plight. I'd love your comments/suggestions as we continue to adventure through Ahrynn. Our blog is located here:

    Note that there are a few posts on Lord of the Rings LCG -- Conflict at Carrock is exceedingly hard for us. Comments on that game would be helpful as well. Thanks for reading.

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    by veector

    If I'm not interested in purchasing any of the Hero and Monster packs, but I would like to play the quests that they contain, what are my options?

    by mcfrei

    Long story short, i won First Blood, Death on the Wing and Castle Daerion encounters, and i grabbed every single search token in them. That made my hero party geared up. I'm playing as four heroes. We are playing The Masquerade Ball next, and i want some strategic advices for myself and the overlord. I am afraid that Overlord will quit, but i don't want to (and he asked me not to) hold back.

    Here's my party, The Ancient Aphedrons:
    Lindel the Thief, with Crossbow, Iron shield and Lucky charm. His skills are Greedy, Appraisal and Sneaky.
    He is the main "Search token" guy, and his hero ability pretty much makes him immune to Web trap and other traps on search and move cards. He occasionally moves a monster with Crossbow to open the way (which is guaranteed due to his heroic feat) or passes attribute tests (opens doors, lights the beacons, etc). He got his Crossbow in the Shop after Death on the Wing, and his Iron shield from a Treasure chest.

    Brother Gherinn the Spiritspeaker, with Oak Staff and Immolation (got in the shop after the last encounter). His skills are Stoneskin and Cloud of Mist (yes, without ANY healing yet).
    I chose him as Spritspeaker because i wanted to maximize the party damage. His heroic feat, however, makes a good occasional healing, and the party pretty much holds together anyway (with an exception for Lindel, sometimes). Note that he has 4 Stamina in his later version in the wiki.

    Landrec the Wise Necromancer, with Magic Staff and (recently gotten) Mana Weave. His skills are Raise Dead (doh!), Corpse Blast and Fury of Undeath. The Reanimate familiar card also drags out with him.
    His hero ability and heroic feat catched my eye, and despite the brown die and lowest (3) movement speed, i could not resist to pick him. His reanimate was good in first encounters, and when he got the magic staff, he became a good damager himself (note the automatic surge). In the last shop he got Mana Weave, and now he has a guaranteed +5 Damage on any attack once per Encounter. His Corpse Blast ability is not very usable, because Reanimate most of the time dies on the overlord's turn after he has been summoned.

    Syndrael the Knight, in a Leather Armor, with Iron longsword and the Shield of the Dark God. Her skills are Oath of Honor, Advance and Challenge.
    She is a compensation for a somewhat slow in other means party. Her heroic feat is mostly used either to drag the necromancer closer to the monsters, or to kick Lindel forward to get the search tokens. She was not a strong warrior, being knocked out twice in the Death on the Wing's first encounter, but she got a Leather armor (from Lindel, who found it in a Treasure chest) and her Shield pretty much rolls her at least 2 shields now. And her Advance ability gets used A LOT - sometimes i attack the weakest monster first just because of this.[/o]

    Overlord's cards are Blood Rage, Dark Fortitude and Unholy Ritual.

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    by maartend


    Got the cards, started a game yesterday.

    Having major issues with the AI-cards, don't know how to play the bad guys. I know it's in the rules, I just don't understand it.

    - I draw an AI OL card every time the OL is about to play?
    - I activate the group the card is named after? But this way I can have 3 monster groups in 3 turns on a very small portion of the board?
    - reinforce = activate?
    - Do I activate all the minions from a new group on the same time? If so, how do I place them on a small part of the board?
    - When I defeat a minion, do I activate it the next OL turn (like the normal Descent)?

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    by miloboy

    both are my favourite mage when I played 1st edition

    what class suit they best ? (is conjurer good for Master Thorn ?)

    why ?

    how many rune Jaes can equip ? only 2 ?
    mana weave + two hand rune ?


    ps. Landrec the Wise I don't think there's any place for him
    brown defend die bad ability.

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    by Dreamshadow

    Have the fall game night kits been released yet?

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    by Karui_Kage

    Has anyone compiled a list of changes that the Hero & Monster Packs have introduced? I got the Conversion Kit a while ago, and originally though the H&M Packs were just re-prints. I come to find out that they changed some of the hero/monster abilities as well, and it feels like they should have released the changes as Errata for those of us who bought the CK.

    In any case, does anyone know if these are available somewhere online? To be clear, I don't need the entire hero sheet, just the differences between the Conversion Kit and the new ones.

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    by Wakomski

    I have read many different posts that describe which lieutenants have stronger decks, which have nicer figures etc.

    However, as I can only use one deck per camping, I would like to know which of the base lieutenants appear during missions from extensions?

    I have Labyrinth of Ruin and Lair of the Wyrm and the one that appear there are:

    Alric Farrow (LoR)
    Merick Farrow (LoR)
    Splig (LotW + LoR)

    I have no knowledge about lieutenants from Shadow of Nerekhall, The Trollfens and Manor of Ravens.

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    by svranes

    Does anyone else feel like Descent 2e is starting to run out of steam a bit? I mean, we haven't heard of an expansion in quite a while - the pace seems to have dropped off.

    Any thoughts on this? I own it all - my group loves it to death. But no box expansions mentioned, and Manor of Ravens has been out for a little while now.

    What do you think? Just curious...maybe IA is sapping FF's energy on this particular type of game.

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    by veector

    I just lost the Monster's Hoard quest while gaming with my son. He set up the 2nd encounter with a Master Ice Wyrm and a Master Giant.

    I have Laurel, Astarra, and Laughin.

    The Giant was taken down quickly, but I didn't focus enough attention on the Ice Wyrm and it swallowed two heroes (out of 3). Laurel was the last one left and she found the bow, but the Ice Wyrm stood on the exit space blocking it. By this time, he had gotten a good sized hand of OL cards. In addition, we're playing with the Lieutenant Plot decks and my son is using the OL card that lets him draw two at the end of every turn. That seems REALLY cheap considering it only gives me 1 Threat token.

    Since he just got the Scorpion's Kiss relic. I feel really screwed now.

    Any advice? I just wish Laurel had the Trueshot bow.

    I'm also not picking up that much gold from searching. How is it expected that the heroes will afford any Act II gear when they only won 1 Act I quest? I'm feeling the shopping step is just kinda pointless.

    EDIT: It seems like my damage output to take down the Act II monsters just isn't there like it was in Act I. Have I played badly? It seems like beyond a couple of extra OL cards, the OL doesn't get that much and then the monsters get a huge bump in Act II.

    Thanks guys

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    by ravenclaw77

    I picked up Descent 2nd edition last month and I've painted the base set miniatures, but am not totally satisfied with the results and I'm looking for absolute beginner painter help before I begin work on my expansion figures.


    I was taught to always prime with black spray paint years ago. I have since determined that I far prefer white primer for the bolder colors and easier coverage. I also got away from spray primer because it left the models tacky, and now brush on Gesso, which adds a nice tooth and I get more even coverage without losing detail. I thin the Gesso just slightly, mostly by soaking the brush with water before loading the Gesso.

    I've read that using too much causes it to lose its tooth, should I be applying enough coats to not see for example the red plastic of the master monsters? Is there a good way to know how much is 'enough'?


    Originally, I bought Apple Barrel because it's so cheap -- $.50 for 2 oz. I found the coverage was terrible, and switched to the twice as costly Folk Art $1.00 for 2 oz. Usually I buy these at the local WalMart, but I was at a Michael's craft store and in their acrylic paint aisle, they had a chart for what paint to use for what surface. For painting on plastics, they recommended Folk Art Multi-Surface, which is $1.69 per 2 oz.

    Have people used FolkArt Multi-Surface, and is it better than regular Folk Art for plastics? Is it really worth getting the Testor's craft-paints, they're like $4 for 1/4 ounce and I'm on a fixed income.

    Surface Tension Reducer:

    As my regular brush-wetting water, I'm adding a small amount of dish soap with "3x every day grease fighting power". I figured the goal was to lower the surface tension as much as possible -- can I lower it too much? How would I know?

    Correct Brush Loading technique:

    I soak my brush in the water, then drag it across my palette to remove excess water. Then draw it through the paint, turn it over and drag it through the paint on the other side, loading the paint about half-way up the bristles, making sure not to get paint in the ferrule. Then I drag that across the palette on both sides to remove excess paint.

    Is this the correct technique? Is it a matter of personal style or is there a better way?


    I think I am actually too afraid of losing detail. I find it takes 3-5 coats to get good coverage, especially on master monsters. Maybe I'm using poor quality paint, or maybe I'm thinning too much, or maybe it's just supposed to take a few coats. I'm having inking issues (below) and maybe too thin of a base coat is partially to blame?

    (I haven't gotten to the point where I feel ready for layering or blending yet, so I skip those steps for now.)


    24 hours or more after the base-coat is done, I apply an india-ink wash for added contrast. I've seen amazing results in online videos, but my washes ruin my figures completely. They lose all their brightness and become so dark that all the colors are hard to distinguish on the table-top. I painted a shadow dragon bright purple, but after applying a wash, the whole dragon looks nearly black. My ettins skin tone now looks nearly indistinguishable from their clothing, and their flesh looks ... dirty. There's rings around one of his legs, his belly, and around the indent of his spine. The club, his head, and his clothing came out fine, good even.

    For an example of how much my colors darken, I painted Jain Fairwood's cloak in pantone red ( #ED2939 hex ) and it looked bright and bold, then when I inked it, I got the black in the design and that looks good, but the cloak itself now looks carmine ( #960018 hex )

    Is this enough information to figure out what I'm doing wrong? I'm afraid to apply washes to my figures because it ruins them, but I really want to learn the technique because I see how it's supposed to look and I love it.


    I was told kitty litter and Elmer's glue makes a decent, low-cost base, and I tried it. The kitty litter looks too large for these models, and the glue doesn't seem to hold it very well either -- my table top gets kitty litter on it when we play. I have a bird and am going to try using some of his calcium gravel mix as it's much finer, like sand.


    I use Future floor polish, or whatever it's called now, watered down 50/50. It definitely adds a glossy shine that a lot of people seem to dislike, but I don't mind the look. It definitely adds a hard 'shell' and feels like it will protect my figure very well.

    Thanks everyone in advance, I know this is a long post and screams 'beginner'. I really am developing a passion for miniature painting and have a strong desire to learn and improve. I appreciate any help you can offer.

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    by mummson

    Is it a stupid idea to spray clear acrylic spray on the tiles to prevent them from fading and loosening up on the "puzzle" ends?

    I was thinking about something like this

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    by Joelist

    Just got it and have been reading up on the forums and such. Probably the biggest gripe I've seen is the view that Knocked Out lacks true consequences beyond the immediate situation.

    While I do wonder if that is a true issue, a thought that crossed my mind among the different solutions being proposed was "why not just assess -1 XP to a Hero who is Knocked Out in a Quest?". Basically it would mean that getting Knocked Out retards the progress of that Hero, and gives the OL motive to Knock Heroes out even if the Quest is lost. If you want to make it really Brutal make it -1 XP per Knockout and any deficit is resolved by the Hero losing already acquired up levels. Ot just make it -1 XP if they are Knocked Out one or more times.

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    by achasteen

    This question applies to all the Descent expansions, but what is the best quest you've ever played? You could give details on what made it stand out for you.

    by mcfrei

    I'm starting Act II soon and it seems that healing is desperately needed at this point.
    What will be the better healing ability for this party of four heroes?
    Do you think healing is needed? Should i take vigor and ancestor spirits? Or healing rain?

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    by RARodger

    I’m the Overlord. We just played the Interlude-- The Shadow Vault since so far I’ve only won one game (the Masquerade Ball, which I think is an easy win for the Overlord). I think I’m bad at monster selection, card selection, card play... I’m just not good at this.

    I played with Beastmen and Harpies on the board. I figured both groups have good team up bonuses and I’d just pile on damage on the carrier of the casket. And then I’d use Shadow Dragons to control corridors and block the way.

    It nearly worked this time. But it would have worked better if I could remember that the master Beastman gave the other ones a freakin’ re-roll! Or which of my cards had to be played at the beginning of the turn. Or a bunch of stuff like that. Or staying firm and not healing the dragon just because it would really annoy the players right now. Or if I could figure out how to play tripwires so they actually hurt the heroes instead of basically wasting it.

    Ah well. Still enjoying the game, and maybe the Act II boost will help me out for a scenario or two. We’re doing The Wyrm Rises I think (which ever one you play if the Overlord won/didn’t play during Act II), so any advice is welcome.

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    by badmike01

    I will admit, I love Descent 2E, Never played the first, but my group is not really epic RPG gameplay orrientated. D2E has bought the continuous gameplay, with quick tactical and minis gameplay we lacked.

    But at the same time I love the setting and look of SW:IA. I feel like if its as good or better then D2E I wont regret it (Except the costs).

    Has any one else been here or even done that?

    Im not looking to have both as being honest its more of something thats cracked out here and there at moment as its not pulling in the players it was at the start. I feel like the skirmish mode will also add some lfe to play.

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    by chillinwater

    If I have the base D2E,
    -Labyrinth of Ruin
    -Lair of the Wyrm
    -The Trolfens
    -Shadow of Nerekhall
    -Manor of Ravens

    And (Shouldn't Matter I think)

    -All lieutenant packs
    -Conversion kit
    -Forgotten Souls
    -no hero and monster expansions

    How many "Advanced Quest Cards should I have?

    I have 7 in no particular order...

    1-Beneath the Manor
    2-Wrong Man for the Job
    3-Where the Heart Is
    4-Source of Sickness
    5-Spreading Affliction
    6-Armed to the Teeth
    7-At the Forge

    And just for fun, with everything sleeved (with 5 deck boxes ) and organized in the three big boxes, what's it all worth?

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    by unit00kai

    I be get all the Expansions and put all the map tiles same box. so it take long time now find the right tiles make the any one happen have base game map by them self and make list the number in it for me? thank in advance

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    by not a real person

    Okay, so the main criticism of this game that's putting me off is something that I have heard a fair bit: that a lot of the scenarios end up being a sort of race game, where you're really just moving to a spot, picking up an item or whatever and then moving somewhere else, while monsters try to hit you. The best thing to do often is basically just ignore the monsters and move about the place?.

    Is that fair?

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    by codeinfused

    I'm considering starting up a new D2E campaign in my gaming group, and none of us have played D2E yet. But, as a fan/veteran of D1, I would like to start off our first campaign with more juice (multiple expansions). So these are the questions:

    Which expansions do you think are required buys?

    Do the expansions mesh well with the base campaign? Or should our first campaign played be one of the expansion ones?

    How long does the average campaign "session" take? (setup, OL choices, quest, etc)